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  1. I tried JPN Saturn Daytona for the first time yesterday, it’s a whole different game compared to the twitchy PAL mess I played in ‘95. I lost a couple of hours playing it, the handling is spot on with the Saturn pad and the graphics are quite charming despite the pop-in and low frame rate. Now, which version of CCE retains the handling model? Is it the original JPN release or a subsequent version?
  2. Yeah it looks gorgeous at 1440p with AMD’s image sharpening on a 4K screen. Not sure about the frame rate I’m getting, the AMD software doesn’t show up with ctrl-r and if I switch out of the game and back in, the HDR setting breaks and I have to restart the game?!
  3. Ok so I’ve just started this, but in the first cutscene a woman calls a boy “little bast”. That’s a bit harsh, he was only gathering berries!
  4. Good point. I assumed that as it was one day only it would be from midnight, but it might be 4pm on 13th until 4pm on 14th...
  5. Yakuza 3 was a rough looking game when it launched on PS3. The aliasing was pretty terrible, did it start out its production life as a PS2 game? Yakuza 4 was a huge improvement graphically and the different playable characters made it really interesting. I enjoyed the story. Apart from 10 minutes on the zombie spinoff I haven’t played a Yakuza game since, until I downloaded Zero last weekend. It’s early days but the story seems like it’s going to be worth it.
  6. Yeah the DF review is a sore one. Would definitely make me hold off buying the game. Seeing as it was a free reward, I’m still looking forward to trying it out... but it doesn’t unlock until 4pm?! Couldn’t they just set a timer for it to unlock at midnight in each time zone?! Good old Steam!
  7. Yep free to keep but only free to claim on that day. As @dreamylittledream says the servers are going to get humped good and proper, I’m gonna try and claim it in the wee hours before most of Europe wakes up.
  8. For me, this is one of the best games available on Gamepass and one of my favourite games this generation. It also looks stunning in HDR. Although the fact you could chose from a selection of characters confused me... when you can play as Terry Crews why would you choose not to?!
  9. For anyone that's unaware, the new Total War: Troy launches on the 13th on the Epic Store and will be free that day. I haven't played a Total War game properly for many years (when Empire and Warhammer both came out they ran like treacle on my respective PCs at the time), so I'm pretty excited for this. You can "wishlist" it for a launch day reminder.
  10. You can set up a cheap head tracking interface using free software and a webcam... I rigged it up when American Truck Simulator first came out. Free software and a cheap usb video camera I had lying around. http://www.free-track.net/english/hardware/camera.php#Requirements
  11. Apologies if this has been covered, but is there a comparison video showing the difference between standard Heathrow and the enhanced one you get with the more expensive package?
  12. The ACG review suggests it’s not as bad as some are making out, yes there is a bug with 4K which should be addressed but 1440p runs well. I’ll be happy with 1440p at a decent frame rate, with AMD’s image sharpening giving me a nice image on my 4K TV. AMD’s sharpening option has really impressed me and I run everything at 1440p now for the enhanced performance over 4K (Ryzen 3600 and Vega56).
  13. If the launch Daytona looked like the enhanced one (CCE?) but retained the original handling then it would perhaps have been a different story, but the marketing hype behind PlayStation and Ridge Racer was too much. Then of course Sega Rally came out and made every console racer obsolete
  14. Hopefully it gets a decent performance patch. If anyone, like me, registered for the game as a reward from AMD, you can now claim the Steam key from the AMD Rewards website...
  15. Search for WiiU USB Helper on Google. Install it, and use it to “acquire” the WiiU version of BotW.
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