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  1. Team GB's horses have the same medal count as South Africa, and would be joint 20th in the medal table if they entered as their own nation. and still I can't bring myself to care about the events.
  2. Bloke in the BMX not even trying, as he'd already qualified, did he not hear about the badminton players?
  3. I like how the chap next to them is doing that 'stare straight ahead, if you can't see it, it isn't happening' thing.
  4. I'd filed for divorce in preparation. Now I'm just going to look stupid!
  5. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!! Nooooooooooo!! This is the second devastating blow of the week, after hearing in Park Live that Jessica Ennis is engaged.
  6. From memory, I just had to read out the number, and show them some photo ID. I think Soong said he was asked for the card used for the purchase. I had forgotten about the photo ID, but luckily I carry my provisional driving licence in my wallet (even though I've not had lessons for about 10 years), and it seemingly still looked enough like me to be valid.
  7. It seems especially unfair as it seems to mostly be the events Team GB are good at that have these criteria, and the change in the track cycling rules seemed to be deliberately to stop Team GB winning so many medals.
  8. If Team GB only did events with boats or bikes, they'd still be 3rd in the medals table. Especially impressive when you consider that most of these events (e.g. track cycling, rowing and sailing) only allow one entry per nation, unlike things such as swimming and athletics, where nations can have multiple attempts to win gold.
  9. I've stopped sleeping and working, and just kept searching. Pickings do seem to have got thinner, but stuff is still going up from time to time. I expect demand is increasing, though, as the number of events, and so number of tickets, reduces.
  10. Hold on a minute. The man with one of the most punchable and punch-worthy faces, was in the same room as some of the people most able to deliver face punches. How did this not end well? Edit: Just to be clear, I'm talking about Cameron, not Graham.
  11. Just remembered something else I noticed yesterday, and that is how weird it is seeing someone operating a steadicam. They have this huge camera unit, which just seems to be floating in front of them. Looks really odd.
  12. I'm sure flying ant day is usually earlier in the year, the crappy weather this summer had probably made it late.
  13. Yeah, the two minutes it gives you to decide is just not enough. Too much pressure. I'd probably have completed on more given a bit longer to think about it.
  14. Another, taken on the way in this time (the other was on the way out), I prefer it in some ways, but very blurred, and doesn't look as good as when it's dark: bigger size
  15. Just stitched this: bigger size Needs some cropping, and is a bit blurry (I took the photos on rapid shot whilst slowly rotating round), but I'm chuffed it worked so well.
  16. If they come up, then I believe they have been made available at some point, but may well have been sold before the cached results for your search have been updated. There are probably a lot of people out there playing the same refresh game that we are, and getting smart to the same tactics to get the tickets. Still, I've managed to buy three tickets, and have got to the checkout stage for 7 or so others, but have not completed for one reason or another (being too slow, realising I'd get no sleep, browser crashing, realising my wife might kill me, etc...)
  17. I think he's in competition with Andy Zaltzman.
  18. Luke

    Olympic Gymnastics

    The bars are much lower, and closer together, back then. Are the bars at the same height and distance for each competitor, or can they adjust as they like? Watching that now I remember how they used to swing on the high bar so that their legs would then rest on the low bar, so they didn't really swing round and round the high bar like they do now. Amazing how much it has changed, really. I'd not really noticed, but going back and looking, it's completely different now. It's now just pretty much the same as the men's high bar, but with a lower bar they use about twice in a routine.
  19. Interesting medal race coming up in the sailing. Just about anyone (including GB) could take bronze. Gold and Silver are already decided.
  20. Answers to questions: If you print at home, you don't need to pick anything up, you can, however, collect a travel card (and a spectator guide) from the box office. I've done this with mine, as there was no queue at the box office anyway, and it saved using my Oyster on the way back. I mainly got the print at home so I could get a games rate train ticket, but then they didn't check anyway. You can collect tickets for all events at most box offices, but not all. There was a list on the website of the box offices, with details of opening times and what you could collect. From memory it was just the place where the archery was where you could only pick up archery tickets, but I could be mistaken. You don't need to print the confirmation email, just read them your number (I did this for my ticket where the print at home option wasn't there).
  21. It seems so unfair they do this in the cycling, yet let Phelps and Lochte clean up in the swimming, and the men's 100m final has a Jamaican 1-2, and a total of three Jamaicans and three Americans in it (and similar circumstances in the women's 100m). How come on sport has these entry limitations and others don't? Oh, and whilst on the cycling, I listened to Hoy's victory on 5 Live when going in to the stadium, but didn't watch it until on the train home. Fucking hell, that was some victory. The guy's a true legend. I half expected his thighs to explode after powering round for such a distance.
  22. Oh, and the noise in the stadium is amazing. I can't imagine what it would have been like on the night of three golds. It really doesn't come across on the TV just how loud it is, or how the roars move around the stadium. Also the cries of "oooooh" whenever the British high jumper failed to make his jump. Also, add me to the Laura Trott fan-club mailing list, please. Lovely girl, fantastic achievement.
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