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  1. Inspired by the Balearic thread on here, I commissioned the AI to merge ‘Fool if you think it’s over’ by Chris Rea with Slip Away by Pat Methany. This was the end result: https://rave.dj/Nvn-tQooLMJjLQ *robots in espadrilles hug as they bang another washer*
  2. K

    Is it Balearic?

    This remix owes a huge debt to Slip Away to the point where it’s more of a remix of Slip Away than it is of the Ennio Morricone tune, but it’s still a great song.
  3. K

    Is it Balearic?

    This tune reminds me of driving back home the day after a festival, and entering some kind of probably quite dangerous Balearic fugue state.
  4. The PS4 port is looking good, not sure why this wasn't at the show. Maybe it's a kind of Titanfall 360 situation, where they're reluctant to show it off because it's nearly as good as the current-gen version?
  5. The MW2 Remaster looks amazing, and there are some great levels, but man, I’m struggling to think of anything that’s dated as badly as No Russian. Or the politics in general. No Russian in particular is absolutely vile given that it comes right after a level where you engage in a Roger Moore-era jolly skidoo chase, and then immediately drops you into committing a horrific mass shooting. It was tragically edgy back in 2009, but after the Las Vegas shootings and the London Bridge massacre (to name but two of the hundreds of real life atrocities committed since then) it’s reprehensible. It’s especially sad given that the developers obviously think they’re making some kind of bold artistic statement, but the statement it’s making seems to consist of “what if you had to kill people to like get in with a criminal gang or something, shit bruh thats fucked up”. The next level involves a load of white people going into the ghetto, and torturing and killing lots of poor brown people. It’s completely tone deaf, and racist - it’s game over if you gun down one of your white comrades, but you don’t get penalised for shooting brown civilians. The mad OTT Bond film spectacle is fun, but the politics are horrific. No wonder so many gamers are overt Nazis.
  6. We're getting on for late-period Amiga magazine coverdisk levels of quality here.
  7. https://rave.dj/hR5mk1titu_Tbw The first trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming remake of Smokey and the Bandit. (This is super frustrating, as I’m convinced there is an amazing mashup of these two songs in there somewhere, but I can’t quite get it)
  8. It's not really a game about deep mechanics, it's a game about living the fantasy of exploring some Chris Foss / Jim Burns / John Harris SF paperback cover. That's what people respond to, I think - the mechanics are just an excuse to be there. They're the hooks to create little emergent stories and narratives that come out of the mining or hunting activities. I would hazard a guess that's why the tail was so long - people who want to live that fantasy see the game pop up in the media, and are drawn in.
  9. It’s hard to prove a counterfactual, but it feels like No Man’s Sky is about as successful as it’s possible for a game like that to be. It’s hardly typical blockbuster material. I would imagine that sales would have dropped hugely after the first few weeks, but the constant updates and improvements will have kept it in the news and in the public eye, and it seems to have had a really long tail. It seems like a game that found its audience, they just took a bit longer than normal because the game was so ropey at launch - I suspect that everyone who is likely to want to play the game probably already has.
  10. To be honest, I think there's something to the idea that an unfinished game is no longer the end of the road it once was. This gen, we've had Driveclub, Halo: MCC, No Man's Sky, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, all of which launched to anything from mild disappointment to absolute disdain, and all of them turned it round (to varying degrees of success). Given that Microsoft's strategy is shifting towards getting its users to subscribe to Game Pass, it might become even easier to salvage a sub-par game, as the barriers to entry are really low - it'll be much easier to relaunch Halo: Infinite if your core audience already has it, and at worst just needs to re-install it, and at best click on an icon. Sea of Thieves would have died if it was released under the old model of a £40 box in a shop, followed up by paid DLC - the success of a game like that at launch seems much less important now.
  11. There was a whole thread about it here:
  12. This is absolutely sick, if I do say so myself. A rare cut from NWA's hip-house period: https://rave.dj/Kd9IdyP0v1igdA
  13. They oversaw it I think, but yeah. They clearly realised the problems with it, hence the Halo 2 remaster being so much better.
  14. That's the Halo 2 remaster on Xbox One - not Halo 4. Having said that, it's still a game that came out six years ago.
  15. 343 are properly all over the place in terms of quality. The Halo CE remaster looked hideous in places - like they got a Russian oligarch in to design it, and told him it had to be as busy as it possibly could - but the Halo 2 remaster looked fantastic, and fully in keeping with the look of the original game. The remade multiplayer levels in Halo MCC looked absolutely gorgeous, but Halo 5 had this very odd mix of super-clean & austere, and hyper-detailed and ornate.
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