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  1. When's Talisman coming out?
  2. So the new trailer is out tomorrow right? Excitement get! I've been listening to that King Ring song by Sergoya from the 3rd trailer, it's brilliant, gotta love Russion hip hop.
  3. Nope, no differences at all really, apart from the fact that the PS3 version contains 83% more Murray.
  4. I heard the PS3 version has 58% more blu-ray.
  5. It definately feels slower, even when running normally with an LMG. I used to be a dab hand with the RPD back in the day, but I've kind of moved on to different guns and find them really hard to use these days
  6. Teeohbee.


    Yeah, could someone clarify, what does the OP actually mean by glitching? I assumed it meant just a bit of lucky/skillful jumping. Is this not the case?
  7. Hi guys and girls, how's it going? I haven't posted in here for a while, did you miss me? What have I missed? Lots of love.
  8. This should probbaly be in the For Free thread, but, well... I'll take it if no-one else wants it.
  9. Teeohbee.

    ninja gaiden 2

    If it does turn out to be like Halo 2 I'd be very surprised.
  10. Really? Is the DVD image out there then? Surely that doesn't work.
  11. Teeohbee.


    Personally, I quite like just the exploration aspect of it, pushing the boundries of the level, getting to places you might not be supposed to go. Having said that, I've never been able to manage to do any of the stunts ive seen on youtube for COD4, and don't even know half of the ones you lot are talking about! I tried the one on Crash in a private match on my own and just couldn't do it heh. What's the one in pipeline? Anyway, yeah, most of them seem to leave you at a massive disadavantage in terms of warring anyway so I don't really see the point during proper matches.
  12. Heh I think you're right. Live doesn't exactly perfectly cater for my gaming tastes. Although I have to join the love-in for N+, absolutely fantastic, well worth the 800 points. Brilliant singlepplayer and works surprisingly well in multiplayer! "Just one more go" levels of replayability and the future promise of new DLC and perhaps expanded user generated content! Anyway, still think Rez and Ikaruga are overated bollocks, but thats just me (and Meh).
  13. You have to be an IGN insider?
  14. Someone should tell these poor people that there are no games to play on it, well, untill the end of next month anyway.
  15. Man, I can't wait till the crapness that is Ikaruga gets released. That way we can finally move this thread on from craptacular Rez/Ikaruga release disccussion to more exciting pastures!
  16. The HUD is reportedly very unobtrusive!
  17. So we've got what could quite possibly have been the finale of season 4 on tonight, should be a good episode no? Then there's a break until the end of April I think before we get the remaining 5 episodes. April is going to be awful, waiting for Lost and GTA 4
  18. GTA 4 is coming out for the PS3?! sorry
  19. That puts the Game 500 points deal to shame really.
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