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  1. I’m sure it’ll happen by way of a mod... but I’d love to explore the levels of this game in OG Minecraft. Kinda like how Streets of Sim City let you import Sim City 2000 levels.
  2. Has anyone tried the new hack / mod for Castlevania Symphony of the Night that utilises the 4mb RAM cart to speed up load times / smooth out animations etc? https://www.retrorgb.com/new-saturn-castlevania-sotn-improvement-hack-utilizes-the-4mb-ram-cart-for-fast-loading-smoother-animations-and-more.html I gave it a shot. Loading times are acceptable, but my only previous experience with SotN is the X360 version. Still, it’s nice to be playing it on a CRT with my favourite controller.
  3. I saw the video on YouTube and thought it was Sturmwind, got excited then realised it was Sine Mora.
  4. Awesome, if the PC version has the extras like the Hero’s cape, I can wear that and make my console owning mates jealous AF in multiplayer edit: Only the standard version appears to be free now, not the Hero edition
  5. PC version too... I wonder if it’ll include the VR mode
  6. Aye Minecraft Dungeons is quite charming, if you’re a fan of the Minecraft art style. I’ll play though it, and I reckon my daughters will love it. It would be nice if you could import the maps into the original game and view them in first person!
  7. It’s not something I often do, but I enjoyed streaming my Xbox One X to my Oculus Rift S in cinema mode. Playing Halo ODST on a (virtual) huge screen was pretty awesome. I should really try Tempest 4K...
  8. Thanks for the replies folks. I have the Psyvariar collection on PS2 but I’ll definitely pick it up on sale for the Switch. The soundtrack to Revision is one of my favourites.
  9. Ramen and tofu for me, which had hilarious results in my first online multiplayer game with a mate who wasn’t aware you could change the food items. I’m shouting at him to grab the ramen and he’s like “WTF are you talking about?!” as he had the default selection. I love this on Gamepass but feel a bit guilty I haven’t actually bought it... I assume it plays well on Switch. I have the Lite model so the proper d-pad should help.
  10. My wife and kids presented me with a Switch Lite as an early birthday present, along with a copy of Animal Crossing - which means I can start my own island and leave my daughter’s Switch alone! I immediately bought Hyperlight Drifter as although I got it for free on PC I was never going to get around to playing it, but the Switch opens up more gaming opportunities! Anyways, I’m looking for a shooter... I love Cave and Psikyo titles but TATE mode isn’t really an option with a Lite. I’ll probably get Gunlord and Sturmwind as I loved them on Dreamcast. Any thoughts or recommendations? How are vertical shooters like Gunbird 2 on the small screen?
  11. I keep looking for this on sale as I enjoyed it on Gamepass. I’m a huge fan of Jim Guthrie’s soundtracks too. A Switch port would be ideal tbh
  12. There’s certainly some issues regarding bugs, but it’s a really fun racer. If you like Virtua Racing then it’s well worth a tenner.
  13. Ultra-realistic lighting, modelling and texture maps, but they still have “painted” walls so you know where to climb.
  14. I sit at a desk with my G920 setup, but then I currently drive an Abarth 595 which has quite a high sitting position... Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 in VR (Rift S) are amazing, particularly with open-wheeled cars, but I also like cruising along the open road courses in PC2 just taking in the scenery. I couldn’t get to grips with Dirt Rally. It gives me motion sickness and it’s also really difficult so I ran out of patience. I’m currently really excited for Formula Retro Racing which is out on Friday, an arcade racer with flat shaded polygons and a recreation of Monaco. Shame it’s not in VR, but it still looks awesome IMO.
  15. I’d be up for a flat-shaded polygon flight sim in a big box with a huge manual with a keyboard overlay... Something along the lines of F117A with 4K, VR and HOTAS support. Hey I can dream can’t I?!
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