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  1. God this is so good when you get into it. Really impressive world building. Fairly sure the final story mission is now available to me so I'm mopping up some of the side missions, although I'm tempted to finish the main quest and leave the other stuff to play once the series X update is out.
  2. Series x here too. It’s a joke. Very disappointed with Digital Foundry’s continued coverage of this game. They’ve done at least 3 videos at this point and none really highlight what a fucking mess this game is. They’ll identify issues in others games by zooming in on background scenes 1000% but can’t see how shambolic this game is
  3. This is still awful. HDR is broken and the game crashes for me every time I have to reload a checkpoint. Deleted.
  4. edit* sorry didn’t realise it was already posted
  5. Is this a brand new game ? Or a remake of Abes Exodus ?
  6. What’s the multiplayer scene for Halo like these days ?
  7. Anyone else’s Dual Sense starting to get a little grubby? I assume alcohol wipes will fix it but man I can’t wait for a black controller and hopefully official black faceplates!
  8. and just as I say that my female characters voice suddenly switches to male
  9. Dare I say it but this seems quite polished now. At least playing it on a Series X in performance mode. Really impressive game. I’d say anyone who was on the fence and has a next gem system shouldn’t hesitate to jump in now.
  10. I heard that MW had some new maps added to it this week.
  11. Would love to see Horizon get the same treatment
  12. Yep won’t be playing it tonight! I went back to it a week ago after putting around 10 hours into it over Christmas. It really is a great game. Such a shame it had so many issues on the previous gen consoles.
  13. I had some issues with my B9 and colour problems on quick resume alright.
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