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  1. Do Activision still own the James Bond licence ? Maybe this is why the achievements for a Goldeneye remaster seemed to leak a few weeks back!
  2. The Fighter. My favourite boxing movie. 4/5 Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams were all fantastic, as were all the supporting roles. Moneyball. 4/5 another great sports film. An easy watch and an interesting true life tale of data changing sport.
  3. Have it in PS4 too but I’d finished that version originally. Was gonna play it in the Xbox for a change.
  4. I’m almost at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy and was thinking of a replay of this next. do any of the Arkham game run at 60fps on series x ?
  5. The King. Been meaning to watch this for ages and finally gave it the time tonight. 4/5 excellent film. It looks amazing, has great performances, the battle scenes were brilliant once they got going. It’s a slow burner but highly recommended. Great to see films like this still get made.
  6. First time playing it after some friends were raving about it last night Wordle 210 2/6
  7. It’s looking good. Has it been confirmed it had a proper offline campaign mode ?
  8. When is episode 6 out ? I was thinking it was today
  9. Amazing Spider Man 1 & 2. For me these are the best Spider Man movies. 3.5/5
  10. Some more details on PSVR2 including specs and the announcement of a VR Horizon game https://blog.playstation.com/2022/01/04/playstation-vr2-and-playstation-vr2-sense-controller-the-next-generation-of-vr-gaming-on-ps5/
  11. Every time I see a new post I’m hoping it’s a release date
  12. Typically how long before release do achievements typically leak like this ?
  13. Goldeneye remaster gets released Elden Ring, God Of War 2, GT7, and Horizon 2 all live up to expectations PS5 gets a resigned slim model MS announce some new IPs we see a new Tomb Raider Square finish the FF7 remake
  14. Please Gaming Gods! Let it happen
  15. Although I enjoyed the last three games in the series I did agree with a lot of the points in this article https://www.pcgamesn.com/assassins-creed-valhalla/microtransactions-vs-time-sinks
  16. Just to echo the sentiments in this thread but I’ve been playing this since Christmas Eve and it’s excellent. Even bought a second copy as a late Christmas present for a friend. The graphics, characters, dialogue are all top notch, and the combat is good fun.
  17. I’m staying with my mum for Christmas and she recorded the last two seasons for me on Sky. Are there any particularly good episodes I should watch ?
  18. If you play this now on series x which graphics mode is best ? With the extra power is the performance mode locked 60fps and 4k?
  19. Halo infinite Forza 5 and I’ve saved Guardians of the Galaxy for Christmas, and St Stephens Day
  20. Missed this at the cinema. Is there a release date for rental on streaming services ?
  21. Enjoying this a little more after dropping it to normal mode but I’m ready for it to be over now I think. for those who’ve finished it how much longer have I left ?
  22. Haven’t started this yet but I see there’s a ray tracing update out for the next gen systems.
  23. The patch is apparently out so I’m downloading the game again, although it’s saying the file size is 72gb so it seems it’ll download that and then the new 40gb version
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