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  1. Yeah, I'm no expert on the state of other BMX tracks around the country.

    I also guess that putting another heavy use venue in the park, would just have made the park even more crowded.

    I'm probably also just a bit peeved that I had to go to Earls Court and ExCel for two of the events I saw.

  2. The track is going to stay after the olympics though according to the london 2012 site.

    Yeah, but they could have made new dedicated venues for some of the other events, that have been based elsewhere, but have run for longer, and kept them for after the Olympics.

    Though, I'm not really sure what my point is, other than it seems a little odd for one of the venues in the actual park to only be used for 3 days.

  3. I'm surprised by the BMX track, that it's one of the venues in the Olympic park, yet is only used for 3 days of the Olympics. I'd have thought they would just have found an existing BMX track for it, really.

  4. Yeah, they had it on the big screen when I was at the Olympic Park, thankfully the cycling started before too long.

    It's is impressive how long they can hold their breath, and some of the stuff clearly requires strength and stamina, but in the Olympics? really?

    I also like how there's been a big deal made about how this is the first Olympics where women can compete in all sports, and then they still have this, and artistic rhythmic gymnastics, that are not open to men.

  5. There's no reason why Ben Ainslie couldn't have bought himself a few different types of boats and sailed them one after the other

    I'm pretty sure the schedule would make it difficult, or impossible.

    Plus, unless he was able to quickly gain and lose weight, he'd be disadvantaged in the different classes.

  6. Why is bolt the benchmark? Lots of Athletes can only get one medal!

    Indeed, poor old Ben Ainslie (who I believe is the most successful Olympic sailor of all time) has competed, and won medals, at 5 Olympic games, and still has fewer medals than Phelps got in just this one.

  7. And most of them are on three medals, the same as the likes of Bolt will get. I guess we should tell him he has to pick either 100 or 200! :facepalm:

    No, we should invent 4 other events for him to enter, that he also has a chance to win a medal in. " :facepalm:"

    The greatest swimmer of all time wins 6 medals at an Olympics, the greatest short distance runner will get 3. " :facepalm:"

    Bolt will win the same number of medals as the swimmer with the 6th highest medal count. " :facepalm:"

    How is that not a bit wonky?

    I love the swimming, and it's amazing to see a man win so many medals, but it's surely undeniable that swimmers have an advantage in the individual medal rankings.

  8. So far, at this Olympics, the top 11 medal winners are all in swimming, only two people have won 3 or more medals in any other sport (both Gymnasts), and nobody has won more than 2 golds in anything other than swimming [ref].

    Seems a bit wonky, to me.

  9. Britain miss out in another fight for gold in the Sailing.

    The girls turn now, currently level on points with the leaders, so just need to finish ahead of the for gold. Pretty much guaranteed at least silver (I think if they finish last, and Netherlands finish first, then they'll get bronze).

    Edit: Guaranteed at least silver, having looked at which boats are actually in the final. Doh!

  10. I love how crazy the canoe sprint looks.

    It's a great contrast to the rowing, which even when they are giving it their all looks fairly calm and controlled, whereas the canoe has paddles spinning round madly, splashing water all over the place.

  11. That cant be right. Pendleton Entered 3. Kierin Team sprint Individual Sprint.Are you thinking of the one athlete per country rule?

    Yeah, maybe I've been confused a little, and it's not an explicit restriction, but only being able to enter one entry per event just makes it less likely that you will enter the same person into all of them. If the US were only allowed one swimmer per event, it's unlikely they would have entered Phelps in all the events he did, at the expense of Lochte and others.

  12. Why could a track cyclist not go for all 5? I mean Hoy got 3 last time!

    Because I thought they were only allowed to enter two events, these days, that's an aspect of the complaints about the UCI entry restrictions for the games, isn't it?

    Obviously the rules could change again (and may well, after all the complaints), so that would open up their chances, again.

    Also, how about a tandem race?

    Yeah, they have them in the Paralympics.

  13. I just think it cheapens the olympic ideal somewhat, the achievement of others, when one person can win more than a whole country.

    Well, except the Olympic ideal is about individual success, rather than national success. National medal tables are not endorsed by the IOC. Part of the Olympic charter prohibits them being drawn up by the IOC or organising committee of a games:

    "The IOC and the OCOG shall not draw up any global ranking per country. A roll of honour bearing the names of medal winners and those awarded diplomas in each event shall be established by the OCOG and the names of the medal winners shall be featured prominently and be on permanent display in the main stadium."

    Celebrating one nation's victory over another's is against the spirit of the Olympics. Obviously it is a spirit largely lost these days. The IOC even had historic medal tables on their website until recently for "information purposes only", they seem to have gone now, though (or are hidden well enough for me to fail to find them, the site is difficult to navigate, though).

    Interestingly, in earlier games teams in team events could be composed of people from different nations.

  14. It will definitely be hard for someone to beat Phelps' record in anything other than swimming. An amazing all round gymnast might just have a chance, but I think they still only have 6 events they could compete in at one Olympics, whereas Phelps entered 7 at this one, and I think 8 at previous Olympics. Maybe if you entered all the different rowing classes, but I'm not sure if they allow that either, and like the cycling they only allow one entry per event, so it would be unlikely a nation would enter you in all events, even if they could.

    A fighter or weightlifter who could also rapidly gain and loose weight (oh, actually, aren't some of the rowing classes weight based?).

    A cyclist could maybe do 2 track, 2 road, BMX and mountain bike. I would be interested to see how Hoy did on the BMX track.

  15. Jamaica are amazing! It does make me think, again, that it's a shame they are able to do a 1 2 3 here but we're not allowed to in the velodrome! Boo!

    Nor on the lake.

    A friend on Facebook made the point that the sports GB excels at, which also have restrictive entry requirements (cycling, rowing, sailing - though we're not doing as well in the latter this time round), tend to be the ones where spending a lot of money on the sport helps you win, and so restricting countries to one entry helps level the playing field. It's an interesting point, but considering New Zealand was the poorest country to get a track cycling medal, it would seem not to work too well.

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