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  1. NFS: Hot Pursuit and Forza 5 both run at 60fps on Series X. I haven’t done a scientific study, but it feels like more driving games have 60fps modes this gen; in the 360 era, games like Driver: SF and Forza were the outliers for running at 60fp, whereas most games now have a choice of graphics or performance modes.
  2. Men calling women cunts, on the other hand…
  3. Calling women cunts is an act of decolonisation.
  4. Is there any way of playing Metal Slug 2 without the slowdown? It seems like something they could have introduced into one of the ports, just as a nice extra - it’d be an interesting exercise to see if it’s playable without the slowdown. Is it possible to overclock any of the Neo Geo emulators?
  5. I suppose we could be quite binary about this and I could post something like “oh, calling women bitches and cunts and sluts is OK, is it? Good to know” and you could post something along the lines of “trans women deserve to be exterminated? Wow. Your mask slipped a bit there” and then we keep going back and forth with variations of “actually, the thing I mentioned is the only bad thing here”. But it’s not that nuanced a point, is it? You don’t have to choose between calling women cunts and thinking JK Rowling is right about everything. It’s not either/or. We could - just floating an idea here, hear me out - stop using gendered insults on women, and also criticise JK Rowling.
  6. This particular culture war is an absolute gift for men who used to enjoy calling women cunts and bitches online, but have found it’s become less acceptable to do so. Ditto “Karen”. At last, men can once again safely hurl abuse at women.
  7. Companies aren't immune from competition law if they're not in first place. In a market dominated by a small number of players, being third is still a pretty big deal, especially if the third place company is a division of one of the biggest companies in the world with access to colossal amounts of funding and resource. I will not reveal the name of the company I'm talking about in order to inject an air of mystery and narrative intrigue into this post, but let's just say they dropped the "ball"(mer) with their exclusives this and last gen, and the "Outlook" is not great for such exclusives until the projected release of Starfield and Redfall later this year.
  8. Higher prices, worse service, less choice, less innovation, higher barriers to entry. The usual risks that might potentially arise from a dominant player who is in a position to engage in anticompetitive behaviour.
  9. What about Saudi-Aramco? They could buy Activision-Blizzard too! Why is nobody mentioning them?
  10. There is an obvious and massive difference in scale and impact between buying a niche boutique developer like Housemarque or Bluepoint who have basically been Sony-only for about ten years anyway, or buying a relatively small independent developer-publisher like Bungie who mainly service the Destiny series, and buying out Activision-Blizzard. I always find these arguments to the effect that "aaaah, but Sony buys companies too, what about Bluepoint and Bungie, aaaah" to be disingenuous in the extreme. Nobody was that bothered when Microsoft bought out Ninja Theory or Double Fine, because that's hardly going to affect the videogame landscape in the future. Activision-Blizzard is much more likely to change things given the sheer size of the company, hence all the competition authorities getting involved.
  11. I played it on the PlayStation too, I’d forgotten there was no save function until you mentioned it. There must have been some way of restarting the level with all your gear when you died - I can’t believe I would have completed the game if you had to do a pistol start every time I died. The alternative is that I put the level password in again every time I got killed, which is equally implausible. But thinking about it, maybe I did? It seems intolerable now, but then again so does playing Monkey Island 2 with its eleven disks.
  12. Surely most people reloaded a save game if they died in Doom? It must be possible to do every level with a pistol start, but that's definitely not the way I played it.
  13. I think one of the key differences between Goldeneye and stuff like Doom was that you didn't keep your weapons between levels, so each level was a self-contained challenge. So yeah, you could skip to E1M7 using a cheat, but you'd start off with just a pistol when the level was clearly designed on the basis that you'd have almost all of the weapons, and would have a variable amount of armour and health. You could try and complete it on that basis or you could try to complete it using the IDKFA cheat, and those were clearly loads of fun, but neither option had quite the fine-tuned satisfaction of improving your times on Goldeneye. Also, I kind of suspect that the practice of giving multiplayer maps in Call of Duty short, one-word names was influenced by Goldeneye.
  14. Dear FTC, please disregard the fact that a $200m Halo TV series was released less than a year ago. We tried to stop them making this series, but we are so inept that we accidentally authorised the production of this expensive and high-profile television programme. This is yet more evidence of how pathetic and weak Microsoft, the third biggest company in the world, is compared to Sony, a company who most metrics show to be considerably smaller than us, but who are nevertheless going to kill us. It is like David and Goliath, except in this instance David is the baddie. Please help us stop these bullies, FTC. They will crush us without your assistance. I am sending this message from the wi-fi in McDonalds because we cannot afford to pay our internet provider.
  15. One of the most influential things about this game is the way that it chopped the traditional single-player FPS game up into lots of small chunks, let you replay them at will, and recorded your best times and the difficulty you completed them on. That seems like quite a minor thing in some ways, but it feels like a huge step in others - previously, FPS campaigns were a long-form thing, where you started out at the beginning and played it all the way to the end. It might be divided up into levels, but the expectation was that you'd play through them in order, rather than replaying specific ones to improve your time, unlock certain things, or just because you liked them. It had a flat difficulty level too, so that while there was some variation - Control is definitely harder than Dam - there was consistency between playing through all the levels on particular difficulty. That feels like quite a big thing, which must have directly inspired the structure of Halo and Call of Duty, which packaged their levels up into specific, replayable segments that let you complete the game piece by piece on progressively harder difficulties. That sort of mosaic structure, where you go through level by level until you complete it and then do it again at a higher difficulty level, feels like it came from Goldeneye. Without it, maybe people wouldn't be talking about being able to complete No Fighting in the War Room on Veteran, or Truth & Reconciliation on Legendary.
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