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  1. I downloaded the demo of Just Cause 1 last night and and surprisingly, its still a quite a good looking game, the vistas especially.

    Ran up to the highest point on the demo island and the view was rather spectacular, especailly for a game that was out on PS2 as well!

  2. Yeah, if I had one complaint about this series, its that I'm finding it hard to care about what happens in the alt reality at the moment.

    This dampens all the reveals in the alt reality loads. Jack has a son? Big whoop, thats not the same jack I've been watching for the last 5 seasons. Hugo is lucky. Locke is buddy with his dad. All of this is pretty meaningless until we learn more about the connection between the 2 realities.

    The flashbacks had us guessing over what reasons led the losties to the island, and the reasons for their character traits etc.

    The flash forwards had us guessing how the Losties got off the island, and how their lives got to that point in the flashforward.

    The flashsideways just have us guessing one question, whats the relevence between all this we're being shown, and the characters we've gotten to know over the past 5 seasons.

    Hopefully it'll be a big'un!

  3. In Mass Effect 2 you spent most of your time ammassing the perfect team to combat the Collectors.

    I think in ME 3 that's just not going to cut it. Instead of assembling a team, you'll have to assemble an army.

    Help Wrex unite the clans and gain the strong arm of the Krogan in the upcoming battle.

    Convince the Council that this threat is real and is coming. Helping the Salarian Special Tasks Group in their recon and sabotage. The Asari and Turians readying their fleet and commandos.

    Obtain the support of the rogue mercenary factions, through any means, the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and that other one, all lending their support.

    Aid the migrant fleet and get them to accept the help of the Geth. Putting aside events of the past to both fight united against a common foe.

    The Racchni warping in from their distant planet to aid the fight against those who soured their singing.

    Shepard shall raise the greatest army ever seen, and unite the galaxy!

  4. Fist is the boss of Chora's Den, the sleazy club on one of the Citadel Wards. Tali gets in touch with him thinking he's an agent of the Shadow Broker but he's actually working for Saren and tries to have her killed because she has 'data' (a fucking mp3 file, more like, definitely my idea of CONCLUSIVE PROOF) revealing Saren's part in the attack on Eden Prime. Wrex is hired by the Shadow Broker to kill Fist, Garrus' investigation leads to Fist...basically, all roads lead to Fist. If you take Wrex, he'll shoot him at the end of the meeting. Alternatively, Shepard can choose to kill him herself (and it's worth it for the look on Garrus and Kaiden's face alone).

    Basically, the dude almost never survives but if you decide to spare him for some reason, he apparently shows up on Omega bitching and stuff. Given it's so much fun to bring Wrex/kill him yourself, I've never done it.

    Ahhh yeah that rings a few bells. Cheers Ulala!

    I almost definitely had Wrex in my party, so Fist is most definitely dead.

  5. I'd love to go back to castle town because I'm pretty sure i remember seeing some bombable walls and I've had access to bombs for a while now. But I just cant be fucked to ride all the way there.

    It's probably just useless "treasure" anyway right?

    I'm trying to remember the last time I hated just travelling around in a game so much.

  6. So has it been confirmed that RPG elements like experience, leveling up etc have been removed?

    Or have they just removed the HUD, with all those usual things going on in the pause menu instead?

    Guess I'll have to watch that Video Diary when i get back from work.

  7. Before I bought the game and read all the comments here about how bad the train riding was etc, I was in denial, thinking it could be no worse than the boat sections from PH, but my god!

    The train is absolutely horrific, it's mind numbingly dull.

    The annoying thing is, is that the train is putting me off any of the side missions becasue I can't be arsed to travel all the way back to the villages and towns for sidequests.

    Even the warp system seems mostly useless.

    Please tell me I get a flying train near the end or something.

    And nintendo, enough with the identical zelda except with different modes of transport model, give us a proper overworld.

    Dungeons are great though kthxbye!

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