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  1. I want all antagonists to be introduced with a jaunty tune from now on. Also flustered Paul Bettany is the best
  2. I agree. Also the pose is worse than the old model: I much prefer this grim reaper pose, he's just walking at you with this heavy inevitability
  3. I'm actually happy they kept it at a reasonable scale, 3m dead is still horrendous. If they went huge for the sake of it on screen it could have felt too new Star Wars or Dr Who with constantly increasing ridiculous stakes. Terrorist attacks don't have to be civilisation ending to change the world
  4. I'm watching without really understanding what's going on. Shame to hear Tom Brady is a MAGA
  5. Did you notice that they had to blur out Holden guys artwork in that interview? I like to think he just logged in with some ridiculously filthy picture behind him and they are all trying to ignore it.
  6. Two episodes in, I think that's all I can handle today I can see where this is going. Sniff. Great show though everyone should watch
  7. I've not tried contrast painting yet, I think I would if I was painting Imperial fists or looking back i should have done so for my sisters. Too late now though just got to plough through
  8. How are you doing your Teal? I might nick that for my unpainted admech
  9. Aye I'm back watching this, though given they've cast Sean Bean as the main antagonist you can already tell how it's going to end
  10. 1. Piranesi by Susanna Clarke - not much to add than everyone else but yes loved this book read it immediately 2. The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern - quite Neverwhere in it's subject matter, however after a slow 50 -100 pages it becomes quite addictive. Beautifully written with dozens of literature reference Easter eggs. Also the author credited Dragon Age: Inquisition as an inspiration so it's very much a nerds delight. 3. Roadside Picnic by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky - read based in recommendations here, and yes while I did like it it didn't grab me in the same
  11. Had a kill team game with my support bubble, definitely want the new manual with 2 wound CSM currently they die far too easily.
  12. Aye some great reveals today! Very tempted my the quest v vampire games
  13. I believe so, but if you use toilet cleaner to do so @Nicky will come and kill you.
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