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  1. I for one would be very interested to see a JSR t-shirt
  2. Been looking forward to this game for ages and i must say it didnt disapoint. Already completed it once and am now on my second play through to get all the pearls and animal pictures (saved after the point of no return in my last save). Anyway i think that while the game is amazing and a great experience, it also shows a lot of promise in the future for sequels etc and extra development as i think certain areas could be improved upon in the future. Longevity - I completed the game in a little under 10 hours and while there was not a single second of that which i didnt enjoy, it did feel over too quickly for me, i wanted more. Still, id prefer to play this rather than the long but mind numbingly dull Starfox Adventures. Story - While i think the characters and emotion in the game were superb (partly due to the amazing voice acting) i think that the whole conspiracy idea wasnt used to its full advantage. I mean i know something of Deus Ex proportions would be a bit out of place, but i was hoping for a slightly more twist riddled plot, slightly more... epic. Hmmm and thats it really, and these arent exactly faults of the current game, but more ideas for the future etc, and i hope this game has a future. Anyway Great game!
  3. Hmmm yeah, doesnt seem to be much actual discussion about Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Although i missed out on BoF 3 and 4 on the PS1 i would count myself as generally liking the series after having played BoF 1 and 2 and enjoyed them both thoroughly. I had been waiting for Dragon Quarter to be released, not truly understanding how the battle system worked and such from just previews, and i still didnt understand it after playing it a bit. But you soon get the hang of it, and i found it to be a great system to work with. Someone earlier mentioned the drab scenery and such and while i do slightly agree, it has to be taken into account that the whole game takes place underground (in aid of the story) and while the scenery is nothing special, i think the character design oozes appeal, being a fan of good cel shading. I've recently completed it for the first time, and hope to return and complete it again after a break to unlock more cutscenes, areas and goodies etc. Despite the story not rivalling some of the greats, and a linear progression throughout i found the game a joy to play and now stands as one of the best RPGs ive played. Anyway, i recommend it, but you might want to rent it or whatever first to make sure that this type of game doesnt bore you, as it has some people. 7084
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