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  1. Played a little this morning and my god Hardcore mode is tough! I finished the demo without issue but have died three times in the village on the higher difficulty.
  2. Ray tracing patch for PS5 and PC is live now apparently
  3. Started this today thanks to this thread and being stuck at home with Covid. It's excellent and just what I needed!
  4. The GC version was the first game I imported using the freeloader boot disc. It was amazing getting the game so early compared to everyone else. It felt like being a member of a secret club!
  5. The Resident Evil 2 demo and the original Metal Gear demo are two that really stick out. also the original silent hill as they changed the enemies in the final game
  6. This is great. Seems like everything I would have wanted from a remake.
  7. At the risk of opening a can of worms but has it been confirmed if weapon degradation is back ?
  8. When’s the second season due to hit screens ?
  9. Some rumours that this may get a ray tracing patch soon.
  10. Can you summon help for the first boss ? I can get to the second stage but then get hammered!
  11. Think I’m out too. The one aspect others never seem to copy from souls games is the ability to summon help for boss fights. Makes such a difference to my enjoyment as you’ve got options if you’re stuck on a boss for long periods and the social aspect is great too.
  12. Is this day 1 on gamepass ?
  13. Fargo


    Watched this last night and really enjoyed it
  14. I think this suffers from not having a lead character who engages more with the support cast, and a lack of cinematics to help tell the story. Compared to games like the Resident Evil 2 Remake and TLOU 1/2 I just find I don't really care about the story or characters.
  15. The medal of honour games were great. Especially Alliad Assault on PC and Frontline on PS2. Some brilliant levels and gameplay. Soundtrack was fantastic too
  16. Didn’t Digital Foundry say the opposite? That there stats shown that most games were sub 30fps ?
  17. Yeah that’s a reference to the case in Scotland
  18. Anyone know how this plays on series S ? Is there a 60fps mode ?
  19. It’s a bit rough but the charm is still there if you were a fan back in the day. Still a shame we didn’t get the improved version mind
  20. Can it be purchased separately from Rare replay I wonder ?
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