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  1. Prog metal stalwarts Evergrey have really found their second wind these past few years. Their last few albums have gone from strength to strength and the first cut from their latest release, Escape Of The Phoenix, is another evolution of their classic metal licks with electronic beats helping to carry the chorus. Not groundbreaking, but it sure sounds good:
  2. Honestly, I was never a gamer who needed that extra 30fps and used to argue for more graphical fidelity over extra frame rate. I don't know quite what's happened this gen, but I've completely flipped. I think it was toggling Control and seeing the difference back to back. You can get used to 30fps well enough, but combined with 4k, those extra frames seem to sharpen the whole image and enhance the experience so much. I really don't want to go back to 30fps now.
  3. It's a shame they didn't make this a proper next gen remake set, with new assets, 4K, ray tracing and all that gubbins. I love this series but I've bought these games in their various forms so many times now, I just can't justify another outlay... well at least not at full price. I would love a new game in the franchise though, hell I really enjoyed the much maligned Devil's Third, I'd be up for a remaster of that, but I dare say I'm in an audience of one for that, haha.
  4. Yeah me too, no crashes so far on PS5.
  5. It's a strange one isn't it. I've gone back to it after abandoning a first run through around release. The first go around I wasn't particularly enjoying it and I found myself spending more time tediously searching for where to go next than really playing it. One big mistake I made the first time around, was to rely on the archaic in-game map. For the most part, the map should be ignored and instead you should pay attention to the numerous directional signs hung up on the walls, pointing you to each department. Sadly on my first play through I simply flipped to video game brain and
  6. Yeah, pretty much the same. Strange how this one has clicked. I guess it being one of the few true next gen exclusives has pushed me to give it more of a chance than I did the first time around. The fact that it looks gorgeous and plays so smoothly helps too, but it really does come down to it playing so damn well!
  7. Limited fun is the perfect summary. I've had about an hour on it and whilst this may well be my failing, I couldn't find a way to stop voice chat spitting out of my in-built mic, so became very quickly irritated by the whole experience. The game is very limited in what it offers. It feels instantly chaotic but not necessarily the good kind, it just feels like an uncoordinated mess. Sure, hitting an opponent can be fun and running to find a new car is a novel experience, but there's not much sense of reward there. The idea that Sony would charge £70 for this is bizarre, verging on b
  8. I enjoy Metroidvania games so I'd be up for that. Just as long as things don't become a "wander 'em up", I'm good.
  9. Really because they've just done it with God Of War and word is they're planning on one for Last Of Us 2 as well. It might be the start of a trend and I can't imagine it being an unreasonable amount of work to do, so it's possible Sony have put a team in place to perform these patches which unlock resolution and FPS on classic PS4 games. It might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I'd love to see it happen. Anyhoo, I just ordered The Dark Souls trilogy, so I'm set for a while anyway.
  10. Done! Wow, absolutely loved it. The first world is definitely my favourite. A +5 Crescent Falchion cleans up most enemies you encounter, but I did get cocky having a quick run through 1.1 on NG+. Enemies still fall quite easily but they hit a lot harder, 140k souls up in smoke due to one cocky encounter... love it. Here's a question though, this was the first Souls game I've really clicked with and I'm wondering where to go next. My best friend is a huge Souls fan and he's keen that I just jump straight into Dark Souls 3, which he stands by as one of the most glorious gaming experi
  11. My seven year old has been captivated by Concrete Genie. It's easy to play, the characters are fun and there's enough assists to make sure she doesn't get lost but still feels like she's on an adventure. Outside of Kirby and Astrobot, it's the first game I can leave her alone with and be sure she'll manage and have fun with.
  12. Yeah, curious for that new Final Fight game.
  13. That reminds me of how much fun Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was. I miss Midway, they produced some of my favourite games of the PS3/360 era.
  14. Be a great niche title for the Evercade, assuming it has the specs to run it.
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