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  1. Reported for racialisticism comment.
  2. Guys, guys, guys, guys... This is racism.
  3. My grand-father is French, I'll ask him to pick one up
  4. There's an option for hairy armpits on both the male and female Miis
  5. One of the mini-games involves you waving the remote as if you were waving a white flag. How's that? Vive la France!
  6. Ok so yesterday I was watching the 1-Up show, the video podcast thingy, and it showed footage of Wiepout HD... Wow.... Now my experience of wipeout is very limited, a quick go at a mates on the PS1 and then a demo I think on the PS2, and to be honest, i'm not sure I enjoyed them, had no idea what was going on. But Wipeout HD looks amazing, graphically at least. Silky smooth and I love the sound design, especially the way it intergrates custom soundtracks, watching the track change colour and form as the music changes, amaze! So whats the deal with this? I take it its not out yet? Is it a PSN download only or will it be available on disc? Whats the wiepout series like to actually play? Can I justify a PS3 purchase based on this game alone? lol
  7. Hmmm Fable 2 Hype and Time Extend Freedom Fighters... Any good?
  8. Teeohbee.

    Fable 2

    What's the Edge Hype article like?
  9. This error code thingy needs to be shortened down to ECOD before it really takes off I reckon.
  10. Teeohbee.

    Fable 2

    A quick check on Gamefaqs says you're wrong The Sword of Aeons was the most powerful weapon in the game.
  11. Heh sorry, the general tone of this thread must be getting to me, I feel like i need to FIGHT somebody! At least now I know you got my back.
  12. Nah, please don't merge, either delete or leave open. Please, please don't merge.
  13. "Dammit, I lost him... I lost him! Looked like he was heading for Times Square, coming from the East" "I'm in position... what am I looking for? What the hell am I looking for?" "Light grey suit.." "...yes..." "...short dark brown hair..." "Hmmm... I need more..." "He had a stupid looking goatee" *BLAM* "Target down" ^Me playing GTA4 in my head minutes ago.
  14. I've somehow ended up with two copies of San Andreas, both for the PS2 too.
  15. There's potential for endless fun in pretending to be AI civilians it seems.
  16. Really hope there's a visual animation to go with that, would be awesome.
  17. To be fair though, this thread has siphoned off a lot of the shit that was inflitrating the other thread. So to that end this thread has been a great success!
  18. Is there any way we can turn this thread into a poll just for the LULZ? In your opinion, which version of Grand Theft Auto 4 will be superior? -Xbox 360 -Playstation 3 Not including the PC version of course because who plays games on a PC these days?
  19. I really like Ronin, brilliant car chase in that. Also it's got Jean Reno in. Winner.
  20. This seems to be a tenner now in Play. http://clkuk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=2004...es/Product.html Although it seems that DNAbstract went from liking it to hating it pretty quickly, so not sure how good it is...
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