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  1. Load times are officially a thing of the past. Wow.
  2. I'm not the biggest fan of Souls style games, but I did enjoy my first run through of Demon's Souls, reaching the fourth zone I think. I played it for a good long while until one afternoon I went on a massive souls hoarding expedition and after literally hours of playing it safe and hoarding lord knows how many souls, I slipped off the staircase in the opening world in souls form and lost an afternoons worth of hoarding. Never fired it up again. This trailer has reignited my fondest memories of the game though and I am tempted to take the plunge. It helps that it's absolutely gorge
  3. Cheers Quexex. That's an interesting theory though and would make sense. Opting for custom solutions would be no small extra investment of time and resources on Sony's part though, when AMD had comparable features ready to go. I'd really love to hear Cerny talk more about this stuff with the Digital Foundry folk and hear what his thinking was on these decisions.
  4. Oh I do stick my nose in from time to time. Obviously the very nature of that place is deeply technical, I honestly just post the tech stuff I do here because this is the community I've grown up with for twenty odd years now and I've always enjoyed the spec talk and mulling over the comparative solutions each manufacturer has come up with. For me it's just part of the "Rllmuk console launch experience", such as it is. I find Twitter one of the easiest platforms to digest this information, as there's often a developer on-hand to translate these things into more understandable terms,
  5. I find the technical side of consoles interesting, I'm frankly completely taken aback by your response. I find discussing the specs and comparing and contrasting them with comparative consoles interesting and part of the fun of console launches. It wasn't some veiled attempt to stoke the fires of the console war, I've shared technical information about the console along with the best explanation I could find of how that tech works. Lesson learned though, I won't share anything of that nature in this thread again.
  6. This just popped across my Twitter feed. With MS confirming that Series X is the only console to feature the full RDNA2 feature set, many have been speculating what that means for the PS5, so one inquisitive user has gone through recent patents filed by Cerny and the team and have worked out what they think Sony's custom solutions look like: The patents look legit and the commentary tweets come from a self described game developer, but I can't speculate as to his qualifications. All sounds good though.
  7. Fun little look at the new triggers in action: Looks like substantial feedback, looking forward to trying that!
  8. Yeah, getting proper excited now. I've decided to sell my PS4 whilst it's still worth something. It is a bit of a shame that we have to keep PS4 pads and camera around for VR play. I traditionally keep consoles released in November wrapped up for under the tree. That's going to be an excruciating month this time around.
  9. Well this is shaping up well. Astro Bot free with the console, Bug Snax free in January and Destruction All Stars free in February. That's a good start.. bloody hell, we're going to need those bigger hard drives ASAP.
  10. I've spoken about this before, but I think Minority Report on the Gamecube still tops it with half a dozen times or so. Obviously it's an oldie now, but I still fire it back up every now and again, in terms of throwing people through windows, it still pushes all the right buttons. I do remember though, back in the day there was a local market which swapped your games for a fiver and I think I must have swapped The Terminator in and out of my collection five or six times overall. It's a wonderfully neat little game but the main pull was that little animation Kyle does when he takes
  11. Haha, why not, he's universally regarded for his patience for just such these typee of pertinent questions.
  12. Yeah, it is a bit of a clumsy title / phrasing. I guess I'm thinking of FPS / TPS style shooters and fighters. The sorts of games where shit blows up, haha.
  13. Appreciate the response Broker. Yeah, you could be right. I thought I'd read that the Goldeneye bundle for the N64 was a genuine system seller though. I think you're right that people don't typically buy Nintendo hardware for that type of game and the success of the Switch certainly proves it's been no impediment to sales. Just feels like they could do more in this area and I often think that Platinum would be a natural fit for them. Especially with all this consolidation going on in the industry.
  14. Why do people think it is, that Nintendo never sought to replace the gap left by Rare, with a top tier action focussed studio? Be it through building a team from their first party talent or through an exclusive partnership with a noted second party studio, Nintendo have paid very little interest to the whole "action" genre since selling Rare. You could certainly argue that it's hardly hurt them, given the success of the Switch, but games like Goldeneye and Resident Evil 4 were genre defining back in the day and their exclusivity to Nintendo shifted a lot of hardware. I feel that ha
  15. I bought an N64 second hand at the absolute tail end of it's life and then spent the next year playing little other then Perfect Dark, Goldeneye and Conkers Bad Fur Day. I maintain that Perfect Dark was the most ambitious game ever released relative to the console it was released on. The Counter-Op option kept me and friends busy for many an evening. Looking back I can't believe how we struggled through the horrific frame rate, but you just push through it when you're having fun. Side note, why did Nintendo never replace Rare with a similarly competent, action orientated studio? It
  16. Almost certainly the Astro Bot game. The original was my daughters favourite game of all time and as the PS5 is going to be a joint gift, I'm sure she'll win the first game pick.
  17. Really enjoying the new album by instrumental rockers, Long Distance Calling. Honestly, put your headphones on and close your eyes and let the absolutely thumping guitar rhythms in this take you on a journey:
  18. Yeah, some lovely next gen features here. Very clean, intuitive interface and the shop should be very smooth if it's built into the UI. Yeah, happy with that.
  19. Well I'd hope it isn't so bad that you feel you no longer wish to contribute in the threads. I do have a fairly thick skin for this sort of stuff, but if you (or indeed anyone else) see stuff which you genuinely feel is disruptive, do feel free to report it. Without naming names, there are certainly some posters who fly close to the wind on this stuff. It's probably worth noting that whilst very few members have been outright banned for console war posting, we have spoken privately with some of them, asking them to rein it in a bit. So whilst the reports which some of you submit m
  20. Thanks for clarifying, I was just worried because I was the last person to post something a little "warzy", tame as it was by today's standards haha. Cheers.
  21. I don't know if this was aimed at me, but having skimmed the past few pages, I thought this had turned into a bit of thread where we shared the sort of silly "warz" stuff we found on the internet? I think many members have some sort of preference and to an extent it becomes a bit like sports, where you end up rooting for your team. So long as it's good natured and stays within the realms of banter, I have no problem with it, indeed I think it can be part of the fun of being part of a gaming community like this. As a mod, I get to see the excesses of it in the report centre and i
  22. You know what, you're right, I hadn't thought about that! Well then, if Series S proves a hit, Sony may well have painted themselves into a very sticky corner late in the gen.
  23. I mean maybe people better informed about this than me know better, but I struggle to see a scenario where Sony panic boost the clocks at the eleventh hour, redesign the casing and cooling solution of the PS5 at something like two months before they have to go into full production, just so they can eek out an extra few mhz of clock speed from the GPU. When the design is finished and they're in final testing, I can see them tweaking clock speeds to see what the limit they can reasonably run these things at is, and adjusting speeds accordingly, but as an eleventh hour reaction to Ser
  24. Yeah that's a good point. Sadly I can't quote anything verbatim, but I watched a Digital Foundry video not so long ago, where they said the scope for drastically reducing the cost of these machines in the future is smaller than it's ever been. I can't remember the specific reasons cited, but I guess there can't be too many die shrinks left that the laws of physics will still allow for. The cost of SSD's are expected to fall quite sharply over the coming years, so there's that and I suppose memory prices will trend downwards over time, but there might not be as much manoeuvre on the price of th
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