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  1. Just replayed the Xbox demo on my X after the patch. It did seem smoother to me.
  2. I noticed there’s an update on the Xbox demo. Any word on whether they’ve patched it to run at a lower frame-rate but 60fps? Its taking a while to download for me
  3. With xbox live and PSN reducing speeds while everyone is in lockdown does anyone know if the preload will start early?
  4. I can’t wait to play the Game but a little disappointed in the time it takes to complete if true. Hopefully there are some additional elements patched in later as DLC. I have no interest in the online mode, kinda wish the extra team was mobilised to work on the single player. Still is one of my favourite franchises and I’m hyped to play it on Friday!
  5. I dropped it down to the easiest difficulty setting today. It was getting a little frustrating, and to be honest with all the crap that's going on in the world right now I just want an easy escape from reality now and then. Not having this game kick my ass helps in that regard
  6. I absolutely adore Uncharted 4. One of my favourite games of all time. Incredible characters, environment, and just a really enjoyable story and experience overall. It’s sort of like a comfort blanket. I’ve played it multiple times a few of which have been when I’ve been going through a bad patch and it’s really helped to be able to get lost in such an enjoyable game. Takes me back to my childhood playing tomb raider too . anyway Dirt 2.0 is also fantastic so it’s a bloody incredible month if you haven’t played either never mind both.
  7. I’m guessing Clone Wars and Rebels are good then ?
  8. Really happy with the setup in my new place.
  9. Enjoyed what I’ve played so far. I don’t mind the story elements, it’s presented well imo. Although you are kinda dumped right into it, there’s no sense of continuation from Doom 2016. Its a tough game. More so playing with a pad as there’s no auto aim. To me it feels like more Doom and that’s exactly what I wanted.
  10. Yeah to my eyes it looks even better than RE2. Especially on the X. Played it through now a few times on my Xbox X and PS4 Slim. Judging by the demo it seems it'll be a fair bit more action oriented, no issues running out of ammo! it's also nice to be in the city and it seems a bit more open in general.
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