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  1. Aye same, maybe I'm just a soft touch for Mafia media. Gabagool
  2. Up to episode 5 now. There are bits that I like and it's gorgeous to look at.
  3. Yeah I think this would have been better as a mini series
  4. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is watching this? Everyone I've spoken to IRL seems to have watched it or started it.
  5. Man I'm still thinking about this show, so many WTF moments
  6. Well done! Death Guard are absolutely nails as far as I can tell
  7. Yeah I ended up binging this over the last few days, super violent but got totally sucked in by the character interaction. Utterly brutal. Not sure if I'd be up for a second season, not sure where else they could go with the set up.
  8. This was the first film I've seen in the cinema for about 2 years which probably made me enjoy it more but yes this was good! The bus fight was the best, more of that please
  9. I'm waiting for the next Chris Wraight book Warhawk. He's written the Khan so well he's basically become the main character of the Heresy
  10. I hope that CA and games workshop come up with a deal to make models of those vampire pirates. They new Cathay trailer is epic too
  11. Also really they've not explored much of this galaxy. An empire of 1 million worlds sounds like a lot but that is nothing in terms of how many stars there are, like about 100 billion. You could have another huge empire that due to different warp lanes mankind just hasn't found yet
  12. I'm pretty hyped for this, can't come out soon enough
  13. The one with superheroes that ends with a big laser beam in the sky
  14. I think there's a book called The Battle of the Fang which covers it. It involves the Thousand Sons
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