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  1. I've just painted a chaos knight. If I got that box I'd have a great little army...
  2. I quite like this. Watching it now it's dumb but entertaining. Albeit I also watch Jason Statham movies
  3. Aye that's a stonker of a song and video, didn't think much of the previous two releases.
  4. Yeah it really went daft then, kind of like how true blood went shit by cramming too many new creatures in.
  5. I am still amazed we are getting 4 more of these bloody things
  6. First finished model of 2022. Hmm, now I see it on the screen might go back to tidy up some of that edge highlighting
  7. Sounds like a better version of Repo!: The Genetic Opera
  8. Yeah that was an enjoyable romp. I wish I didn't know that it was filmed in Budapest as I just kept on frowning at not - London. Oscar Isaac is great and the story entertaining enough for me not to get too cut up about the "formerly poorest" part of London being a few buildings away from the bank of England. And then the Thames
  9. Tempted to give this a go for whatever my next project is. I'm still working my way through my shame pile and want them to be consistent with what I've done so far
  10. I reckon you could make him from the cultist leader from Dark Vengeance and the cadian infantry squad @Spatial
  11. Yeah I really wanted the traitor commissar, I've got a spare imperial one from a Imperial Guard starter box because of course I do, so just going to attack him with Green stuff. I must have a power fist in that box too...
  12. I'm getting I into this fine man's back catalogue. But this, Jesus
  13. Captain Novaforce


    They are covering themselves now? Anyway, I still enjoyed it more than anything off Fear Innoculum.
  14. These look awesome. I definitely agree the current Termies need to be bigger, I noticed that the Chaos marines seem to have grown a few millimetres. Must be all the time in the warp.
  15. Having a go a Kislev on easy, took me too hours to realise my heavy infantry had a melee mode.
  16. You can really tell the first two were a little initial campaign, with the guys just getting into the swing of things. The rest of the season was great! What episode of the original campaign do I watch to see what happens next?
  17. Oh man, I'd love to root around those boxes and read the rules! My first time back painting this year. This may take some time
  18. Ah man I had this and Adeptus Titanticus back in the day. I played with one of my current D&D guys. Great game
  19. Watching this from the start again, damn it's good. Olyphant and Goggins what a performance. Ava is ridiculously hot.
  20. It's mental. Also how much money that girl took out unsecured (and that the banks let her) it's crazy.
  21. The books are very similar! Good fun but extremely dumb. Hands like dinner plates. Punching a guy so hard you stop their heart and so forth
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