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  1. Just seems to be a new way of unlocking stuff for all Ubisoft games. You register and then gain Uplay "units" by completing various stuff in the game, I think for AC2 it seems to be mostly story related achievements. Anyway, once you have enough Units you can choose to unlock rewards, but aren't tied just to the game you recieved units for. So you can recieve units from AC2 and then spend them on rewards for Splinter Cell if you wanted. Just seems like a new, perhaps slightly longwinded rewards scheme for playing ubisoft games. Still, as long as it remains free I don't mind too much. I think the rewards in AC consist of a Console theme, Altairs Outfit for ezio, More throwing knives, and a new one of those secret dungeony maps for the game, which seems the most worthwhile.
  2. Hmm had a very quick look at this last night. Looking forward to getting stuck in. Should I play in English? Or Italian with subs? Came across that option in the menu and thought that was cool. I assume they only speak Italian when you're playing as ezio and not desmond. Or have I misunderstood and I've just got a two language version of the game?
  3. Oh, just realised you're in holland lol
  4. And controller of course! Any reports of broken release dates in the Uk?
  5. Haha cool, sounds good then. Going to leave the thread for fear of spoilers but thanks guys! Christmas game ordered!
  6. Ok so I haven't been in this thread since the initial announcement pretty much. I heard of some major differences in the the PC and Xbox versions? Are they game breaking? Is the experience as enjoyable on the xbox 360 as thats the only version I have access to? Also, is it good? Thinking of making this my "christmas game"
  7. Well you're pretty much thrown into the deep end. You start off by creating a character, choosing a name and class (with no indication of what effect this has on gameplay). You're also shown a screen displaying some more random facts about your character that i've never been able to find again once you start the game, again no idea if this affects gameplay. And thats it. You're dumped into a random bit of space. Usually at this point I'd get attacked by space pirates and die but eventually I managed to get going a little. Starting off as a trader, my ship had very little combat capability and so i was reduced to doing delivery quests to try and earn some money, which was very slow progress. Anyway, it looks like theres plenty of stuff to buy for your ship and that seems to be the main draw of the game, upgrading your ship. Missions consist of either deliver this item, rescue this prisoner, taxi this person or destroy this person etc, very little backstory or anything, though im not to sure how much I expected. Controls are ok, Top down veiw of your craft, tilt to turn left and right, button to accelerate and another to shoot etc. They are working on alternative control methods for the next version though. Overall, im looking to sink some more time into this, but want to know more about the initial starting options etc
  8. Anyone tried Flatspace? Seems to be an elite-athon (not that i've ever played Elite). Basically a top down space shooter/trader. Seems like theres a lot of depth there from a quick look but damn its unforgiving.
  9. I can't remember where I read this, but i'm sure I read an interview with that beardy Ubisoft guy in which he basically said that all the "exclusive" DLC game content from the special editions and pre-orders etc will eventually be available for everyone.
  10. My friend just went to a midnight launch at asda. Sold out by the time he got there, wasn't even twelve but ticket stubs were handed out and he was too late. Thought it was the usual rllmuk scare mongering but this doesn't look good.
  11. Anyway these discs could be set free into the wild? Or into the hands of a select few interested parties? lol On a less dodgy note, how did you get a hold of them? You in the biz?
  12. You've heard the score/played the game? Eh? I love Jesper Kyd, it's nearly got to the point where I will buy a game based on his involvement alone, nearly. But seriously, his soundtracks are superb, some of the most cinematic music I've ever heard and I get excited every time his name is mentioned in relation to a game i'm interested in.
  13. Command and Conquer: Red Alert
  14. Teeohbee.

    Anno 1404

    I've been considering the DS or Wii version of this for ages. It just looks like a lovely de-stress strategy. Though i'm not too sure if the console versions make it too simplified so as to be boring fairly quickly because theres not enough content for endless gameplay, if you get me.
  15. Still trying to think of the cheapest way of buying all the DLC as completing the game recently has left me with a hunger for more wasteland adventures! If the DLC discs are like Oblivion game of the year, once you've installed the DLC you can sell the discs on, which should equal a load of cheap DLC discs appearing on ebay and the like. But that doesn't seem to have happened.
  16. Speaking of pads, I've been playing a lot of COD4 recently after an extended break and I've noticed something odd on my kill-cam. I've been killed a number of times by people wielding what look like automatic pistols. Normal pistols firing ridiculously fast. I know pistols fire as fast as you can pul the trigger it seems, but it looks like these people are using "turbo" buttons that i havent seen since 3rd party Snes pads. is this the case? Seems a bit cheap if they are using turbo buttons. Anyway, they always kill me so it's annoying
  17. Monk class looks awesome. So what do you think the last class is going to be?
  18. Yeah I caved in and bought it, I am weak! Still, thanks for the heads up on that Bargain Bin app Pistol, downloaded that too and added a few apps that I don't mind waiting for. The app store is like crack. Except cheaper.
  19. Teeohbee.

    Mini Ninjas

    First Kane and Lynch, now this? What are IO playing at? Freedom Fighters 2 or Hitman 5 please.
  20. Add me to the excited list! I've thoroughly enjoyed every Fable game so far, maybe I'm weird.
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