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  1. I like to get underneath their builds. Kids cant seem to look straight down only at angles. Had a cracking rocket kill solo win yesterday will upload it. Pure fluke but felt perfect!
  2. Looking forward to seeing if were leaning towards a new version of Shield or given the characters maybe a MCU Wildpack. That was a better episode but leaves so much for them to sort out in the next episode. Am i right in thinking that these are all stand-alone series at Disney? Were not expecting Wandavison Series 2 or *shudder* Birdman & Emo Boy Series? The reason i ask is the way they've paced this last episode feels like some world building for some kind of future film / series.
  3. Oh, please do share i've just started this and anything to make the game more accessible would be welcome.
  4. The only other thing i remember from it like i said before is the "Cap hates walls" The only other thing is when Falcon meets Cap and the whole book being localized from where you were watching the film.
  5. If you ever need anything posting over from here in the UK you know you only have to ask. I wouldn't knock yourself, it took me ages to get a good grasp of reading manga in French, and now it's been so long since I did it I really struggle.
  6. I think you're quite lucky where you are for that. I am curious do, you see much English translated Manga over there at all?
  7. Batman The Detective is rather good and bolstered by having artwork by Andy Kubert and they've put a bit of effort into the story too
  8. Well if I wanted anyone to direct it Roberts is a good fit. Give him something to do now Metal Gear is off the table.
  9. I've been really enjoying this "The Devils A Part Timer" Just when i think it can't possibly get any funnier the pull-out another gag! I'm currently at the part with the holiday photograph. Such a great anime thanks again to whomever recommended it to me.
  10. Yeah, I have a few ideas on what Agent-13 is up to but knowing this TV show she'll be up to nothing.
  11. She helped them get out of The Raft (is it The Raft in the MCU) but i don't remember seeing that happen maybe it was the end credits scene in El Capitan 2 but i haven't watched it since the cinema and all i remember from it really is the El Capitan Hates Walls memes. I thought they all got pardoned for breaking out but maybe that don't extend to her, i don't know? I'll be honest i'm not really sure i care much about her character either.
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