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  1. Lets not just tag this on to the end of the Olympics thread. Fuck that shit.

    Just came to comment, like Orbette, on how frigging awesome wheelchair basketball is. I think it may even be more awesome than handball.

    Also, meant to comment last night on the swimmer who took the oath, and that comment was going to be "phwoar!".

  2. One of the nice things is that it doesn't just follow the standard character/catch-phrase type comedy format that every sketch show since The Fast Show has followed.

    Which is maybe why bits like Jolly Boy John don't seem to fit in so well, but at the same time appeal to people used to a diet of Vicky Pollards and Lauren Coopers, "oh, it's that same character as last week, doing something a bit similar, and saying the same thing, LOL!".

  3. So I caught a couple of best-ofs of this on iPlayer before, and have just watched the two episodes on iPlayer now.

    It is just really so fucking good. Some real genius.

    It's quite annoying, as I really used to dislike biglime when he posted on the forum, hated him, thought he was the biggest prick ever to have posted here, and didn't find him at all funny, not at all, not once. I mean, I find Ramone tedious at times, but I'll openly admit the guy knows funny, but I just never got that with biglime. Now I really have to reevaluate that, and accept I was wrong, 'cause it seems the guy really seriously knows funny.

    The bit signing for the parcel on an etch-a-sketch? Absolute fucking genius, best observational comedy gag I can remember ever seeing.

    And the bit checking which bin to put out by seeing what the neighbours did, then them all swapping, brilliant.

    The bits I saw before, the best of them was the lobbing the pop bottle thing, amazing.

  4. Aaarrgghghghghgghghghghghhhh just saw that there was a US remake on the US iTunes store.

    Just watched the trailer above.


    Why do they keep doing this?

    So, they've basically taken the jokes from Inbetweeners, Americanised where necessary, and put them into a standard US high school comedy.

    So, basically just American Pie, the TV series.

  5. :wub:

    Oh my, Pendleton is so god damn saucy.

    And Louis Smith is the best thing in that, makes me feel he should be in the standing for Sports Personality of the Year too, most successful male GB Olympic gymnast in how long? Ever? (probably not ever, can't be bothered checking Wikipedia on my phone).

    Also, Beckham, why?

  6. Also if people want to watch athletics, handball and anything else during the football season... then they're free to do so?

    Cool, can you post the handball terrestrial TV schedules? Ta.

  7. What am I supposed to do with my life now?

    Well, you (ironically) must have actually missed loads of the Olympics by being there so much, so could spend the next couple of weeks catching up online.

  8. Actually youd think the paralympics should be evenmore inspirational. Keep the party going uk!

    Great Britain has finished second in the medal tables at 8 out of the 13 previous Paralympic games, and have been in the top three at all but two games.

    I think Team GB has a genuine chance of finishing top of the medals tables this time round. As I said earlier in the thread, if GB and China see their percentage shares of golds change by the same factor in the Paralympics as the did in the Olympics, then China would just be two golds ahead. I don't think it's unrealistic that GB could do even better still.

    GB tends to do particularly well in sports in the Olympics where extra funding/money is a real advantage, this pretty much applies to all sports in the Paralympics.

  9. Trying to remember which is Jason and which is Howard; though, to be honest, they could have got two strangers off the street and stuck them on the end, and I'd never have known.

  10. If this is the calibre of entertainment we can expect at the Rio games opening ceremony, I'm booking my ticket tomorrow!

    I dislike using stereotypes, but you just know the Rio opening ceremony is going to be the sexiest opening ceremony ever.

  11. Where is Prince William?

    The Queen and William clearly saw the playlist in advance. They're currently the only people in the country enjoying this ceremony, as they sit in Buck Palace roaring with laughter at the thought of Harry and Kate suffering this shite first hand.

  12. Sorry, I came back from taking a piss to what appeared to be Russell Brand miming to the Beatles. Please tell me I'm mistaken.

    Still, Fatboy Slim now, so at least a decent tune at last. Hardly seems necessary to have live, compared to acts that they haven't.

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