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  1. Also, what's going on with Russia? They were just assumed to be destined to finish third in the medal tables, but are currently sat down in 10th. They're just behind us in total count, but just aren't hitting the golds. Australia and Japan are similarly getting good totals, but not so many golds. I do think the home advantage is helping give that extra push to convert what might have been a silver or bronze into a gold.
  2. We've got a good chance of two in the sailing. I think we're 8 points ahead at the top of the table in the Star and just two points behind the leader in the Finn, and well ahead of third place. Something will have to go quite wrong for us to fail to get medals in both, and we could well be seeing more golds.
  3. He said something like "if it isn't broken, make sure something is before you get back". Just looked it up, his dad was Australian, I think it said.
  4. Just the ones who lose, though.
  5. I was reminded that I'd wondered about this when reading Hindes only moved from Germany two years ago. I first wondered the other day when noticing one of the beach volleyball team had a strong South Africa accent, and I'd noticed a couple more before then, but can't remember who.
  6. Does anyone know how many of Team GB were born outside of the UK?
  7. Got a pretty good seat here, only two rows of chairs in font, near the net. Graham style pic:
  8. Sitting in the Pembroke down the road from Earl's Court having a pre-Volleyball pint (or two). Washing my midday codeine down with beer may not have been the best plan, feeling quite woozy. Was good fun watching the rowing medals in the pub.
  9. Yeah, still looking for other days. Also want to catch some women's hockey, if possible, for entirely perv based reasons.
  10. Is that with the Olympic ticket holder train fare rates? I'm hoping just having print at home ticket, doesn't cause too much of an issue. My wife said they didn't even check when she went yesterday. I got to the final stages of some women's handball tickets for this morning (Team GB match), but then realised how late it was, and how early I'd have to get up to be there in time, and how little sleep I'd had all week trying to get tickets, and thought it was best to give it a miss. Still not 100% sure I made the right decision.
  11. I'm sure Birmingham made a bid for it when I was a kid. I was thinking a county, rather than city, hosted Olympics would be good. Specifically I was thinking Warwickshire, as it's nice and central (and nothing to do with it being very convenient for me).
  12. Team GB won 7 of the 10 available golds in the velodrome at Beijing, and more than twice the total number of cycling medals of the next best country.
  13. I'm guessing it's going to cause fun on the train when using a games price train ticket.
  14. Have printed them off at work, just to be on the safe side. I'm not sure if the print at home option is new, the email has a link in to a page with more information, which then doesn't even mention the printing at home option. More genius from the ticketing website!
  15. I've went for the print at home tickets. Also, wouldn't the travelcard at least have saved on your Oyster for the journey home?
  16. GET IN CANOEISTS!!!! Gold and Silver!
  17. Guaranteed a gold in canoe!
  18. Yeah, and GB will get at least a silver, with just two pairs left, another of those also being a GB pair.
  19. oooh, cruel of the crowd to cheer the French getting a penalty, but GB now guaranteed a medal.
  20. Looking promising in the canoeing.
  21. Thanks, I'll stop trying that gamble, then.
  22. I've got category E for the athletics on Tuesday (£50) and category A for the volleyball tomorrow (£65). I've wondered what happens if you request two events on at the same time, and get both, can you then continue with just one of them? I'm still on the lookout for more tickets for the two days I've got, to try and fill out the day a bit.
  23. I am getting a little tired of hearing that the crowd is the (N+1)th person in the boat, in the rowing.
  24. Got the just before I posted. Did only have one browser window at the time, and was lucky to have it open when a new batch of tickets seemed to hit. The site is so fucking shoddy though, on page 1 of the search results it said there were 3 pages, on page two it said 8 or so, on page three it was back to saying 3 pages. I clicked back to page 2, then jumped straight to page 8, and dived on the first athletics event I saw with a medal next to it. Just got lucky, really. But yeah, there seems to be some terrible caching, or something, going on with the site. As an example, I've done a search for Tuesday, and been shown four events. Then done a search for Monday to Tuesday, and suddenly there will be 8 events for the Tuesday. Do another search for just Tuesday, and again just 4 events. It's really worth mixing up the search criteria, just to give the site a bit of a rattle, and see if any events drop out which should have shown up with other criteria, but didn't. The multiple browser thing is a good trick, but you need to watch them all with a hawk. Once it reserves you're tickets you have two minutes to continue, before you're timed out. You then get, I think, three to enter your details, and five for your verified-by-visa verification to complete. Also, I keep forgetting what I've requested in each screen, so probably end up racing against myself for tickets.
  25. Jesus, nail biting stuff there, in the rowing. 4 boats still in it right to the line, and top the places all seemed to change in the last few strokes.
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