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  1. Sound's gone to fuck again. Ah well.
  2. Ooh, a slave ship, they must be training our future sprinters.
  3. Did they just manage to crowbar Victoria Beckham into it?
  4. Yeah, Ukranians are hot. I was just thinking how I'd go gay for Ben Ainslie, but, sorry Ben, those Ukranies have turned me back again.
  5. Oh dear, music seems to have looped back to the start.
  6. Your cat rocks at metaphore.
  7. Useful information, if you ever want to get into grooming.
  8. I remember when I first saw Stomp on TV, and thinking "hmm, that's quite good", then thinking "ok, that's probably enough now" a minute or so later. I can't believe they still haven't fucked off all these years later.
  9. The chief sound technician for this needs taking out the back of the stadium and quietly shot.
  10. Who are these children? Isn't it past their bedtime?
  11. Cool, that's the stuff I meant.
  12. Does anyone know how long all the catchup video coverage is going to remain on the BBC website? There's so much I've missed, and would like to catch up on, or stuff I'd like to watch again.
  13. If Great Britain and China see the same change in their shares of gold medals compared to Beijing in the Paralympics as they have in the Olympics, then we would come bloody close to topping the medal table. By my calculations China would be down to 66 and GB would be up to 64. I'm not sure I managed to get that sentence to make sense, but what I'm trying to say is it's not mathematically inconceivable Team GB could top the Paralympics medal tables.
  14. Lots of pretty girls in this modern pentathlon, wish I'd watched more of it. Both those Lithuanians are well pretty.
  15. And a silver. Would have been nice to get that 30th gold, but I'll forgive the winner, as she looks very cute.
  16. My secondary school was in Much Wenlock, and was named after the founder of the Wenlock Olympian Games, so it was actually pretty big into athletics. It had decent facilities too, a good running track, a throwing net, long jump pit, etc. There was also a good athletics club after school, the Wenlock Olympians, and also a good fencing club, making it strangely popular at the school. However, I lived miles from the school, with no public transport, so could never do after school activities. I was also never that interested in, or good at, much of it at the time, except javelin. I was best at gymnastics though, as I'd gone to gymnastics club when I was younger, and kind of wish I'd stuck at that a bit. Swimming too, was something I was good at, and though I could never get the hang of front crawl, I still won the freestyle in the school swimming regatta by doing breaststroke, and I really wish I'd stuck at swimming more.
  17. Watching the rhythmic gymnastics, did anyone else just see that move where she kicked the hoops into the air, which flicked the ribbons straight to the three others, and the two hoops went right to the right place for the two girls to catch. HOW THE FUCK!!!
  18. All this new love for handball, now whenever someone sees I own a handball they'll just think it's because of the Olympics, but I'd spotted it as a fun exciting looking sport years ago (probably at some other Olympics, admittedly, when they showed a few minutes in a late night highlights show, or something).
  19. I think I might start doing the lottery, just so I can play my part in funding our incredible athletes. I'm someone who's been in favour of a Sport folder on here, but because I wanted Sport out of Off Topic, I never really imagined I'd post in it, except maybe during Wimbledon. I've barely left this folder for the last two weeks. I forgot how much I've always enjoyed watching the Olympics, and this one has just been the most enjoyable to watch ever. Team GB doing so well, being able to jump on a train and actually be there, access to viewing all events (have you tried actually watching handball in previous years, it was as if it wasn't even in the Olympics), the way we've not only managed not to fuck the organisation up, but put on a fantastic event, it's been amazing. I definitely hope we see coverage of other sports increase, I've already made my feelings known about sports that tend to be televised in this country, so won't go over that again, but I've always thought of myself as someone with no interest in sport, and this Olympics has reminded me that this really isn't the case, and I'd love to be able to continue watching sport I enjoy. My kids have also loved watching the Olympics, and supporting Team GB, and I'd love for their interest in sport to continue. One other thing this games has done is changed how I feel about the Union Jack, and it's one of the first times I can remember feeling proud of this country - of the athletes, of the organisers, and of the fans.
  20. You need a ticket for Orbit, and they're for specific time slots. You can't just turn up and go up it. The ticketing site kept teasing me with them for the day I was at the park, but none were actually available.
  21. Top four countries in Europe by GDP: Germany France UK Italy We've won as many golds as the other three put together. @MaffewE thanks for counting up the remaining events, just saved me the trouble.
  22. They were selling those giant Wenlocks for £20 (reduced from £100) at The Entertainer in Westfield. I nearly bought one for my kids, but then realised I'd have to carry a giant Wenlock round all day.
  23. Russia will need to win (by my calculations) over a 5th of remaining gold medals to beat us now. I suspect the Russian media may adopt the US style total medals ranking this year, rather than the golds first used elsewhere.
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