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  1. Anyone playing this at the moment - there's an interesting event going on in Imperial Space 4 starports have been attacked and are on fire - requesting supplies and/or evacuations. I know a few of you are Imperial allied so it's probably quite near your locations. It's just a nice different task to do if you're bored and it's intense flying into a burning station. Kit your ship with passenger accommodation and heatsinks and there are some quick bucks to earn - especially Empire reputation. I managed to rinse an entire Promotion (from Lord -> Viscount) in about an hour.
  2. Returning to this after a couple of years - removed the dust covers off my trusty Python - still got 134m credits in the bank. Seems I took my furlough in the Basuseku systems so I'm in the heart of the RLL Mukhang Symposium territory so gonna start picking up some missions for them again. ...and yeah - I need to remember how to dock again too.
  3. starls

    Fall Guys

    My son just got 2 wins in a row - he is, quite aptly, bouncing off the walls!!
  4. starls

    Fall Guys

    Downloaded this yesterday on the recommendation of my 12 year old (he was watching live streamers before I even knew this game existed). The great thing about this is it's almost as much fun to watch as it is to play - and with games lasting only about 10mins max it's fun alternating between me and my son even when i'm supposed to be *cough* working from home!! I've got a real blind spot on this one and can't ever seem to complete it. Keep falling off those 2 logs / balance beams!! I did get my first win on Hex-a-Gone last night though which felt good.
  5. @moosegrinder I'm by no means an expert at this, and it depends what level you're playing it on as I was getting my arse kicked on anything above Normal but my tips would be: - start small and don't go exploring beyond the perimeter of the immediate area you want to grow your town in - work towards getting a barracks as soon as possible and start churning out rangers. - build watchtowers at the perimeter of your base and again, slowly start expanding these (destroying them gives you 50% resources back and increases as you add more research points) - only really start exploring when you've got a nice group of 10-15 rangers, but even then go slow. - work on getting your base watertight with walls and watchtowers before the first horde approaches.
  6. So I bought this blind yesterday - to be honest I was already sold at the Zombies, RTS & Tower Defense description. Tough learning curve - as mentioned, no tutorials so it really is trial and error and it can all go devastatingly wrong within seconds - don't think I've lasted more than 7/8 days so far. Not being able to go back to earlier saves adds a lot of tension and risk to everything. Being able to pause and plan really helps even if just to explore the UI / menu system. Very early days, but I think I'm enjoying it so far.
  7. Well, after 27 hours I just completed this with only 60% completion i thought I’d be a bit higher than that must have missed a lot. The only areas I know I couldn’t reach were ... Eventually found a nice charm combo which meant I did the final boss on only my second attempt Fantastic game - love a Metroidvania game, but was a little daunted by the twitchy / quick reactions I needed in my old bones to navigate some areas initially. Glad I persisted
  8. Same - other than I recently finished Book 8, having rinsed all the books since January. I'm at a complete loss now until the next one is released in the autumn. Slowly catching up on the TV show to tide me over until then!
  9. It's been over a year since I docked my ship at Daedalus station in the Sol system. Not sure why I left it behind - but dusting off the Python and taking it out for a spin felt good. Took a while to get used to the controls again but the muscle memory kicked in and it was soon second nature. So, what have I missed? Is Mukhang still a going concern? Is it worth heading back there and checking out the Symposium? Do we have any other systems under our influence?
  10. The one thing I noticed in the show that I liked was that there was a noticeable suspicion between all the characters when they first get on the 'Knight' to investigate the asteroid - as if they didn't know each other very well. Very much 'The Belter', 'The Martian', 'The Earther' - who are all essentially on different sides of the war/peace in the system. I didn't feel this in the books as the narrative suggested that, although they didn't know much about each other they'd all been working together on the 'Cant' for so long.
  11. I only started listening to the books about 2 months ago. Halfway through the first book thinking "this would make a great TV Series" I then found out it was already a great TV series (currently halfway through season 2, just starting book 4). Anyway I've been really pleased with how the characters in the books have been portrayed in the show - I may have a different idea on how the characters look but the characterisation is pretty spot on (to me). Possible spoilers - how I see the characters between books and show
  12. starls

    Illustration Club

    I use Adobe ProCreate - not sure if its the best, but it's the one they have on all the iPad Pros in the Apple Store - which convinced me I needed one, and an Apple Pencil. Not sure it will teach you to draw, but it is a much more forgiving process than trying the real thing - supporting layers, undo etc which gives me the confidence to try different things rather than fearing the next stroke is going to ruin my work (I think that's a common feature of the artistic temperament though). Here's one I finished today - something I'm doing for my Mum & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary next month....
  13. starls

    Illustration Club

    Was playing with my new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil over Christmas....... What an amazing piece of kit - drew this picture of my wife. Took approximately 9hrs to complete Drawn using Adobe Procreate. So pleased with how it came out - have started one of my son so will post that one soon
  14. It's fascinating how everyone seems to be in exactly the same place with this show this season. Previous seasons have had staunch fans, waverers and abandoners of varying degrees but suddenly it's like we've all fallen off the same cliff at the same time. My problem, other than the terminally dull and poorly written / filmed episodes is that - i think on paper this season must have all sounded so great to the show runners. "Let's film it all on the same day from everyone's different views!" Shootouts, car chases, explosions - peril, death, treachery!! But it just hasn't worked, and the thing is I don't know where its going any more as they stumble from one 'big bad' to another, established over 2/3 seasons - going through the same emotional / existential conflicts and crises - rinse and repeat.......
  15. starls

    SNES Mini

    Just managed to get one from Tesco. Hopefully won't get cancelled via email others have..... Edit: Balls!! Just cancelled!
  16. You don't need to take out the Sentry Skimmers at the base for them to count towards your mission target. Any sentry skimmers you encounter within the vicinity of the outpost will count as they will all be affiliated to that faction. Just use your scanner to search for resources - some of which will be protected by 3 (sometimes 4) skimmers which are a doddle to take our with your SRV
  17. Ooh - been tempted to get a paint job for my Python for a while....might have to take the plunge now!
  18. I tend to cruise across all stations in the system to pick up missions from the Symposium as they often target deliveries etc to the same systems / stations - so I don't see any harm in that manner. I've just paid off ~500,000 bounty from Basuseku (due to the Symposium's electioneering efforts a couple of weeks back) as well so the timing is pretty good for me
  19. Political missions are a dirty business aren't they? Took on some political combat missions in Basuseku and it was all Civilian targets - now got a massive bounty on my head in the name of the Symposium. I don't know what the rules are for faction expansion, but there was a lot of political missions targeting Basuseku so I wonder if that's where we'll be next?
  20. Interdicted by an Anaconda. Lost canopy pressure - hull at 6% but defeated him. Bounty - 400 credits
  21. I agree - given our size, a bubble of smaller systems slightly off the beaten track seems potentially quite manageable
  22. I had originally pledged allegiance to Zachary Hudson of the Federation, but haven't ever really contributed anything to Powerplay. I have however just defected to Aisling Duval as her influence, and alignment to the Empire is the closest proximity to Mukhang
  23. I was working my way up the Federation ranks and had just made Ensign, but the call to arms for the Symposium has made me question my loyalties and I've thrown in my lot for the Empire. Cmdr Jim Starslinger (PC)
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