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  1. Do you even get anything for keeping all those crates intact? I managed to save about 13 I think.
  2. I seem to be following you from game to game and loving it Rudi, first Dragon Age, now ME2, what're you playing next eh?
  3. Admittedly I didn't get very far with the vanguard before starting again as a soldier (just got Mordin on board) but it felt as if the class had lost its way a little bit. Charge does seem mostly useless unless victory is assured and the vanguard seems to have given up a lot of cool soldier/adept abilities just to have this not so great special move. Even on paper charge doesn't sound good. In a game where tactics, cover and team play important roles, abandoning all three to go charging into enemy territory just seems reckless, and personally, never paid off. It's just a shame as the vanguard was my favourite class in mass effect.
  4. Yeah I just read about that this morning. Oh well, I can still use it if I want to, its actually really refreshing to be able to use any weapon I want. Loving my soldier at the moment. What skills are worth investing in? I'm not very far in but I've been pretty much just beefing up my adrenaline rush.
  5. I disagree completely. I spent 90% of the game waiting, waiting for this amazing, refreshing, modern take on the RPG to show itself to me. Instead I got one of the most confusing battle systems I've ever seen, seemingly wanting you to perform two things at the same time. Sure I turned the top screen to auto, but then it felt like I wasn't doing it right. Getting those special bonus on the top screen, I don't think I ever did it personally. Combat for me just became a case of choosing some pins and scratching the stylus all over the place, like you said, turning the difficulty down when the battle system failed to accomodate a tougher enemy. The story, kept hinting at something great but never delivered. The plot never seemed to actually go anywhere and I can't remember the ending at all, forgettable. I never understood the enemies motives and what the hell were Team Rocket from Pokemon doing in this game? That stupid pair who talked nonsense all the time just reminded me of them. Customisation? Great! No fecking idea about the literal tonne of gear to chop and change? Awful. You mentioned a guide, and yes, this game NEEDs a guide, which just indicates to me that the system was overaly complex for what boiled down to just scracthing the screen with the stylus during actual combat. To create some of those pins requires ridiculous effort and something you'd never discover while just playing normally. It all just seemed a bit pointless, i never followed trends, stuck with the same pins throughout most of the game and think I only changed my 'armour' a couple of times. Yeah so i spent most of the game waiting to see what all these reviewers saw, but I completed it before I saw any sign of anything great.
  6. My Veteran ME1 Vanguard ain't what he used to be, instead of his biotic barrier, a kickass shotgun and biotic throwing his enemies all over the place, he's been reduced to using a pea shooter shotgun combined with a instant suicide charge move. Rubbish. I restarted him as a soldier.
  7. Have you ever considered that you're getting bored because you're playing on easy, and therefore challenge/strategy/tactics are less involved? I know personally that while I never play on the Hardcore/Insane/Nightmare difficulty settings on games, playing trivially easy games bores me to tears.
  8. This looks fantastic and I really want it to be good. But I didn't like the first one at all
  9. I read something about this the other day. Think it was a Mass Effect 2 review or something, said it ran on computers AND xbox 360's. I couldn't believe it!
  10. Where did the Dharma Inititive supply drops come from?
  11. I have a save, just can't remember any of the decisions I made in it.
  12. Really tempted to replay this before I get stuck into Mass Effect 2 as I've forgotten everything that happened in it. But then i also just wanna dive into ME2. Hmmm decisions.. (I'm probably gonna OD on bioware soon, DA:O just completed and loved, want to replay ME1 and ME2 on order.)
  13. The graphics are pretty awful in a lot of places but somehow this game just reeks of atmosphere. Orzammar especially.
  14. This just keeps getting better and better. Just finished Orzammar. It was my final recruitment drive and as a Dwarf I'm glad i saved it until last. It felt so long since I had last been "home", so much had changed. I'm really looking forward to ME2 but am also worried I won't find it RPG-y enough after Dragon Age as I've heard its been simplified down from even ME1. DA:O feels amazingly hardcore for a console game and I'm amazed they've managed to transfer that feeling across from the PC. So it's time for the Lands Meet next, and I've no idea what to expect! Fantastic!
  15. Teeohbee.

    To: Scottcr

    I love Harvest Moon, but was under the impression that nothing on the wii or ds has bettered Friends of Mineral Town on the gba?
  16. Teeohbee.

    To: Scottcr

    The Wii is just a massive shame
  17. I just read that you can actually remove runes from weapons and re-use both the weapon and the rune. Is that right? I was saving all my runes so I could use them on the most powerful weapon I could find. Thought it was a one time deal. Oh well...
  18. Another question I'm afraid. I'm about to splurge all my money on what looks like an excellent dagger, and as of now I've yet to use any runes or enchantments, just been saving them up. Do people have any favourites? Think I'll try to use a paralyze one so my rogue can backstab more often but apart from that, I think I'll have 2 extra slots to fill. What's good?
  19. Where can I buy some recipes for the best poisons/potions etc? I've been storing up loads of ingrediants but have completely neglected the crafts.
  20. Worth mentioning that the armour from Wardens Keep is leveled, so the quality of it will depend on what level you are when you start the quest (or pick it up, not sure). It does look awesome though.
  21. I'm not even sure if blood armour can be purchased as DLC. It's literally just a piece of armour that starts off in your inventory at the beginning of the game, no quest or anything. And neither the stone prisoner or wardens keep quests are very long, but the rewards are good.
  22. Oooh what are you going for? I've got The Stone Prisoner which is awesome because of Shale. And Wardens Keep, which is pretty essential in my eyes because of the reward at the end.
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