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  1. Good books to get you up to speed: Cadia Stands - to see what happens to Cadia The Emperor's Legion (Volume 1) (Watchers of the Throne) and it's sequel, shows what a mess Earth is and the mobilisation of the Custodians including the return of Roboute Guiliman. Also they are written by Chris Wraight who is one of the best authors they have at the moment. Then you could jump straight into the Dawn of Fire books, as they detail the start of the Indomnitus Crusade setting off from Earth. The Dark Imperium books are a bit hit a miss IMO, and I didn't hear good things about the Gathering Storm series but they do detail a lot around the Eldar involvement.
  2. Because of this I went to look for them on twitter and unfortunately found out that Jack Quaid was born in 1992. Christ
  3. Yeah it was cruel putting it on Saka, he didn't have a winning look in his eyes. Got Italy at the work sweepstake so that's nice.
  4. Yeah I'm definitely getting this box, quite enjoy kill team
  5. Fun episode, a little throw away but I enjoyed it
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