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  1. It's one of your best mate, definitely competition worthy.
  2. @Andare you going to end up with another Death Guard army? Didn't you just sell one?
  3. After a few slow months I've finally finished the start of my Slaaneshi Daemon Court. The prince is a lovely model, took ages mind.
  4. Butt Boy - 3/5 I mean, what can I say, it's not like anything I've seen before and the funny thing is that they managed to keep a straight face for over an hour of this! Pretty much the entire premise is in the trailer but if you feel like a pisstake noir crime film go for it.
  5. Just finished up the last episode, agreed it's probably not going to get a second season but then again I don't see where they would go next. Overall this show was interesting enough, definitely worth watching just for all the madness
  6. Aw man these look great. I've nearly finished the beginning of my Slaanesh demons detachment for use with my chaos marines, and I had the thought to expand out to a Age of Sigmar mini army. New bloodbowl looks great too. I really want the new edition of kill team however, I want to play 2 wound marines.
  7. I'm generally fine with the price, but yes I am also old and have disposable income.
  8. Binged the whole thing, and not sure I can recommend it
  9. This week was okay, I kind of feel that Watchmen handled Tusla better but I guess they needed to address it given the time period. Needed more creepy girl ghosts.
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