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  1. You’ve probably tried it already, but just in case, have you tried disabling Windows Firewall?
  2. The AtGames table? You supply your own PC if you want to play your own tables. I’d be tempted to sell my arcade cabinet and replace it with one of these…
  3. I’ve not been near my pc for a few days (Covid related headaches), but I’ve been listening to Jim Guthrie’s amazing soundtrack for this. I always check out his games… Below and S&S being particular favourites. Looking forward to playing this soon! His soundtrack for Indie Game: The Movie is also exceptional. And that main theme for Planet Coaster is one of the happiest, catchiest tunes ever written!
  4. I have a Cyberpunk XBOne controller and a red Series controller. The One controller has rubber grips and is much more comfortable, so I'll probably go with that. The Series controller feels cheaper and the right trigger is already sticking - yeah I could send it away to get fixed but that's a hassle lol.
  5. Recently I’ve been messing about running emulators through Virtual Desktop in VR… the Oculus controller works as a mouse pointer, so it’s effectively like playing Virtua Cop on a huge screen with a Wiimote. Not the same as using a proper gun, but with a bit of tweaking it could be awesome. I’ll have to try this new HotD!
  6. I’d never heard that story you posted, but dinner plate is the first thing that came to mind when I think about holding it. Either that or a bus steering wheel!
  7. I picked up the trilogy really cheap on GOG last summer. Only played the first game so far… vanilla settings (no mods) and it holds up well, except for the lack of fast travel. We’ve really been spoiled with fast travel in games!
  8. I played a Jag for the first time at PlayExpo a couple of years ago and I was surprised how the controller wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. I also reckon the CD32 controller isn’t as bad as some say, even if the D-pad is a squishy circle! The Goldstar 3DO d-pad was pretty terrible but I accepted that at the time, it only really caused issues with SF2 and Samurai Shodown. The Xbox Duke controller is perhaps my least favourite main-stream controller. I have fairly small hands for a 6ft bloke. I found it pretty uncomfortable after even 10 minutes of play. I felt like I was holding a dinner plate! Edit: I see the N64 controller being mentioned. Even when I first tried an import demo unit at HMV, I didn’t once question how to hold it properly. It’s comfortable and by far the best way to control Mario 64 IMO.
  9. I got seriously motion sick from Doom 3 in VR. Only that and Dirt Rally have made me ill so far. I decided to give Pistol Whip a try, as now I can use a Quest I have more space to move about. 20 mins at lunch time and I needed to lie down! I’ve very unfit following a back operation and ongoing health issues. I think a daily session of Pistol Whip and Beat Saber is the way to go to improve things!
  10. Human Fall Flat is one of the most played games on my kids’ Xbox. I really like it too, some great levels to navigate!
  11. I stumbled across it by accident, but here’s a wee video guide. I tried a few games last night, Beat Saber struggled to keep up but slower paced games work perfectly.
  12. My girls went “halfers” on a Quest 2 and it arrived today. I spent an hour setting it up for them when they were at school. I didn’t realise you could stream from PC wirelessly without downloading extra software?! I have a fair list of VR games on Steam, and the fact the girls can access them wirelessly in a different is amazing! I got them Vacation Simulator as they’ve spent hours and hours on Job Simulator on my Rift S. Going to try out hand tracking later which looks cool. Lovely piece of kit, although I find my Rift S more comfortable, but not having a massive wire attached to you like you’re plugged into the Matrix is always handy!
  13. I finally reached the “open” world after a lot of hassle with the first boss at the elevator. Now it’s opened up, I’m getting flashbacks of Farcry 2 / Blood Dragon. I definitely prefer the more linear design of the previous games.
  14. Wait, what?! Why did this never occur to me?! I struggled with this since it launched on PC, but yesterday I fired it up for the first time in ages and finally “got” it. Although I unlocked an achievement for finishing a stage without damaging my car… which I rolled. Hmmm…
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