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  1. Hmmm is it something to do with the title update when Return to Ostagar was released? Can't you clear system cache to get rid of title updates etc? Might give that a go tonight.
  2. When are Capcom gonna make a new Breath of Fire game?
  3. Is there a glitch with the specializations? I'm pretty sure I unlocked the duelist specialization the night before last, but playing yesterday it was still locked, and the means of unlocking it had disappeared.
  4. Things I remember from TP: Hyrule being really big but really bland, split into zones? wut? Some people with their faces not attached to their heads, awesome design. Some spinner device that was absolutely useless outside of its dungeon. The most depressing kakariko village ever. That's all I remember.
  5. Is it really possible to do a hearltess and cold playthrough without completely pissing off your team? That's Alistair, Leilana, Wynne, Sten etc immediately out of favour with you.
  6. This thread is excellent Also, 2nd hand game without the smelly instruction manuals, ripped boxes and scratched discs?
  7. I wish you could play the origin, then skip to right after the battle of Ostagar.
  8. I think we can all agree that an online Zelda game would be a travesty.
  9. You have to be in the right mood to play this game don't you? I played for about 2 hours last night and felt like I achieved nothing. I arrived in Denerim and was overwhelmed by new quests, and people to talk to etc. and sometimes I get bored of talking to people. Also annoyed that my Leilana seems to have glitched up. In camp it provides me with no options when I talk to her, no mention of her backstory or personal mission etc, despite her approval being really high. I've been forced to seek refuge in Morrigans tent.
  10. That's Danny Wallace. Shame his voice in the game sounds a bit compressed and lispy.
  11. Riding in on my winged Epona now, I'd say Scottcr definitely has the antagonising positivity factor.
  12. You may well have done, once activated you have to go back to one of the early levels of the mages tower, which you might miss if you head on up to complete the main quest, then get warped back down.
  13. I have to admit I love em, the SUAM and stuff with those two emos. Yes they have silly hair and their humour is sometimes laboured but I find in 5-10 minute doses its a good watch. They also have interviews and stuff from someone on the Official Xbox Magazine, and unfortunately I find these the complete opposite, I find them too cringe worthy to watch. Some poor hack who has no presenting talent looking thoroughly awkward while interviewing.
  14. "Me de cobertura, estou recarregando" Is this "I am a tourist and I carry a gun"? Also, where's "Tactical header!"?
  15. I'm looking forward to this so much and will be genuinely sad when it all ends.
  16. I'm seriously loving this at the moment. It's absolutely fantastic. Started myself off with a Rogue Dwarven Commoner with bright ginger hair like his sister and mother. Focusing solely on dual wielding and backstabbing shenanigans. I read earlier in the thread about daggers being slightly rubbish due to a bug regarding strength/cunning etc. Has this been fixed does anyone know? I'm doing alright but I do plan on going the dex/cunning lethality route and hope it works out. Also not sure what to do with my party members. I like Alistair but I also like the idea of my dwarf having his own Golem, does shale offer good banter in dialogue etc? Perhaps Shale as my tank, Leiliana as my archer, and a mage of some sort. Would that work? This game has become the one I play at home and then think about all day at work haha
  17. Yeah, it's not an open world like Oblivion or Fallout, you select which location you want to go to from a map. From what I've seen however, and that's not much as I'm only about 15% through, these areas can be quite vast. I'm absolutely loving this by the way, but seem to achieve so little in my 1/2 hour play times.
  18. With the AA-12, shoot from the hip every time. If you need/have time to ADS you're using the wrong gun.
  19. Is Warden's Keep worth gettin then? It would be nice to have somewhere to store my stuff. I'm such a hoarder.
  20. I too got confused between Must Eat Birds and Angry Birds, having no interest in the former, I have only now purchased the latter and love it. Thanks RLLMUK!
  21. But... but.. but.. what about "new game smell"? And yeah, that's what I meant about Instruction Booklets being throwaway efforts these days. I miss the full colour, full of art work and extra tid-bits Instruction Manuals of yore.
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