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  1. Yeah I came back from a band rehearsal tonight planning on buying it… turns out it’s been added to Gamepass!
  2. Into the Pit looks like a good one, I played the demo on Steam and loved the look and feel of the game… it’s how my brain remembers 90s PC games. I was gonna buy it, I had no idea it was coming to GP!
  3. I’m really keen to see GTA3, it remains my favourite GTA game, I played it so much back in the day that the city feels like a second home. If they’ve added the ability to swim, that would be a bonus, however I’ll just take some spit and polish and be happy!
  4. Sorry to bring this up again, a while back I picked up a Japanese N64 and the video signal was overly bright (like how I imagine a PAL system with the wrong svideo cable would look). I decided to finally take the machine apart, and it has 3 wires, from C124/125/126 to pins 1,2 and 4 of the AV terminal. There’s no resistors or mini board I’d associate with an RGB mod… can early machines be modded just by routing 3 wires?
  5. I was never a fan of L4D as I’m not really an online shooter kinda guy, but I played a couple of levels of this and had a lot of fun. Runs like a dream in PC with DLSS.
  6. They’ve nailed the “how our brains remember 90s PC games” aesthetic perfectly!
  7. Just given this a go, my god it’s beautiful! Absolutely stunning looking game!
  8. Oh aye good shout. I played that a few months ago. I think she’d enjoy that
  9. The fact it’s interest free is good, plus if you were to buy a Series X and 24 months of GP at £10.99 a month, you’d be paying more.
  10. Yeah we played those together and enjoyed them. It’s more Superliminal / Portal type puzzle / walking simulator games she’s after. edit: I should add she’s played through Call of the Sea and Edith Finch with me.
  11. My 11yo daughter just completed Superliminal and adored every minute. Can anyone recommend something similar on Gamepass that would be suitable for someone her age? Portal 1 and 2 are on the list, but she’ll need to play them on something other than her disc-less Series S.
  12. Been playing it with the kids on their Series S. Screen tearing in that too. It’s a shame there’s no character voices either, that would add some extra personality to it. It’s still fun though, although it’s definitely not a £40 game.
  13. The new Cult of Holy Detonation DLC is really good. A couple of incidental characters return and there’s some cool new side-kicks.
  14. I had a bunch of MS Reward points so cashed them in to get this for the kids. They have a Series S so I imagine it’ll be fine, but the screen tearing on my OneX is awful! Definitely needs more polish. But hey, Garfield is rumoured to be coming soon so that’ll make up for it
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