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  1. It never really bothered me until recently, but with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remaster, I can’t play it at anything other than 60fps. Unfortunately that means 1080p on my XboneX. It also means that from now on, I have to play the Forza Horizon games at low res 60fps on console as I can’t go back. I don’t think it affects other genres, I mean Flight Simulator is fine at 30fps, but I’m now of the mindset that racing games have to be 60fps.
  2. I haven’t played Cyber Punk since December, have they improved the performance? I had it running pretty well on my 3070 using DF’s recommended settings, but it could always do with improvement. Also has anyone tried the new DLSS 2.2 file with it?
  3. Fallout 3: I got all-but-one of the achievements on console (I can’t remember if it was 360 or PS3), I missed one on Mothership Zeta. I’d love to revisit it on PC with some graphical mods. Wasteland 3: My favourite game of last year. There’s DLC out now so I want to start from the beginning again. Loved everything about this game!
  4. Is this the Resizable BAR update? I think I needed to update the bios on my mobo to support that, so I didn’t bother. Does it make a difference?
  5. My friend’s dad had an STFM. One of the first games I played was Chase HQ. Hearing “Let’s go Mr Driver” for the first time was awesome! I also remember playing Turbo Cup, Robocop and a couple of flight sims, “stunning” graphics I couldn’t dream of seeing on my C64. It’s a computer I’ve never owned. Is there any point if you don’t have a nostalgic attachment to the ST?
  6. Yeah DF test it in a recent video. Also, that Lego game is really good fun and the RT is fantastic!
  7. The Teknoparrot discussion is kind of retro, and I doubt PlayStation players want this thread clogged up with chat about emulating an arcade machine on PC?
  8. I remember getting my new Banshee-loaded PC home with a copy of Unreal and Curse of Monkey Island. Unreal was mind blowing. And yes, I kept clicking the “3D Acceleration” button on the Monkey Island menu
  9. Ryzen 5 3600 and an RTX 3070. I believe the arcade machine runs a gtx1060, although I can’t remember where I read that?! So anything higher should be fine. Edit: apparently the arcade units run a GTX1070 and an i5-6500
  10. Action Biker was fantastic on C64! One of my favourite games growing up. Back to the 90s though, I enjoyed the new LGR video about Iron Assault. By the guys who made Screamer…
  11. Any PC owners who want to try VF5 eSports should head to the Teknoparrot discussion in the Retro folder… Feels good playing as Lion again after all these years. I know he’s annoying as fuck, but I’ve always liked his move set.
  12. Was SleepWalker released for Comic Relief or something?
  13. The Banshee wasn’t as fast as a Voodoo2, but it was still great at the time (plus you didn’t need a separate 2D card). If I had the money to put together a retro Pentium 2 today I’d probably still go for that card. I only played the demo of Wargasm, seemed alright. I think I’ve got the full game somewhere…
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