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  1. Yes, and Volleyball for tomorrow!! I think it included a Team GB match. I hope my printer has some ink in it!
  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Yes. Got some Athletics tickets for Tuesday!
  3. I'm so annoyed that I missed out on 3 actual ticket purchases yesterday, two because I didn't remain glued to the screen for 15+ minutes, and 1 because of a browser crash. There seem to be plenty of tickets for the sailing available now. I was tempted, but it would be a 7 hour round trip.
  4. I've probably watched that checkout page for longer than I've watched any events.
  5. Agh, I took my eye off the ball again, and had a timeout. No idea why was actually reserved that time, as I missed that page even. I'm sure this must be illegal under the Geneva Convention.
  6. Ahhhhgghh, got the chase to buy some volleyball tickets, with a Team GB match, but I was checking my browser in the other room, by the time I'd noticed, then gone and grabbed my card, I was too late, and it booted me off. bally bally ball bags!
  7. Why must they release them so late at night? I need some sleep.
  8. Just to be absolutely clear, my comments about boxing were not intended to be daft asides. You may disagree with my opinion, and my opinion may be fairly uninformed, but I think anyone would struggle to convince me that punching other people for entertainment or sport is anything other than vile. It's probably best to leave it as something we agree to disagree on. Also to be clear, as I obviously wasnt in my previous post, none of this is anything to do with being bullied at "High School", but, at the same time, it's pretty out of order to be telling someone they should be "getting past that kind of thing". You have no idea what the extent of the bullying might have been, or the effect it may have had. Luckily, neither was of much significance. This really is the last post from me on the subject, I really do promise this time.
  9. I really don't have an issue about it, I just imagine it's more tiring to be disinterested in football in a football obsessed country than it is to read a couple of negative posts about football on a forum. I am genuinely suprised that people think I'm going on about it so much. I really didn't realise I was going on about it as much as I clearly must have been, but then I am sleep deprived due to being up all night trying to buy tickets. Also, the comments about football were obviously light hearted jibes intended to wind up football fans, so it's very silly of me to react to them being wound up. I find football boring, thats all, generally it doesn't cause any problems. Yes it is boring to explain to the 1,000,000th person that, no, you don't support a team, or watch football at all, ever; and yes I was a "bender" at school because I didn't want to play football, but I genuinely don't give much of a shit about that, yeah it sometimes depressed me at the time, but it really hasnt turned me into a mad ranting anti-footballist. You're correct, it pretty much has zero impact on my life. Have I really gone on about it that much? I can only remember 2 comments. Boxing is different, I genuinely find it disgusting. Though, I again don't think I've gone on about it at all. Anyway, last post on the subject, I (almost) promise.
  10. What's that got to do with anything? Disliking football can't have had an effect on my life because you also have something about you that makes you a freak? Anyway, I don't want to "do a Smitty" to this thread, so what evs.
  11. When meeting new people, is it a common occurrence for them to ask who your favourite Eastenders character is, and act shocked, and look at you a bit funny, if you say you're not interested in Eastenders? Do you end up on the receiving end of homophobic bullying at school for not wanting to watch Eastenders at every opportunity? Do people on forums make comments about your "whining" being "tiring" if you make a couple of negative comments about Eastenders? Besides, my point was that it's tiring to have to constantly hear about football, and I'd assume a lot more tiring to have to do so repeatedly over a lifetime than to occasionally have to hear a couple of negative comments about a sport you like. Also, applying the same logic as your argument: how would my posts against football feel anything other than nothing? But apparently they do, apparently they feel tiring. It's odd you feel I'm "banging on about" it, I've made a very small number comments. Sorry I've offended everyone's girlfriend, I'll try not to do it again. I almost just got tickets for that, but then stupid Safari on my iPad crashed again. Grrrrrrrrr! Edit: sorry, I realise I mentioned Safari on my iPad crashing all the time in another thread recently, so sorry if my banging on about it is proving tiring to anyone.
  12. I've mentioned it what, three times, four maybe, and you're finding it tiring? Imagine how it must feel for someone living in this country who has no interest in football.
  13. We don't allow exciting sports in this country. If people realised you can have sports that don't involve watching two groups of men (with seemingly the worst balance in the world) doing very little in a muddy field for 90 minutes (or, at least very little that actually contributes to the end result of the game), then the whole football industry would collapse.
  14. "in the true spirit of sportsmanship"?
  15. It's driving me mad (and causing me to get very little sleep, as I keep trying late into the night). It's also taunting me by seemingly having loads of tickets for football and boxing, both of which I despise.
  16. We do seem to have one of the least healthy and most unattractive of teams. A lot of our female competitors also look rather chavvy. I suspect it's the unfortunate combination of ponytails and tracksuits (and pasty white spotty skin).
  17. It's in the rowing. The women's race I saw just had two crews in it. It seems to be to decide 7th and 8th place, so seems rather pointless. "Well done, you're in the final, but with no chance of coming better than 7th".
  18. What's all this B Final business? They seem to be a final where you have no chance of actually winning. How's that a final?
  19. I keep trying to get tickets for something, no luck so far.
  20. Watching Newsnight, and it seems we need to add GM Olympics to the list. More awesomeness. I genuinely hope we see people with flippers and gills competing in the swimming some time.
  21. It's the results that I find difficult to find on the BBC site.
  22. Ah yes, good find! Some nice Mystery Meat there, BBC. That actually gives a great view of the data.
  23. Luke

    Olympic Canoeing

    balls, could be a close one.
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