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  1. My day at the Olympics yesterday was fantastic. Highlights were watching Trott's victory in Park Live; seeing the gold medal winner in the men's discus running the 100m hurdles on his victory lap; and cheering a British athlete through to second place in the 800m heat (it really was as if the crowd lifted him over the line, I think he was in 4th or 5th, then a huge roar from the crowd gave him a visible boost to push hard to the finish, he seemed to acknowledge that to the camera after the race, too).

    It's quite hard to follow what's going on in the stadium at times, with up to 4 events happening simultaneously. They do a good job of trying to tell you when a GB athlete is doing something. There was a point where the athletes being introduced for a race looked a bit confused when one seemingly got a huge roar, but it was actually for the brit in the high jump. Also, the most confusing bit was the high jump results, where nobody seemed to realise that the brit got joint bronze (with two others) and wondered who the man running round the stadium with a Union Jack was (especially as he wasn't running round with the other high jumpers). I also felt sorry for the British hammer thrower, as he didn't get much of a mention, and seemed to quietly fall out of the competition.

    I was on the very back row (in a seat in line with the steps, so had the most legroom in the place). I was also amazed how great the view was from the back, the chap next to me had been down the front earlier, and said he had a fantastic view of the triple-jump, but couldn't really see what was going on elsewhere really. I'll try and sort pics, I was obviously miles from the action, but had a decent zoom lens (though the tiny screen on my Canon means I couldn't tell if the photos were actually any good).

    Edit: Oh, and watching the end of the dressage in Park Live was a interesting experience, you could just sense a thousand people all thinking "what the fuck is this shit?" at the same time, but then everyone was still happy to cheer for the gold, despite not having the slightest clue as to what they had just watched, or what made it better than what the other horses had done. They also had the synchronised swimming on, which was similarly WTFey, with two girls with obscene amounts of eye makeup seemingly having spasms in a pool for 5 minutes, whilst the commentator went to great extents to point out how athletic they are, and how hard they train, over and over again.

  2. I would kill someone for one of the Team GB cycle helmets.

    Women's Laser race looks exciting, just 2 points between the top 4 going in.

    I don't think we can get a medal. Sounds like we could have done some dirty sounding tactics to force a disqualification at the start, to scrape a medal.

  3. Yes, tickets actually available. On two occasions yesterday I changed the search, and was shown different events, and was able to get through to the purchase stage.

    I only completed the purchase for one ticket though, as one was for an event today, and I realise it would probably be too cheeky of me to take another day off work with no notice. I did get to the final "click here within 2 minutes to confirm" stage with both, though.

    To get tickets you seem to need to keep refreshing all day, and changing your search criteria all the time. Also, keep adding expensive tickets you don't want to your shopping list every now and again (then remove them) so that you stay fully logged in, and don't get struck trying to solve a cryptic reCAPTCHA when you're actually trying to buy a ticket.

  4. Yes, you need to keep changing your search criteria (I keep changing the start and end dates of the search). I think there must be some server side caching of results pages, or something. It's rather maddening. Also, if you click to go to the next page, and the total number of pages changes, then it's worth going back and jumping directly to different numbered pages.

  5. I managed to get a table tennis ticket for Tuesday earlier (they seemed to add a load about 18:15 today). So I now have that in the morning, and athletics in the evening. Still looking for something for midday.

    They seem to have stopped doing the print your own tickets, so I'll have to collect it from a box office. I wonder if they had problems with them. I went to a box office on Friday anyway, as there was no queue, to see if I could get a travel card, which I could (and picked up one for Tuesday too).

  6. Oh, I don't know. Katarina Johnson-Thompson would get my vote.

    Whenever they say her name, it sounds like they got her surname wrong, and then quickly corrected themselves:

    "Katarina Johnson ... Thompson"

  7. Long Jump isn't the only event where everyone went further/faster/higher back in the day. Loads of Track and Field records are from the 80s and early 90s. Long Jump was set in '91. Flo-Jo's 100m Sprint record, for example is something like 25 years old - hardly anyone has even got near it.

    We just need to get the British cycling team on the case.

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