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  1. The PS3 STILL doesn't have cross-game communication? You get what you pay for I suppose
  2. Check out The Orphanage in the cinema if you get a chance, it's really good and has exclusive footage of the Home beta probably.
  3. I saw the trailer on the internet... (of Juno)
  4. Is anyone else wary of disappointment? I mean it sounds like the most ambitious game ever made, surely something's gotta give?
  5. Dood, read the fucking thread... dude...
  6. Why is this game getting such a limited release? What will it be like on friday in real shops?
  7. Jesus... He'll be posting the bit about the maps next...
  8. "Innovation is profiting from someone else's idea before they can."
  9. I like the sound of their over-arching ranking scheme. A sense of progression combined with some amaze 16 player scenes sounds like a winner to me. Working your way through the ranks and unlocking all the perks and guns is one of the most compelling aspects of COD4 and this could translate really well into GTA4s unlockable customisations etc. Going from an average joe to a unique pimped up gangster.
  10. "Unwhelming" hehe sorry. Yeah that must have been a real last minute decision right? I didn't even know about it until it won all those "awards". Although to be fair, I wasn't really following the PS3, I thought they were going with that boomerang controller lol.
  11. I remember at the height of my San Andreas love affair, I kept getting this urge to press R3 to look behind me when ACTUALLY walking down the street. I didn't know where R3 was! Games that are so good they infect your subconcious and make you slightly delusional FTW!
  12. What exactly would you want from a sequel? I don't think it needs one.
  13. I heard that PS3 GTA4 bundle comes with an extra controller for exclusive PS3 split screen play
  14. Oh No! If I turn it on it might break! Im so scared! So I'll just leave it off so that it will never break but therefore rendering it a useless piece of plastic under my telly. For crying out loud just play some frikkin' games and cross the RROD bridge if/when you come to it!
  15. Hmmm they usually throw other little exclusives into these console bundles though, not that I've ever bought one :S Perhaps some exclusive HOME content in this case eh?
  16. Also, I've just seen the new Thread subtitle. Where does Murray get all this bleeding edge info? Dedication kids.... Dedication...
  17. It would probably affect the overal difficulty of the game as well.
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