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  1. Saints Row 2 has bagels apparently. I completely made that up.
  2. You don't feel as if you've achieved anything by eating the PS3 sandwich.
  3. Hmmm does anyone know if bicycles/BMXs are in this game? It's one thing I've heard nothing about and I think I may be the only person who really loved them in San Andreas.
  4. I didn't make any sandwich before work this morning! I'm gonna have to buy one
  5. Yeah that article was proved to be rubbish in the proper thread. But if there was an optional install for 360 users (I know MS would never allow it) that increased performance then I'd be all for it. You'd want to squeeze the most out of the game wouldn't you? But yeah, an install should improve performance, not fix it. Anyway, never gonna happen for the 360.
  6. Heh what's funny is, that even when the game is out and there are reviews and in depth comparisons and HD videos side by side.... this argument will never end.
  7. Why not preorder the game from Zavvi and receive a free 3 month xbox live sub?
  8. "Quit yer whinin' pussy it ain't nothin' but a flesh wound!" Some soldier in Conflict Vietnam
  9. Errr.... what about us who have already pre-ordered? Special Editions? EDIT - Is this in-store only? Can't find it online.
  10. Chase is sullying all Soong's good work. Anyway, on a serious note, whats the state of PS3 backwards compatibility? I haven't really read much about it, but i've been generally aware of some kerfuffle concerning that aspect of the console. What's the deal?
  11. 800 points 4 maps No idea if it will be free eventually
  12. It's one of, if not THE, best horror films I've ever seen. I was worried upon entering the cinema as I'd hyped myself up about it quite a bit. The connection to Del Toro, the positive impressions in here etc, all made me wary of disappointment. I needn't have worried. Bloody fantastic. I've never felt that kind of atmosphere and tension in a cinema before. You just felt completely... immersed. Amaze
  13. Do the Arcade packs have falcon chips these days?
  14. Hmmm getting a game a full 3 days before its official launch? I'm not so sure.
  15. If the PS3 is to be any inspirational figure it's sure to be George Foreman
  16. Did someone forget to apply for their licence?
  17. apictureofsomestartrekcharacterwithhisheadinhishandsforsomereason.jpeg
  18. Rumour has it, Xbox 360 version has exlcusive DLC on the way. Microsoft managed to secure the deal for a record breaking $0.50 A Sony spokesperson said yesterday, "WHUT!??!!"
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