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  1. Viral is a cracking track, really catchy but it sacrifices nothing. Yeah, I get why some sneer at Amaranthe, but they keep knocking out great, melody driven pop metal albums and I'll apologise to nobody for lapping it up.
  2. From what I've read, Sony got the PS5 dev kits out sooner and the tools are more mature but one of the Dirt 5 devs has actually been interviewed, where he said the tools are "new" in the sense that it's a new suite of tools, but that they were actually quite feature complete and should be familiar to those with previous development experience on the old Xbox SDK. He didn't seem unhappy about the tools at any rate. All this is very early days of course and another theory going around is that these engines just aren't built to take advantage of the extra CU's on the Xbox GPU, so with
  3. Yeah, was just about to post the video: Some of the comparison shots are really eyebrow raising: Devs are clearly struggling to get the best out of the Series X this launch.
  4. Head of SIE, Jim Ryan, recently sat down with Russian news outlet TASS for an in-depth interview which covered the launch of the PS5 and some of their plans for the future. It's a good interview which is well worth your time as Jim is asked about MS's purchase of Bethesda along with the challenges they've faced launching a new console in the middle of a pandemic, but perhaps the biggest eyebrow raiser was this bit: https://tass.com/economy/1225233 People in the sort of position Jim Ryan are in, don't tend to just casually drop information like that
  5. So I had a, "you only live once" moment and decided to just enjoy a few hours of launch day before the wrapping paper comes out and my daughter is home from school! Big isn't it!
  6. Yeah, that's a solid track and I followed up on "Sleep Society" and checked out their Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/whileshesleeps It's one of many fan to band actions I've seen quite a few groups try to use, although with 2,310 patrons, they're probably the most successful I've seen. Another band I follow, Jolly, get paid for every song they release. Right now, they get around 2k for each track and they only charge on release, so that must work out quite well for them and fans. I think it's the inevitable future for any bands hoping to make any money fro
  7. Yeah, hype to the hyped right now. Got an email from my local game shop that I have an appointment at 13:00 to come and pick it up. Then at 14:00 my wife has an appointment with it, the wrapping paper and some sticky tape.... this is going to be harder than I thought!
  8. 99.9% of all console wars distilled down into a single comment.
  9. Anybody listening to the new Fates Warning: This is one of the grooviest things they've ever released, the bass absolutely drives it forward. The full album is excellent, really one of the highlights of the year.
  10. Happy launch day folks, love seeing the pics of them being set up. Is anybody wrapping it up for Christmas?
  11. God now you're stretching my memory. No, if memory serves I'd spent the afternoon soul hoarding, I died in a battle and then as I was on my way to collect all the souls I lost and fell off the stairs... much to my non-amusement.
  12. Alas... I was already in soul form on my way to collect them.
  13. Seems like a good trade off. I think I'll start with Fidelity Mode, ohhh and ahh at the new shinies for an hour and then play most of the game in Performance Mode, unless ray tracing really does feel indispensable once you've seen it.
  14. I keep returning to this track, it's such a solid rock song:
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