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  1. What was the track from the 4th trailer?
  2. So what do you do in the girl's version then? Sit at home getting pregnant while your husband goes out to manage the whole farm?
  3. Has the 2nd part of that IGN article been posted up yet? I tried not reading this thread but I can't help it The combined factors of my boredom at work and my lack of willpower work against me! Anyway, my media block out will commence on the 16th of April when I leave my job and so will no longer be trying to make my working day go faster by reading RLLMUK.
  4. Oh, the first page got blocked at work soon after I posted. Seems my work filter doesn't like the Sun either
  5. Hey I was just confused as due to your devil's advocate claim I thought you were going to argue that gamers older than 22 are morons (the topic of discussion, as the title suggests, right there at the top), instead you argued that games have been dumbed down. Was confsued is all...
  6. Call of Duty? Pah, Call of CRACK more like.
  7. You can't just say your playing devil's advocate, and then produce an argument that has pretty much nothing to do with the current topic of conversation. Can you?
  8. Teeohbee.


    Can I ask? What is the big hidden secret of pipeline that you keep talking about?
  9. I've got a big "Congratulations! " waiting for you Tim.
  10. We're in limbo. Gotta pack it all up on our 23rd though.
  11. I actually feel the same to be honest, although the spoiler text in Roboplegics post is a joke, and a funny one at that Multiplayer details and eveything are good and get you thinking, but a map... it's just too much, too soon. TOO SOON! I don't really want to spoil any more, so I'm outta here. Adieu
  12. I'm in two minds as to whether to completely take in and analyse that map. Not really sure I want to know where all the hot spots are just yet...
  13. and that choice is final and can't be undone. And that whole thing leads into the DLC... That's probably right actually, because Dan Houser was when he was interviewed by Edge. They hinted at something awesome. I've failed
  14. What's annoying is the San Andreas release completely snuck up on me. A mate, who didn't even own a PS2, rang me up and asked if I was getting GTA:SA today. I was all "WTFBBQ" and rushed down the shops forthwith. Was playing a completely unexpected gem by the afternoon. This, in comparison is as drawn out as living through my entire life twice... ...in hell.
  15. Also doesn't this tie into the GOTY edition being released in shops on the same date? It comes with a code for the map pack included in the box, and while I don't know if a PS3 version of this edition is coming at all, if it is, a long wait could cause an owner of both consoles to plump for the 360 version. I'm probably talking out of my arse, but I agree, this isn't going to sell consoles, it's just an image thing I think.
  16. Is MBU worth getting? Its only 400 points innit?
  17. Hmmm well we went from page 200 on Feb 28th, to 300 on March 23rd. So that averages at about 25 days for 100 pages of award winning thread. 100 pages over 25 days averages at about 4 pages per day. There's currently 34 days or so until release. If we continue at this rate of production, we will produce an extra 136 pages of thread. Add that to our current total of 317 and I predict we will have AT LEAST 453 pages of thread by the time of release. This of course doesn't include external factors, nor the increasing excitement of RLLMUK posters. In reality, I predict the total will be much higher. Thanks for your time.
  18. April the 3rd.... or 5th... dammit I can't remember
  19. I bet it could fit on a DVD
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