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  1. itshappening.gif Great news. I'm excited now for which games we're going to get for release. I hope Baggers In Space makes it for launch.
  2. Appreciate all the updates for the patched version ann. Some polarising views about the game itself it seems, from some comments which refer to it as game of the year contender, to your above comments, which are decidedly less enthusiastic. I bought this along with my Switch last year and I've held off on playing it after reading about the technical troubles which this fabled .4 update would fix. I think I'll jump in now, as it seems the bulk of the problems have been fixed and whilst future patches may improve some areas, the major technical problems have been addressed. Curious where I'll land on it after reading the previous few pages of this thread.
  3. I am far more surprised by this move than I am MS's jump to do it. I suppose they've made the calculation that it's more important to get the games into more peoples hands and build loyalty to their own eventual Gamepass style service, rather than the old model of using exclusives to sell consoles. Now if they follow MS down the road of all future exclusives coming to PC day and date with the PS5, then I think they risk undermining the case for next gen consoles.
  4. Ah, the legendary Meat Circus. You're not alone there my friend!
  5. What's the last game that beat you? Not the last game that got a bit tricky and you gave up on, or the last game that you got bored of and moved on from, but the last game you really, truly wanted to reach the end of, but had to throw in the towel due to the challenge it presented. In my experience this doesn't happen so much anymore, as most games are designed to be completed and checkpoints are there to largely ensure that with enough commitment, you'll make it over the line. I imagine the Souls games will make the list for many and indeed, the previous game I failed to complete to the one I'm about to name, would be Bloodborne, where multiple afternoons sunk into the Blood-Starved Beast yielded no victory, so I eventually gave in. The game I'm pretty much on the verge of giving up on, is the absolutely fantastic Valfaris. It's a fantastic linear 2D action game which I'm playing on the Switch, but is available on pretty much everything. It's less intense than Contra and has a greater focus on platforming, but it truly has been an epic 15hrs I've put into it. Now however, I have reached a boss, a skeleton caked in jelly looking thing, which surprisingly, seems about to best me. I've sunk close to four hours into him now and I feel that I'm passed my peak performance. Over time I may well to return to it, maybe watch a few YouTube videos for tactical hints, but this is the first game in a long time which I might not see the end of, for no other reason than my own lack of ability and it got me thinking as to how often that happens to folks these days. So over to you.
  6. So it sounds like E3 is in a spot of trouble, as Sony announce that for the second year on the run, Playstation will not be attending. I think many people understood that last year, Sony had very little to show as they prepared for PS5 and so they didn't want to feel forced to put on a strained 90 minute show, but this year, the year which will see the launch of PS5, their snub spells real trouble for the show and its significance in the gaming calendar. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-01-11-playstation-will-not-participate-in-e3-2020
  7. If they do that, then Project X really does just become a subsidised PC.... What's to stop people sacking off buying Xbox games and so MS's licensing fee and just buying all their games via PC mode or exploiting Windows' security vulnerabilities and just pirating stuff? As a consumer, it seems like a great idea and a powerful gaming PC for $499 sells itself, but it would explode the current business model. Maybe that's the plan of course, it seems clear that MS are more interested in selling people a Game Pass sub than they are individual releases, so they reckon the value of that will keep people committed to playing on their Xbox rather than switching to a cheaper PC alternative. I don't know, if it happens then I can only imagine that there will be a ton of caveats to it.
  8. Did we ever get to the bottom of what that patent for a new Sony developed cartridge was all about? I've heard some funny speculation that PS5 could be modular and you could upgrade the graphics card every two years. I don't know if that would even be practical, but it's a fun idea. Didn't Samsung release a TV a few years back in which you could upgrade the CPU? I must admit to being dissapointed that we don't have a fixed date for the PS5 reveal event. I do hope they do one and we're not waiting until E3 this year.
  9. The hours I've lost to that little egg. The Dizzy games kept me entertained for hours at a time, they were such neat little adventures. Only a few moments in Treasure Island Dizzy, such as that awful invisible cage in amongst the Tree House Village and the inventory system which could easily drown you, really illicit any bad feelings. Really looking forward to seeing what the team who put together that Crystal Kingdom remake have got in store for the Next exclusive, Wonderful Dizzy. It'll be a treat to be back with the Yolkfolk after all these years! Anyhoo, lovely to see the bedroom coders honoured like this. I'll be pre-ordering.
  10. This comparison pic should give people an idea of the sort of power Series X is packing:
  11. That would make for a good basis for a sequel actually. As I say, with the original creative team on board there's reason to look forward to a sequel, but it's clear what's driving the existence of one. I'll doubtless be there to see what they've come up with too.
  12. Would have been a bold move, but would have completely removed the film from canon and almost certainly ruled the film out of any sequels. I am surprised they've green lit a sequel to this though. In a business sense, it's a no-brainer of course, but artistically, they have very few credible paths to go down. If it retains the same creative team, then that's at least an indication that great care will be taken not to undo the impact of this first film but a huge part of the films appeal is seeing Joker's journey into madness unfurl. Now that we've seen him make that leap, I'm not sure if anything which follows from that will be as compelling to watch. We'll see I guess.
  13. I think it is going to be talked about. This gen has had a series of unlikely reveals, so it's difficult to rule anything in or out. At a bare minimum, I think they'll announce a specific Playstation event, where PS5 will receive a proper unveiling. We may get a look at the case or the controller to go along with that but who knows.
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