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  1. This page is quite useful: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/2012/schedule-results It would be good if the event times were shown in the hover, though, to save a click through.
  2. Sold 'em a dud, then. Nice one!
  3. In the last couple of years at secondary school we got to choose what we did in games, from four or so different options. My criteria for choosing were: 1) Does it mean I don't have to stand around in cold wet weather. 2) Does it mean I get to do PE with the girls. This meant I got to play some enjoyable sports, including netball and volleyball and stuff. It apparently also meant I was gay, but hey, I was the one who got to watch teenage girls running round in shorts skirts with their pert teen breasts bouncing away inside their t-shirts, whilst the rest of the boys rolled round in the mud with each other and thrust their arms between each other's legs to do a bit of cock frottaging. Umm, yeah, so I did play volleyball at school, and was actually good enough that my teacher asked if I'd join a team she ran outside of school. It was nowhere near where I lived though, so I couldn't make it. I did really enjoy it though, and it's another sport I may look into playing if my slipped disc ever lets me do stuff like bend over again.
  4. I tried to get tickets for two slots of tennis, but after 15+ minutes waiting for it to check if any were still available, they weren't. Only looks like expensive ones and/or sports I'm really not interest in left for the few days I could make now. Will try again tomorrow.
  5. Yeah, you get no rallies in beach volleyball, it seems. The team volleyball is much better, it was also my favourite sport at school.
  6. Luke

    Olympic Gymnastics

    Yeah, after posting, I thought "I bet he comes back with something about the ancient Olympics". I guess I just make the assumption that when people talk about Olympics without qualification, then they are talking about the modern games. I'd assume most people would do so.
  7. Luke

    Olympic Gymnastics

    You do know that gymnastics has been included in every single summer Olympics that has been held, don't you? What's all this nonsense about not following the original ideals? The ideals can't have lasted long if by the very first games they stopped following them.
  8. Luke

    Olympic Gymnastics

    My five year old daughter is in tears about the silver medal being taken off Team GB.
  9. I was watching a swimming race with Hannah Miley in the other day, and she was well behind the front, and falling further behind, but the commentator kept going on about how well she was doing, and was still in with chance of a medal. It was as if he was watching a different race.
  10. how many rounds are in this diving?
  11. I still remember the first Olympics when they had the super slow-mos, and how blown away everyone was with them. They just seem old hat now. I can't decided if it was longer ago, or more recent, than I remember it. It feels like we've had them forever, but I can also remember them being amazing and new. I remember thinking the same with all the slow-mo replays at Wimbledon.
  12. I was just thinking the same. I can't believe they don't get to see the replay. I can't see anything without it.
  13. Ah, you see I've never watched Olympic boxing, as other boxing I've seen on television has made me feel sick. Slight aside, my mum and step-dad taught a former British Olympic boxing medalist (taught him reading and writing and stuff, not boxing).
  14. I think I saw some at the last Olympics. It seemed the focus was more on getting shots in on parts of the body, such as the head, than in actually hurting or harming your opponent. I may have an overly simplistic view of boxing, but (oversimplifying further) my understanding is that the intent is to hit the other person in the head enough to cause them to lose consciousness.
  15. They seem to be less focussed on punching someone repeatedly in the head, than boxing. They just don't seem as aggressive and violent.
  16. Dressage is a joke being included in the Olympics. It is an odd collection of sports. Beach Volleyball always seems very odd, especially with the dancing girls in the breaks. I also love the canoeing (makes me wish I'd stuck at it as a kid), but it does feel rather out of place. I also, personally, have a real problem with boxing being in there. I can't really believe that it's something that is televised at all, let alone included in the Olympics (I kind of struggle with it even being legal). I just find it utterly repulsive. I know people will, as always, jump to its defence, but I'm yet to be convinced it's anything other than glorified thuggery. I was horrified when that boxer won sport's personality of the year.
  17. Luke

    Olympic Hockey

    Don't they all put on protective headgear before a penalty corner, so it's not as dangerous as a high ball in general play? I don't really care what the rules are, I could just watch (the women's matches) all day for those legs. Oh lordy lord, those thighs.
  18. You're right, it probably would struggle to capture the imagination of a country whose imagination is captured by something as deathly dull as football. Handball is just fantastic, fast paced and action packed. I love all the faking of the keeper. The jumping about. The great passing sequences. The crazy spin they can put on the ball. Much better than endless slow buildups that result in nothing. I realise I'm massively outnumbered in my opinion, especially in this country. I've just never found football interesting to watch. Handball I find very enjoyable, though. Maybe I just have a short attention span.
  19. Oh, also I came to post in this thread to make a comment about how female hockey players have the most amazing legs. Thighs to die for. (this post now seems a bit weird with Rev slipping his post about hockey in before it)
  20. I remember seeing a handball match on TV late at night once when I was younger, and thinking how amazing it looked. I've been interested ever since, though due to my general lack of interest in sport, have never done much about that. I do own a handball ball though. I looked if there were any local clubs earlier, and there is one at my old uni (which I'm still local to, and could join). If my back ever becomes less fucked I may join up. There are some great handball goals on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGa6JiPRaJQ
  21. To be honest, I don't really have much of an idea who he is at all, don't watch sport, and generally have a perverse sense of anti-patriotism if I do. Just sounded like a reasonable reaction to twats accusing you of cheating, to me.
  22. I don't think it's an unnatural reaction at all. I also don't think your analogy is right. It's more like someone saying to a woman who lost weight "wow, you've lost a load of weight, what did you do? I bet you got one of those gastric bands, didn't you? because there's no fucking way you could have lost all that weight without one, you lazy fat cunt, hahahahahahaha!". Except, not actually saying it to her face, but just leaving an anonymous note on her desk. I think the woman would then probably stand up in the office and say "thanks, whichever prick left this note on my desk, but no, I haven't had a gastric band, I've been going to the gym and eating caveman food for the last 6th months, and it was hard work and a big effort, so fuck you you fucking fuck!". Because, you know, I don't think it unnatural at all to get pissed off when you've put a lot of hard work and effort into something, and then some anonymous person comes along and just accuses you of cheating. In fact, I'd think it would be a lot more unnatural if the woman was to stand up and say "oh, why thank you whichever kind person thought I'd had a gastric band, I guess it is unbelievable how much weight I've lost, but no, I've not had one, it was all down to hard work on my part, I know, hard to believe, right?". But then I guess different people react differently.
  23. Luke


    I assumed he was the bloke who shouted "I love you, Roger!".
  24. Cyborg Olympics would be even more awesome than maxed-out-on-PEDs Olympics.
  25. Luke


    I noticed that the girlfriend never seems to sit next to the mum. The mum also looks creepily similar to Andy; like he's more a clone than an offspring.
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