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  1. @Doctor Shark I'm doing some healing stuff at low level currently (<40 level) so far it's been very group/instance dependent. Either there's been bugger all to do bar throw out the odd heal here and there or it being a complete shit show with everyone taking damage and me worrying about mana...so quite wow like in that regard! Lots of new players including myself so I bet there's loads of damage that could be being avoided. I'm playing on PC so have created some mouse over macro's and shifted the UI about so the actual feel of healing is not to dissimilar to wow with some addons.
  2. They are! It looks huge on a stupid tauren.
  3. We ended up clearing heroic with another guild as they need tanks and healers (and quite frankly anyone that could press buttons in vaguely the right order), I quite enjoyed it but I hadn't raided since WoD after taking a fairly long break from the game so it was a relatively fresh experience for me. Did two bosses on mythic with them then they sort of fell apart, but that was probably as far in as I fancied going I'm an old man now so spending an evening wiping on something that I'm having to give 100% attention to each pull isn't really for me these days. I like the chit chat, killing things and the loot, and heroic provided that.
  4. Got the first lot of KSM done in the guild. Need to get it for a couple of others, been fun slowly pushing up the key level. Also I hate grievous as an affix.
  5. I haven't played this in ages, thought I'd give it another go and the first planet I went to after the crash site was the land of the walkers, so bloody cool.
  6. @feltmonkeyOf course. Fair warning guild is a little bit quiet at the moment due to the lull between now and pre-patch/shadowlands. Next time you are on do a /who muk and someone should be able to get you in.
  7. There is about 10 of us playing horde side, most came back because of lockdown but are still playing. We aren't raiding these days but do mythic dungeons with a whole set of characters. You would be welcome to join us if you are looking for a very casual group.
  8. If you picked a Blood Elf or a Draenei then I don't think their starting zones have been touched since TBC (2007!).
  9. Some great stuff linked, Harmonica's theme is the first thing I always think of when he's mentioned.
  10. This was a good shout, I was enjoying myself this morning win or lose. Then I met the nightmare that is party synced 120 MM hunters that can two shot you through pain suppression, having one or two of these on the opposition is bad. Having a full pre-made of 120s against you is not only unwinable it's unplayable. Still I used to do the twink thing way back when so I'm considering it karma.
  11. This, so much this. I have every other class to 120. But the priest is stuck at 113 and I can't bring myself to do anymore with them, they only got this high because Legion invasions got me to 111 without thinking about it. I just don't get shadow.
  12. I've been enjoying it there's lots to do for a solo player and I think all the really annoying systems that were in place at launch have been stream lined. Depends on what you want out of the game, if you are just enjoying questing and leveling then there is probably enough content in Legion to scratch that itch. The new zones are very good but the lore feels a bit all over the place due to coming into the expansion late, still the stories throughout the zones are good enough but it doesn't have anything like the class halls.
  13. Currently Draenor goes by stupidly quickly, it takes about an hour to do 90-100 if you are OCDing it (focusing on world quests and treasure hunting). Legion will last longer, unless you level just by doing the daily invasions which seem to give about 2 levels for completing 4-5 quests. I really enjoyed all the Legion class order hall stuff I did on the Paladin but I understand some classes order halls are less engaging, still just playing through all those story lines should give you plenty of content if you don't fancy BFA. Edit: didn't see sharks post so basically what he said.
  14. Any questions you have once you start are worth asking here a fair few forum people have played it at sometime or another: Destiny is a very good shout. Maybe Path of Exile as well?
  15. Warframe may be worth a shot, its free, its PVE focused so if you suddenly have to go AFK you wont get punished, I mainly played it on the PS4 and I could probably count on one hand times that anyone bothered to communicate but it still managed to be a collaborative experience.
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