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  1. Are we doing the pet pictures in this thread? Anyway, here’s the new arrival (and a cat). Excuse the dirty rug, one of the kids decided to cut up one of those orange plastic bags satsumas come in. The console is pretty impressive. Counter-intuitively, the most impressive thing is quick resume - it feels strangely liberating to be able to switch between Forza, Need for Speed and Superhot almost instantly, and have a very quick go on each one. I’ve only played games that I own already, which seems a bit weird when I’ve shelled out the best part of five hundred quid on a new console and Game Pass, but it feels like I’m upgrading what I already have, rather than getting something completely new, so it’s been great playing FH4 and NFS: Hot Pursuit at 60fps and with massively reduced loading times. The only niggles so far are Forza Horizon 4 not liking Quick Resume sometimes, realising that a lot of Xbox One Game Pass games look a bit low-res because they’re stuck at 900p, and running out of hard drive space. Once I’d installed Halo:MCC, FH4, Destiny 2, Titanfall 2, The Division, and a few other things, I’d nearly run out of space. It feels a bit limiting to have access to all these games, and only being able to install a few (and it taking hours to install some of them). Once Xcloud gets off the ground, Game Pass is going to be much more valuable.
  2. Looks interesting, and a LOT more visually inventive than the original trailer - there are some very strong images in there. The dialogue seems very unlike the dialogue in the book, although that's not necessarily a bad thing. Did Paul ever do any fighting in the book prior to him joining the Fremen? They seem to have amped up the action quite a lot given that it's only covering the first half of the novel, which again is probably a good thing. That scene of him slicing his way through rows of soldiers is not in the original, but doesn't look out of place.
  3. Actually, the only negative thing is that the spaceman outfit has a gun, which is obviously tempting for bloodthirsty young boys who want to run around shooting everyone. I've had to tell my son a few times to stop running around blasting everyone with his ray gun, but It's hardly Postal 2.
  4. K

    Xbox Game Pass

    OK, makes sense. I’ll probably extend Live, and give the trial code to a friend. Thanks.
  5. I think the Greg Davies one is probably the funniest one I've heard. He also hates starters and orders a fillet steak well-done, just to absolutely minimise the level of flavour in his meal.
  6. K

    Xbox Game Pass

    Thanks - so if I wanted to get my money's worth, it'd probably be best to extend my Xbox live subscription, upgrade through the special offer, then add the 3 month trial code on top to extend it a bit further.
  7. K

    Xbox Game Pass

    Quick question - I have a 3 month trial for Game Pass. If I use it, can I still do that £1 upgrade thing afterwards? Or is that only for people who haven't been on Game Pass before?
  8. Not sure about the difference in versions, but it's probably the best game for young children I've seen. It's absolutely perfect for parent & child co-op, as there's loads to do in the open world and the actual missions are designed so that only one player needs to do anything difficult or that requires any kind of coordination or timing. It's almost completely frustration free, whereas the other Lego games I've played are a lot more fiddly and require both players to coordinate a lot more, which can be challenging for young kids (and bloody annoying for parents). Plus, the controls are simple, you don't need to use both sticks, there are jokes aimed at kids and jokes aimed at grownups (funny ones, too), it's challenging enough for adults while being full of stuff for kids to do. It's really thoughtfully designed. Adam Buxton and Peter Serafinowicz are in it. I can't think of anything it does wrong, really.
  9. I think there's some leeway to remake Dead Space, mainly in terms of cutting out some of the less interesting bits (like the asteroid shooting minigame) and tidying up the story. The original came along at a time when there was this idea that any game less than about 10hrs long was a complete waste of time, so loads of games from that era were padded out quite a bit. I remember Dead Space as being great, but also having long stretches in the middle where you're doing repetitive tasks in environments that don't vary a lot. I think you could tighten the game up quite a bit. Dead Space wasn't as madly overlong as Alien Isolation, but I think you could have a shorter game that was all killer reanimated corpses, no filler reanimated corpses.
  10. I don't really have an off-menu! I'm not that into food to be totally honest, and have pretty unadventurous tastes. Mine would be quite boring. I just like the podcast. It's nice hearing people really going into detail on something they love.
  11. I think Konami is currently being managed under a kind of Brewster's Millions scenario, where the CEO and president stand to inherit a magical trumpet, ten trillion yen, and a scroll granting real-life invincibility when rolling if they manage to kill off all of their highly successful franchises within certain period of time.
  12. James Hong is apparently one of the most prolific screen actors (although he has done his fair share of voice roles too) with around 600 credits.
  13. I managed to get one from this site earlier on the week (although I should say it hasn’t actually arrived yet, so could all be in vain): https://www.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-xbox-series-x You have to be very quick on the notification, but what I’ve noticed is that consoles seem to become available in dribs and drabs, so if you miss the original notification, some more might come in the next few minutes.
  14. The other issue is that they're the front line of the tedious middle-aged man console wars.
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