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    Xbox Game Pass

    Is there a date for when No Mans Sky arrives ?
  2. Booted this up tonight and I can’t now play the single or standard multiplayer without downloaded a date pack for the psn store ?
  3. That was just for the remaster of the first game. The PS4 uncharted games just had the higher res. I’d imagine this will be the same.
  4. Naughty Dog Games have all been fantastic in the base system. I think the only improvement on pro in the past was a higher res of 1440p over 1080p on the base.
  5. This game breaks my heart but I keep going back. Currently battling the armoured bastard on the bridge. I may leave him and go back and try and beat lady butterfly or the bastard in the well. I feel like to finish this it really needs to be the only game I play for a while and I just try and learn the mechanics inside out. I’m also sure there’s pray beads I’ve missed that might help! I love the combat, the style and aesthetic, but the difficulty spike at each boss is a killer. It might be in contention for one of my games of the generation if it had an easy mode, or at least the ability to summon help like dark souls.
  6. Excellent. I completely missed it being given an X upgrade.
  7. Is Blacklist X enhanced now ?
  8. Have I any chance of playing this with a pad? I plan on getting a wheel setup but I’m waiting to see if the G920 will work with the series x before I pull the trigger.
  9. Fargo

    F1 2020

    Watching ‘Drive to survive’ on Netflix had me in the mood for some F1 gaming and I downloaded F12018 on game pass. Really enjoying it and F12020 has shot straight onto my list of games to buy over the summer. The newer F1 games seem like a big step up from when I last played one on the ps3.
  10. The last dance left me looking for another sports doc so I started F1 drive to survive. Ended up watching 6 episodes tonight!
  11. Fargo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Alan Wake is up now.
  12. Gran Turismo 7 as a possible launch title? https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2020/05/20/gran-turismo-7-ps5-gt7-playstation-5-launch-games/
  13. Fargo

    Xbox Game Pass

    When’s Alan Wake being put up on game pass ?
  14. Fargo

    Comfort Gaming

    Finding it hard to focus on just one game but I recently replayed the last of us and the DLC. Also recently finished Dark Souls 2 and loved it. Other games I’ve been playing during lockdown include Forza 6, Sekiro, Control, RE3, FF7R, Dirt Rally 2, BOTW, Skyrim. I can find it quite frustrating jumping between multiple games so I’m going to try and just focus on control and maybe Skyrim until the last of us 2 is out.
  15. The prestige. 4/5. Really enjoyable film. Great performances and a really interesting story. Although I was a little disappointed with the ending. Scarlet Johansson was stunning.
  16. The imitation game. 3/5. Tragic story well told with great performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly.
  17. Have to agree. I actually started a new vanilla save on the Xbox version this evening without mods. The standard game just has a more cohesive look. The animation is clunky as hell but the game is still very impressive visually is places.
  18. Fargo

    Xbox Series X

    I wonder how they’ll market the series x to a more casual audience. The one x was marketed as a 4K console so surely just promoting the series x as the same will confuse people. It’ll be very interesting to see the one x and series x running assassins creed side by side.
  19. Anyone know if when you reinstall this game on Xbox one it also reinstalls any mods you had selected ? despite oblivion being an all time favourite I bounced off this hard on launch and when the special edition came out. Gonna give it one more try though
  20. And finished. What a game. I think it’s been my favourite in the series. Far tougher than the original or 3, but I did play them on release so there was far more coop opportunities available. That’s all the dark souls games done anyway, onto finish blood borne next, although it’ll be hard after playing 1&2 at 60fps.
  21. Bugger it appears I have to get the ashen heart before I can do the last fight.
  22. I think I must be at the last bosses in the game, at the Throne of want. How do I get the maximum about of npc summons to assist ? I’ve heard there’s 3 but I only get one summon sign.
  23. Yep replayed the original a few weeks ago too in prep for the sequel. It’s still a phenomenal game.
  24. That looks awesome.
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