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  1. Indeed, but I wouldn't mind taking another look at Advent Rising if this emulation brings with it a stable frame rate. I remember quite enjoying the core gameplay back in the day, but it was dog rough technically.
  2. That's a good point actually. If it's coming, I'd expect it for Christmas 2022 at the earliest. There's no sense releasing two souls games on top of each other.
  3. They're amongst my favourite series of FPS games and I'm really enjoying going back through them. They're quite tactical games, especially on the higher difficulty levels. There are sections where it's far better to pick your way through the levels stealthily, making judicious use of the cloak ability rather than going in guns blazing, although there are plenty of those moments too. If you've never played them before and you like a good linear shooter with tactical elements, I think you'll have a blast with them. The collection represents amazing value for money given the hours of play contained in the total three games.
  4. Has anybody else picked up the trilogy set of this? They look and play about as well as they ever have done. Running on the PS5, it really is a huge upgrade to the PS3 version we got many moons ago. It's a damn sight harder than I remember it being though! I remember cloaking and killing everyone with armour being used as a last minute thing but I'm getting my ass handed to me very early on.
  5. I certainly lean on retro more and more. In the evening I'm as likely to be upstairs on the Spectrum as I am on the PS5 downstairs. I feel these persistent online games and the ever bigger open world games have moved to a place where I'm not games wise. I love VR and I think that's because the games are really single player focussed and they're quite arcadey, which I like. I seem to have less patience with any padding, things like excessive cut scenes, driving / walking to missions, trying to find where to go next, whereas years ago I would have persisted, nowadays I just tend to lose interest and fire up a bout of Tekken or stick on some retro. I would love to play the Knights Of The Old Republic remaster though, so hopefully I can summon the patience for it.
  6. That's why I ultimately never signed up for an account and rarely visited. The mods seemed to think their status gave them license to laud it over the community and they just saw the role as an excuse to flex, with very little time or thought given to actually being a decent mod. Having been a mod here, it always irked me because here there's always a good faith effort made to be fair and to give all but the most obvious decisions a fair hearing. Wasn't he also the one who held a fundraiser for his sick Mum and waxed lyrical about the hard times he was having and how desperate his Mum needed healthcare, only to raise the ire of near everyone who donated to him when a few months later, he was openly bragging about spending thousands on drugs and going on massive benders with his mates? Yeah, a really peach that guy! Yeah, that cracked me up. His original pitch was something like, "we're going to make this place a haven for free speech and respectful discourse, free from the woke bigotry of old", fast forward a few months and the right wing took him up on his offer, which eventually lead to a purge of members swiftly followed by a blanket ban on certain subjects and eventually he just nuked the whole politics forum as it had become an open sewer of conspiracy theories, bigotry and discrimination..... who knew.
  7. Yeah agree with all that, this is outrage looking for a justification... and failing.
  8. On a more relevant note, I have seen the film and enjoyed it. It didn't feel it's length at all, so I think they nailed the pacing. My biggest gripe was how they had all this time but both the character of Nomi and the villain felt so underdeveloped. This is very much Bond's film and by that I mean his journey remained the central focus at all times, not the set pieces, the villainous plot, the settings or anybody else, this is a film about the character of James Bond and by extension, Madeline Swann. If that was their aim, they acquitted themselves very well. I think the film retries the phrase, "Bond girl" too. To dismiss any of the supporting women characters as trinkets, in the way they were typically viewed in the earlier films simply doesn't match up to what they each brought to the film. As I said, Nomi's character was underdeveloped but at no point did I feel she'd been dropped in as mere window dressing. I think this was one of my favourite pre-credit scenes too. It's got a lovely slow burn to it, the stunts and sudden vulnerability of the character worked really well, plus of course the emotional punch it packs. I'll have to listen to the theme some more, because I honestly didn't think much of it listening to it for the first time in the cinema, I'm all for the slower, darker songs but this one seemed to plod along and slip from being dark and broody to aimless and dreary, but I'm keen to listen to it again to see if it's a grower. Like many, keen to see where they'll go next with it but I think Craig delivered 110% with this, it was his film and he didn't hold anything back.
  9. Do you remember when Daniel Craig was first announced as Bond and there was a small movement of people disgruntled at the casting choice, stating Craig was unfit for the role, no blond Bond etc. Well at the time some sad sack created a website from which to channel his outrage: http://danielcraigisnotbond.com/ Somebody casually mentioned it in a review of the new film the other day and for a laugh I thought I'd see what was there, expecting it to be an abandoned domain or some troll one pager. To my utter astonishment, some sad bastard has spent the past 15 years, fuelled by impotent rage and red bull (?) maintaining the site, writing dozens if not a 100+ articles largely (but to be fair, not exclusively) berating the Craig era Bond films and seizing on any negative publicity about them. I mean.... wow. His commitment has paid off and he's actually got a small community behind him, with their own discussion board and everything, but I was genuinely flabbergasted to see that somebody could sustain their outrage over something so trite for such a length of time. Especially because the Craig films (along with Craig himself) have been broadly well received, yet he and his cohorts remain bafflingly steadfast in their views. Anyway, I know it's a bit off topic but I though it was worth sharing my bemusement.
  10. Bloody hell, the special edition of this is a bit bigger than I thought it would be, haha. Yeah, roll on this evening!
  11. I grabbed this on PS5 yesterday, having never played the game before and I'm really enjoying it. Just finished the first chapter and I can't wait to get back to it, I'm quite liking the light / shooting mechanic. It creates some very frantic moments as you race around trying to reload batteries and guns. I'm not having any real trouble with the dodge manoeuvre either, the timing seems similar to witch time in Bayonetta, so it's come quite naturally. But yeah, I'm hooked, looking forward to seeing more of it.
  12. Ohhh yes. Love these sorts of games and there would appear to be no shortage of them on the horizon. I loved Devil's Third. Brutal mix of slicing and shooting. Sure it was a little low rent but Team Ninja know how to make the core action satisfying. Nice to see Team Ninja still in the game to be honest, after the failure of Devil's Third, I thought they'd quietly disbanded. I wonder who's publishing?
  13. Just a heads up, but I really enjoyed @Nate Dogg III's Hit Points coverage on this acquisition, laying out Sony's more defensive rather than expansive posture when it comes to their acquisition strategy. Some good insights into Bluepoint too, worth checking out: https://hitpoints.substack.com/p/57-finding-the-point
  14. I wonder what the chances of an Outrun 3 or another outing of Outrun 2 are. I guess it's on Sega to secure the Ferrari license again. Shame only a lucky few got the PS3/360 version of Outrun 2 before it was pulled. I return to it regularly for a quick spin around the track.
  15. This is a barrel of fun, but the "racing" is pretty tenuous. The rubber banding is absolutely absurd and it doesn't have any laps, which is a shame as I was hoping for something more akin to Excite Truck race wise. Don't get me wrong, it's outrageously good fun just soaking in the spectacle of it all and there is some skill in knowing how to use boosts, which aside from not crashing, seems to be the only real determining factor in winning a race. If you go into this with your eyes wide open, knowing you're basically paying 30 notes for a roller coaster masquerading as a racer, then fill yer boots, I've no regrets, but if you're after a proper arcade racer, you have better options:
  16. I love how this franchise keeps coming back for another bite of the apple. Did anybody play the PSVR games? They're always on sale but reviews seemed to be all over the place. Anyway, this looks suitably OTT, will certainly be keeping an eye as I'm very much in the market for a good old fashioned, straight ahead blaster.
  17. ORLY! Well I do have a Next but I have been thinking about purchasing a general under the TV emulation machine and that certainly makes the MiSTer more interesting!
  18. Oh don't get me wrong, without a ridiculous use of save states I wouldn't have got anywhere with it. Most of these Codemasters games on the NES seem a sight harder than their Spec counterparts I grew up with. I imagine age and the simple speed of both machines makes a difference but yes, very much being taken to school by most of these!
  19. Sony have just announced that they've officially purchased Bluepoint:
  20. I've just searched and I see a few emulators are in development. Well that would be nice of course.
  21. I'm thinking more of people who want to play games which take advantage of the specific upgrades.
  22. Wow, yeah, just checked, the website tells me it would cost €793.33 all done. I mean machines like this are always going to be directed at the hobbyists, but I do think that's a price which will push it out of the reach of many fans who would otherwise want to back a project like this. I think there's an argument that they've overdone it... as cool as four SID chips sounds. I think both this and the Next could do with a "lite" iteration. Keep the case and the connections but run it all through a run of the mill ARM chip, with a good emulator running the show. I know that's not necessarily the point of these machines, but it seems a shame that all this work will be kept out of the hands of the many by such a high price point. Let the hobbyists get the FPGA devices but then create something a little more mass market so that the devs who are putting together some great games for these machines, can get a decent sized audience for them. Anyway, hope everyone who picks it up enjoys it, I just love the fact that machines like this exist. Anything happening for the Amstrad?
  23. Wait, that's the price of the dev unit, not the consumer one right.... right?
  24. Recently picked up the Codemasters release. Some fun stuff and it's great to have Cannon Fodder on the go but bloody hell, the last bit of CJ The Elephant, where you have to survive a volcano throwing out countless rocks at you. Bloody hell, did they seriously expect anybody to finish it?
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