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  1. An interesting read was just put up over in the retro-folder!
  2. Is this the team which has Daken in it? I remember being quite impressed with the preview pages. Who's writing it?
  3. I'm going to pay it when the floppy is out in September i think the British scene needs a lot more since all the exposure we get these days is cunts like Warren Ellis.
  4. They seem to do this often and the thing that cracks me up is the fact that it will still show up on comixology even if you purchase it through amazon.
  5. This is only part one (contains six episodes) so it will get better I'm sure. They've taken some of the best bits of the IDW pre-war stuff (Monstrosity etc) and mixed it up! I love the look of it mind. Who knows the later half could be outstanding and setting it up for Earth War. But thank you for the compliment
  6. I know this is the movie and tv section but for you trekkies HUMBLE RPG BOOK BUNDLE: STAR TREK ADVENTURES RPG BY MODIPHIUS We've teamed up with Modiphius for our newest bundle! Get roleplaying games and ebooks like Star Trek Adventures: Starter Set, Star Trek Adventures: Core book, Star Trek Adventures: Alpha Quadrant Supplement, Star Trek Adventures: Deep Space Nine characters, Star Trek Adventures: Next Gen Characters and beam up with the Star Trek Online Original DS9 Uniform and Elite Services Starter Pack which includes Inventory Slots, Bridge Officer Slots, and more! Get the 368-page hardcover of Star Trek Adventures: Core Rulebook for 50% off the cover price, a savings of $30 when you pay $8 or more! Plus, your purchase will support NAACP Legal Defense Fund. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/star-trek-adventures-rpg-modiphius-books?partner=jstruan
  7. I'm three in and it's ok but i am sooooo bored with all the different pre-war iterations. Was nice to see this version of skyfire/jetfire. And so far Bumblebee is getting on my tits quite looking forward to the little yellow wanker picking a side..
  8. Fuck me that looks dire! That said i will still binge every single episode of it as im weak.
  9. If i'm honest i can't remember what Brubaker's run was. David Mack's run was one of the best for me and i love what's going on at the moment but I've dropped the title for the graphics now.
  10. Thats a damn good deal. No idea what storylines are in them but if you get one volume of Bendis's Daredevil it's worth that.
  11. Since, i've met my new lady friend we have been playing lots of games with her next-door neighbours. They are big into Game of Thrones so we have been dabbling in GOT Risk which is a lot of fun but her daughter can't join in as at 11 she struggles a little with the quick maths. So for her i picked up Exploding Kittens which with the basic rules we had a great laugh with (Can anyone else recommend anything similar please and if possible cheap as she wants to use her pocket money to treat us) And again when it's just us adults we have been playing Cards Against Humanity, Dirty Minds and Life Hacks. Life Hacks is great because even if you don't get the right answer we have learnt so many decent life hacks from the cards themselves! No seriously it was worth the tenner for the useful information. I was looking at Top Gun but my only local option is waterstones and i dont want to pay £34.99 for a game with a £19.99 RRP.
  12. Jesus, is it really that bad i have no idea as just pay for my pull list.
  13. Next Wednesday! I was really hoping this was going to be a floppy. Don't know if it's just me but i find £7 for Sixty odd pages pretty steep too!
  14. Haven't seen Nick Frost in anything since Into The Badlands, fingers crossed this will be good.
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