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  1. and just as I say that my female characters voice suddenly switches to male
  2. Dare I say it but this seems quite polished now. At least playing it on a Series X in performance mode. Really impressive game. I’d say anyone who was on the fence and has a next gem system shouldn’t hesitate to jump in now.
  3. I heard that MW had some new maps added to it this week.
  4. Would love to see Horizon get the same treatment
  5. Yep won’t be playing it tonight! I went back to it a week ago after putting around 10 hours into it over Christmas. It really is a great game. Such a shame it had so many issues on the previous gen consoles.
  6. I had some issues with my B9 and colour problems on quick resume alright.
  7. Yeah I was very disappointed when I sat down last night to watch this weeks episode and it wasn’t there
  8. Love the Mass Effect theme being used in Episode 9
  9. Anyone ever have an issue where on booting up the black colours are way to prominent?
  10. The latest patch has really messed the save system up in this
  11. Very sad to hear that Sabine has passed away after a battle with cancer https://www.google.ie/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/sabine-schmitz-dead-top-gear-star-and-queen-of-the-nurburgring-racing-driver-dies-aged-51-12248488
  12. Does anybody know if achievements become available again if you disable mods? Or do you have to start from afresh ?
  13. Screenshot from MS marketing material shows this with series x enhancements
  14. Any word on DLC? When it works this is one of the best arcade racers in a long time. They just need to focus on what works and as with all the games in the series lose the bullshit American classes like Gymkhana and focus on Rally and similar
  15. All the chat about this has peaked my interest. I enjoyed Yakuza zero but never finished it. Is this on gamepass? And does the Xbox version have next gen enhancements or should I go with PS5 ?
  16. I hear that they’ve added HDR?
  17. You can adjust. After playing a host of 60fps games I’m now replaying TLOU2 on PS5 and Gears 3 coop with a friend. TLOU2 is still the best looking game ever and it took maybe 5 mins to adjust to the framerate. While it’s only 30 its smooth with no frame pacing issues. I just know they’re be a PS5 patch once I finish it though Gears feels janky, more so after all the 60fps goodness, but I put that down to it being a 360 game. We’re hoping to play Gears Ultimate next. Did that ever get a 60fps 4K patch? I seem to remember DF highlighting it before the Series X launch
  18. Fargo


    Been watching Marcella the last few evenings and really enjoying it. Think Luther but with a female lead.
  19. If MS continue with the Gears franchise it needs a major shake up. Gears 5 had some good ideas but didn’t go nearly far enough. Although I’d prefer the studio to be given the time to develop something original if possible.
  20. Wish list for this one be Gears Ultimate Resident Evil CV REmake RE Zero Tomb Raider Anniversary
  21. Did Gears of War Ultimate ever get a series update ? I seem to remember it was one the games DF spoke about in the run up to launch.
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