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  1. Am I the only one who would miss the actual physical product if digital distribution took hold. I'd miss the box, the box art and the instruction manuals etc. I know most instruction manuals are nothing more than thoraway effort these days but I think thats a shame.
  2. Zelda 2710 After the devastating effect of the Goron Bombs on Hyrule a small orphan with mutated ears struggles to survive in a world ravaged by war and goron fallout. Hearing voices in his head, and with delusions of a grand quest, the boy sets off on his adventure to find the 7 sages, that don't actually exist. * Experience Zelda as never before, interact with the world using wii motion plus, nintendo balance board, nunchuck, heartbeat sensor and the classic controller. *Explore a devastated Hyrule, the ruins of Kakariko City, the damaged underground roots of the Mana Tree Complex building, and some wastelands or something. *Fight mutant cuckoos! *Obtain you're very own hover bike "Epona V6000" to explore this vast open world.
  3. So this is a boxed expansion then? Not just DLC? I take it you can't take this "character from neighbouring Orlais" and use them in the standard DA:O game as it sounds like it takes place after DA:O story. I don't know why I'm asking really, I'm nowhere near finishing DA, only like 14% through
  4. Ahhh man, really want to play some games now with dog rapists who don't keep up with the internets and so continue to use their now futile weapons!
  5. Yeah but in the age before DLC, they would have left it on the cutting room floor and just removed any signs of the missing memories etc. in the game. In a "glass half full" way, we're getting to experience content that in a bygone era we would never have been able to get our hands on. I don't know, just an idea.
  6. Mass Effect 2 is up there. As well as Just Cause 2, I didn't like the first game but this just looks lovely, hope it all comes together but i could quite easily see it become a dissapointer.
  7. Something about that voice (boggins) just used to make me laugh. Although i found the Queen's Blind Date character just as amusing. I think i'm easily amused.
  8. Did anyone here actually hate Boggins? I loved the smelly little fella, made me crack up.
  9. Why am i enjoying going through the single player on veteran more than i did on normal? This doesn't make any sense to me. I'd have rather stuck pins in my eyes than play through COD4 on vet. Something must haev changed.
  10. I remember the meltdown of XBL in the COD4 Era, can't remember exactly when it was, although I think it was around christmas. The whole XBL service pretty much melted. Couldn't get a game at all for weeks.
  11. The thing ive never understood about the raffica, is why would you want a 3-burst side-arm? If using an assault rifle as your main, its surely going to be better than the raffica. If using the FAMAS or M-16, there's no point carrying an extra smaller version too is there? Most of the sidearms are useful for close range, clearing rooms etc. I just don't see how the raffica really fits in. I suppose if you are a sniper, the rifle can cover long range, and the raffica can cover medium range. Is that right? Close range combat with a 3 burst gun is often a nightmare.
  12. So I was having major issues with lag last night. A few tests on my pc showed that speed was fine, but my ping was appalling. Kept rubber-banding all over the place. My kill-cams showed me moving like a poorly done stop-motion animation. Just as I was about to give up for fear of ruining my precious Kill/Death ratio, i was made host. WUT? I looked on as I had 4 full bars, and everyone else in my game was on 2 or 3. The sportsman in me wanted to leave the game because I would obviously have an advantage over pretty much everyone because of my poor connection. But I'd had such a bad run with lag and deaths that were beyond my control earlier that I couldn't quite resist one match as host. I ended with a ratio of 35 - 2. No-one quit the match surprisngly and although not very sportsmanlike, it was great to actually have a lag free game. It's not an advantage I'd like every game, but it does annoy me that my connection is usually so poor. Is there any way to reduce ping from your ISP? Like I said, my speeds are fine, its the ping, jitter and packet loss that are killing me. No-one quit the lobby after the match either, which i was surprised by. I decided to bow out as I'd had my fun.
  13. Forced myself to use the throwing knife in my stealthy class (silenced UMP, marathon, cold blooded + ninja). Its fun to use but I've yet to use it in a situation in which a shot to the head or a stab in the back would be any less effective. Most of my kills came from sneaking up on campers etc and taking my time with the throw. Still, more satisfying than shooting or meleeing, and was fun watching it back in my game winning killcam
  14. I went with my girlfriend and she loved it, cried too. I was nearly in tears at the end as well, very moving stuff. I think Spike himself said it wasn't a childrens film, but a film about childhood, which sums it up perfectly I think. I seem to become a blubbering mess more and more often at the cinema these days. Up, while fantastic, was tinged with an undercurrent of sadness running throughout the whole film I thought. Even that scene from The Invention of Lying in the hospital had me welling up. Think I need to man-up.
  15. So multiple UAVs increase the rate of "scans" does it? I'm sure in COD4 multiple UAVs just stacked the duration of the UAV.
  16. Yep that's how I understood it. Having only got the standard edition. I've only played the uPlay Auditore Crypt, but wondered if the other special tombs held anything worth having? They provide nice little puzzles and areas to explore etc, but I was kinda expecting better rewards than just money (and a seal in the case of the main game tombs). Would be cool to find different legendary weapons or new dyes etc.
  17. I'm sure the black edition of the game came with three bonus content bits. That Medici building, the Arsenale and somethinng else.
  18. I'm sure I pissed a fair few people off last night as I was desperately trying to unlock danger close pro. Cue me running around with my noob toob for the majority of the games. Got there in the end!
  19. Wow Akimbo Uzis Marathon Lightfoot Steady aim So much fun! Haha
  20. A reset button needs to be added definitely. Also, my iphone decided to delete Electric Box off my phone so when i reinstalled it, i had lost all my progress
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