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  1. Yeah, I love it. It's bold and has that tech from the future vibe about it. As others have said, I just want it to be quiet, but I'm more than happy with the look of it. I'm actually warming to the horizontal look too. For the disc version in-particular, the horizontal look integrates the disc drive a little better.
  2. Sorry if this has been covered (it's become quite a fast moving thread) but is there any word on what indie games are coming to PS5, either for launch or shortly thereafter? With PS4, Resogun was arguably the standout title at launch, yet I don't see anything like that or anything from indie devs at PS5's launch, which I think is a shame.
  3. My local game shop called to tell me I was early enough on their list to guarantee a console on launch day. Only strange thing, is I have to fully pay it off by October 18th. Heaven help me if they go bust between October 18th and launch!
  4. Yeah, it was a piss poor explanation to be honest. I guess there's nothing to stop them building an emulator to release later in the cycle, as MS did with OG Xbox BC. Disappointing though for sure. Sony aren't doing much in the way of fan service this gen.
  5. I doubt it, but I would have loved to see a PS5 VR game. I'd love to hear more about how PSVR on PS5 will work.
  6. Decent showing all told but lacked any huge surprises. Disappointed that we didn't get a confirmed launch lineup though. They've clearly got a healthy slate of games coming and the Playstation Plus collection looks like a solid bonus, even if it's not a direct Gamepass competitor. The price is right. For the tech that's in the box, anybody hoping for less was deluding themselves I'm afraid. Yeah, all told it was a solid if not spectacular show.
  7. Oh okay, sorry if I read it wrong. The locals are getting restless.
  8. I feel your time would be better spent gathering nibbles for this evenings PS5 conference, than riling people up in the Xbox thread.
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