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  1. I was really looking forward to GX before it came out, it looked fantastic. Unfortunately I just found it really annoying, mainly because I was rubbish at it, and found it really frustratingly hard. Was really disapointed as F-Zero is one of my favourite franchises and I'd loved all the previous ones.
  2. That screenshot looks pretty swish, what does the store look like at the moment?
  3. I remember walking into town in late morning and picking up a copy of San Andreas from game on release no problem.
  4. Ordered this yesterday morning, so should be finding its way to me at some point. Also noticed that the two final fantasys (Crystal chronicles and revenant wings) are also just a tenner on play. Seems like a bargain but I've no idea if they are any good or not. I figured this will keep me busy until GTA 4.
  5. Heh GTA4 is one game where I don't really want to read the review text, I just want to know the scores. I mean, I've ordered it, I'm getting it already. I want confirmation that it is good sure, but I don't really want to know why it is so good, I want to discover that on my won. Does that make any sense?
  6. GTA anticipation got too much for me over the past weekend and I dug out my PS2 along with my copy of San Andreas. I'd lost my save file so was just minding my own in lower Los Santos when I heard what sounded like a dangerously low flying aircraft. I turned around just in time to see what looked like a small stunt plan come smashing to the ground and burst into flames. Luckily I was unhurt but many people died in the fiery blaze and resulting explosion. I stood and gawped as the fire raged on, before hearing an approaching siren, I could see a fire truck going absolutely mental in it's desparation to get to the emergency. Cars were smashed out of the way, lampposts were knocked over and it eventually screeched to a halt in front of the flaming wreck, but not before splattering a few innocent pedestrians against its front bumper. These dead pedestrians on the pavement of course attracted the attention of an ambulance which soon came hurtling down the road, it's philosophy similar to that of the fire engine, sacrifices clearly had to be made in order to reach its target as quickly as possible. Many more pedestrian deaths ensued. And I was just standing there, watching this carnage unfold. Brilliant. Now give me that in HD at a constant 30fps and Rockstar need do no more. (Yes, I know planes aren't in GTA4, a helicopter will suffice!)
  7. Chase gets away with it because he's only 15.
  8. Probably because they like the attention LOL
  9. I wish I was a PS3 owner, but Chase keeps putting me off. I love new hardware. Enjoy the freshness Mr Gerbik.
  10. 1st. Soong - 1285 2nd. Spacehost - 500 3rd. murray - 494
  11. I'm suprised a peripheral manufacturer hasn't caught on and sold loads!
  12. Chase have you ever thought about a career in writing things I don't read?
  13. What are these clip on triggers I keep hearing about for PS3? Pics?
  14. Hold on, this is a documentary? It sounds mental.
  15. Can you play Home split screen? LOL
  16. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Home is indeed already released in the hearts and minds of all PS3 fans.
  17. Nobody really knows Disciple, it's expected some time this year though. Some rumours suggest June/July, whereas the truth is, only the Sony execs know.
  18. That'll cost you a fair bit in microtransaction money.
  19. Yeah, it was GTA:IV, look for Murray's thread.
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