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  1. If I was forced to give examples from memory of what I thought the main problems with the design were, I'd go for the amount of clutter and the colouring (and it's not just the cover that's the problem). But then this is just from rather hazy memory of having flicked through a few issues a while back.
  2. It's actually not that easy to criticise a design in a constructive manner, especially when you don't have experience in doing so. If it was little problems like the logo was too big, or needed to shift a little to the left, then I could just about manage a criticism of it. However, when the whole thing just looks wrong, or bad, as in Game TM's case, it then becomes much harder. It's easy to say which aspects need to be changed, however in Game TM's case, the whole design needs to be changed. Also, if I had a copy infront of me, I may find it a little easy to give more specifics as to what it is I don't like about it, however, at the moment I don't. Maybe instead of just saying we're not being constructive, you could instead get your designer to knock up a few concept designs and ask us which ones we'd prefer (assuming of course we are you're target audience, if not, and if the design isn't intended to attract us, then there really is little point in this at all). Be proactive about it - don't sit around expecting us to do your designer's work for her.
  3. What a curious assuption. Can only a designer tell when a design is bad? Still, though I'm not a trained designer, I reckon I could still knock up something better looking than the current design. Oh - and no offence to your designer as I'm sure she's probably just following a brief.
  4. Luke

    Warp Pipe

    Cool, they now have an OS-X version (though it's only in Alpha). I CAN PLAY!!!! I was worried that after they lost the linux version that I'd miss out on the fun.
  5. Well, I haven't slagged it off for being an Edge clone. Also, it doesn't need to look like Edge, it just needs to not look shite.
  6. No, I had a BBC! (and yes, my parents are teachers) Edit: Though, from what I've seen, they were garish with style, deliberately over the top, Games TM is just bad.
  7. OK, I'm not sure how constructive this is, but it's the thing that's stopping me buying the mag: To me, Games TM looks, and notice there I said 'looks' as I've never read the magazine so can't comment on the actual content, but it looks like someone has picked up all the games magazines on a shelf, torn them up, eaten them, then vomited them out and stuck 'Games TM' on the front. The magazine looks vile. It looks awful. I haven't read it because, compared to Edge, it just looks terrible. No style at all. It looks like trashy garbage. Now, it may be excellent, however, without a face-lift there's no way I'm going to find out. Also, people comlpain about the ads in Edge, sheeeesh, I flipped through the first Games TM and it seemed to have an ad every other page (slight exageration). So my advise, sack your design/art department and get someone decent in. (Oh, and this sin't an Edge vs GamesTM thing. It also looks awful compared to Computer Arts and the other magazines I read)
  8. I thought you meant "The Excitement" in the sense Frank McCourt uses it.
  9. In what way does it not work?
  10. Nominees are based mostly on the number of hours these games have drained from my life: Best PS2 Game 1. Amplitude 2. SSX3 3. Eye Toy: Play Best Xbox Game I don't have an X-Box Best GC Game 1. Viewtiful Joe 2. Mario Golf 3. Mario Kart: DD gah, this one is so hard, I wan't to get Donkey Konga and Made in Wario in there too but I can't decide what to take out Best PC Game I don't have a Windows/gaming PC Best GBA Game 1. Wario Ware 2. Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak 3. Mario Advance 4 (aka Mario Brothers 3) (subject to change pending the arrival of new games - and remembering other games) Best Technical achievement (software) 1. Warp Pipe (and other tunneling software) 2. Viewtiful Joe 3. Zelda: Wind Waker (subject to change if I rememeber something else) Best Technical Achievement (Hardware) 1. Eye Toy 2. GBA SP 3. Apple G5 Best Developer 1. Capcom 2. Namco 3. Nintendo (hmm, I must look on some game boxes to find out the development teams) Best Publisher 1. Capcom 2. Nintendo 3. Sega (what counts as a developer and what as a publisher??!!) Most Wanted game Of 2004 1. Unity 2. Pikmin 2 3. Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life Best Overall Game of the Year. 1. Wario Ware (GBA) 2. Amplitude (PS2) 3. Viewtiful Joe (GC)
  11. Toobin. Never played the original (though I think it's on Midway Arcade Classics - or whatever it's called - so I should get to play it fairly soon) but it's one of the few old games I can imagine being better in 3D.
  12. Snood and Puzzle Bobble? I think you do need that almost. I was talking about sharing the same game mechanics as the two games in question. What, so it's OK to rip a game off, so long as that game isn't Sensible Trainspotting? Hey - but I was the first to vote for this option, so - go Rev. Stu!!!!
  13. link link link !!!!!!! (not a Zelda reference)
  14. Is that 10 'Proper Hardcore' billion, or 10 'Pansy American' billion?
  15. Good call - haven't popped that into my Cube for ages. I'm also going to be popping Monkey Ball 2 in again soon for some multiplayer fun.
  16. I'd really strange how before the Edge review everyone was saying great things about this game, after the review however, there's a lot of negativity. Right, now where's that band-wagon? I've got some jumping to do...
  17. or possibly 'someone not in on the in joke writes'
  18. It has ugly menus??!!! - Christ, now I hope my order from DVDBO is lost!
  19. So what are the first five games that you want to 'big-up'on the shiny new forum, it doen't matter what the reason is, maybe they're games you can't waitto play, or games you can't stop playing, games you've just found out about, or whatever. Just 5 games, and a quick reason why. Mine: 1) Donkey Konga - Can't wait to get it. 2) Wario Ware (Cube) - Can't wait to play it. 3) Kero Kero King DX - Only discovered this yesterday, it's like golf but with frogs instead of balls!!! - I have got to get it! 4) Mario Kart Double Dash!! - Still in the post - aaaaghhh!!! 5) Viewtiful Joe - Sexiest game ever!
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