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  1. I don't buy the argument that we're more likely to lose stuff now. Dogma might not be available on streaming platforms *sarcastically mimes crying*, but it's easy to get hold of on DVD, or to download a pirate copy. Or even find a copy on VHS or UMD. There are so many more platforms now that the chances of something surviving seems a lot higher; obviously stuff will still be lost, but it seems significantly less likely now. If you lost something in the pre-digital era, then it was lost for good; if you stick the workprint of a film in a salt mine for storage and it floods, that's it, it's fuck
  2. That is pretty cool. I like it when retro compilations include stuff like that - it's annoying when you get something like the Turrican collection, where they don't include the NES, C64 or PC versions, which are significantly different to the Amiga/SNES/Megadrive versions they do include. Although it's admittedly easier to go for that kind of deep approach when you've got the resources that Blizzard have and the collection only includes three games.
  3. It's going to be something along the lines of an announcement that Mr Pants, Kameo, and the boy from Grabbed by the Ghoulies will be appearing as exclusive unlockable skins in the Switch version of the Destroy All Humans remake.
  4. They massively sexed-up Mass Effect between the first and second games, so maybe the Liara model is one from the second or third games. It does look a bit like pervy ME fanart, it has to be said.
  5. It is pretty clever. I remember there was a glitch you could do on the original Halo, where you could get across some loading barrier in a way you weren't supposed to, which led to enemies freezing in place. Despite them being frozen, the game would still tag them as having a certain velocity, so if you threw a grenade at them, or fired a rocket, or blew them up with a needler combine explosion, the enemy would have this enormous velocity attached to it, despite it not moving (if that makes sense). This meant that if you tried to aim at the frozen enemy, your crosshair would slide
  6. This is a bit of a sidetrack, but I'd class Halo as a hugely important statement of intent, both in terms of Microsoft setting themselves out as a credible entrant into console gaming, and also in terms of showing that twin-stick controls can not only work in an FPS, but can work so well as to underpin one of the greatest games of all time. I mean, having workable twin-stick controls in an FPS seems minor now, but back in 2001 it was pretty big - console first person shooters were either very poor relations of PC games, or were in now-extinct console-only phyla like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.
  7. I love these threads where somebody you've never heard of says something like "Xbox fans, buckle up. Keep your ears to the ground. All will be revealed" and everyone starts speculating whether this means Microsoft are launching an Xbox handheld with full Amstrad CPC BC, or whether Sega have bought Microsoft in a leveraged buyout and have set everyone's consoles to mining bitcoin to service the debt, or whether the Xbox One secret sauce has finally been unleashed and the base X1 console is now more powerful than every previous and current console put together.
  8. I don't mind Bing so much, it seems to me to be a very traditional, gentle, boring kid's programme, but boring in a way that kids find reassuring. The only thing I really dislike on Cbeebies is probably that Dennis the Menace cartoon, mainly because it's in the anaemic modern Beano style where Dennis and his handsome friends generally behave themselves, rather than the old, good, version where Dennis and his band of grotesque freaks make other peoples' lives a living hell, and is then subjected to some brutal corporal punishment. Oh, and that godawful Peter Rabbit cartoon that looks like it wa
  9. Five if you include the Clone Wars film, which is clearly worse than Rise of Skywalker (which in itself is Actually Good, not bad like you mistakenly think).
  10. Love Monster feels like the kind of kids' show that's aimed more at adults than it is at children, with the vaguely ironic aesthetic and hipsterish music. Sort of like when Cbeebies did that thing with music by Squarepusher, or the TV equivalent of one of those right-on children's bookshops that are full of empowering books for kids, with graphic novel biographies of Frieda Kahlo, Ada Lovelace and Greta Thunberg and books about mindfulness for toddlers, with a tiny section in the corner grudgingly filled with stories called things like Captain Fart meets the Poo Monsters of Wee-Wee Island, whi
  11. Yeah, it makes sense that they'll sell whatever they get, so why bother with the extra hassle? But I would have thought that most retailers would prefer some cash now and some when they next get some stock in (rather than it all in one go), so it might be worth their while if they could take deposits or pre-payments. I dunno, maybe they're making so much money from sales as they are, they needn't bother.
  12. Is there any reason why retailers aren’t doing pre-orders for Xbox Series X / PS5s, taking a deposit, and assigning them to customers as they come in? Presumably if you limited it to one console per address / payment instrument, you could head off scalpers. Game are normally so desperate for cash, I’m surprised they haven’t done something similar.
  13. I've probably been spending a bit more, but I've stuck to my criteria of only really buying games that I have some personal connection to, that have nice, substantial packaging (so nothing that's a largely empty box with a pamphlet of a manual and a couple of floppy disks), and where they aren't some absolutely ridiculous price (i.e. anything that costs more than a new PS4 game). To be honest, it's been fairly hard resisting sometimes as I've been bored on eBay after a glass of wine, but I haven't bought anything I regret. I found Exile on the BBC Micro in reasonable condition for
  14. As people have said, Frances McDormand would probably give you the best value - she’s got an amazingly consistent filmography that would give you access to most of the Cohen’s best films, plus a decent mix of arthouse and mainstream films. For actors, I would probably go for Keanu Reeves. It’s not the most rational choice and would expose me to a lot of absolute stinkers, but I’d get a lot of my favourite films too, and goddammit, I just like the guy.
  15. She ruined the next Bond film, but she absolutely made the one after that, and stole every scene. So I don’t care what people say, I’m looking forward to her performance in Indiana Jones 6
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