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  1. Yeah I'm happy with the PS5. The games, the controller, the UI... I'm even a fan of the look of the thing. At present it's somewhat hard to distinguish it from the PS4. It's silent and loads things a bit quicker but I've principally been using it to play PS4 games, so it has felt like quite a soft transition. Demon Soul's has been one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've ever had though and the graphics, sound and the little touches, such as the speaker on the controller enhancing some of the bigger slashes, has certainly distinguished itself as a next gen expe
  2. I actually do appreciate the argument you've made here and there's merit to it. On the flip side, it was a relatively small concession which just gave struggling players an extra little something in our toolbox to overcome the first boss. Removing it and replacing it with nothing, just feels a little... unnecessary.
  3. Yeah, good that you brought that one up as I have indeed backed it. A port to the Spectrum Next was a stretch goal, so that sealed the deal.
  4. A rotoscoped game in 2021 would indeed stand out, haha. Hey I'd be there for it. I think with late sequels like this, there are three likely outcomes. They could do a full nostalgia trip and basically recreate the look and style of the original and give us a similar play experience along the lines of Sonic Mania, which I think would be well received by us old school gamers. They could give us an updated experience with it's own identity such as the recent Streets Of Rage 4 or we could end up with a fairly generic 2.5D shooter which is basically a phoned in effort by all involved, which exists
  5. Oh I was referring to us in that grouping as well. The only point I was making, was that a big part of Flashback's appeal was its groundbreaking graphics, to be relevant in 2021 it will have to have some fresh gameplay ideas or a similarly bold visual identity to be worthy of the Flashback name.
  6. Much of Flashback's original appeal was in it's rotoscoped graphics, which were groundbreaking at the time. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game in its own right and I've completed it many times, but I'm not sure what direct relevance the franchise has to a 2021 audience.
  7. Sunset Overdrive was oookkkaaayyy. It all just seemed to lack focus, everything seemed so random it was hard to really get to grips with it. The act of traversing the city was fun though. In comparison I still rate Crackdown 3 as one of the best times I had last gen, it was less zany but was the better package overall I think.
  8. ORLY... well that does inspire a few more attempts at least, cheers.
  9. Not starting from scratch no, as you say there's a greater familiarity with the structures and environment and I know when to use the sword, when to shoot etc. I just don't seem to be able to react quick enough to the enemies or the boss attacks. Maybe time has simply eroded my reflexes... which is a sad thought. The problem is that this period of stagnation has just dragged on too long and I can't sustain enthusiasm for the experience anymore. If I'd been able to make just a bit more progress, I'd have perhaps in turn, shown more commitment to pressing on with it. Just the simple
  10. Yeah, unfortunately I'm pretty close to abandoning this, which does sting a bit, given that it means I'll have essentially dropped €80 to experience a few variants of 15 mins of the first level. An easy mode where you're a bit more resistant and weapons do a bit more damage wouldn't seem to alter the core experience that much (as even that would push my skills to the limit) but would just give me enough breathing room to make some more progress. It's a shame, I'm not a great gamer by any means but I've seen off games like Vanquish on hard mode and I've seen the end of many classic
  11. Appreciate that, yeah no blade yet so clearly it's very early days and a good quick melee weapon would certainly spice things up.
  12. Yeah, I'm struggling with this and not the Dark Souls, "I can see the path forward and if I just practice / upgrade more I'll get it" type struggle. I mean I've only myself to blame, I knew going in I didn't like Roguelike/lite games, but the gameplay itself looked cool and I frankly just wanted to play a new exclusive next gen game and see the new shinies in action. I've put a little over two hours in, so it is early days and I didn't even know there was a melee attack, so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but as of right now it feels as though I'm repeating the same dreary 15 mins
  13. Place your bets on the chances of hearing anything new from Bayonetta 3! We should see more on Elden Ring at least!
  14. Yeah, it should be absolutely packed but it's such a shame that so pivotal an E3 will be reduced to a collection of streams. There's just something about the thrill of the stage, a live audience and seeing the actual creators on stage which elevates the experience. Hopefully we'll have a good one though, there should be no shortage of content. I know I'm not as regular a poster as I used to be, but unless anybody else feels like taking the torch, I'm happy to sort the threads out again this year.
  15. I'm getting a weird Souls vibe with this. It's very risk / reward heavy, especially with those spiked upgrade boxes. I haven't had long enough for it to properly click yet, but I'm surprised how calm it is at this point. I've had extended moments of just traversing the environment looking for items, whereas I thought this was going to be quite intense from the off, I didn't expect this much "adventuring". I did put some headphones on to enjoy the 3D audio and combined with the haptics, it really does add an extra texture to the experience, which genuinely separates the generations.
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