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  1. I thought it was one of the Christmas or Slumber Party movies did it first, my apologies that's a bit of a problem watching things years later on it can become a bit of a blur. Carpenter's music is just ace in lots of his films, I really like the music for The Fog. Annoyingly I can't seem to get Halloween 3 to come up on Netflix so maybe have to rent it over at Prime.
  2. Anyway... Back on track lol Halloween (1970 something) 2/5 I'd convinced myself I'd seen this before, but upon watching it on Netflix I don't remember any of it, but it makes me wonder if it just isn't a memorable film. A simple slasher fest with some real slow kills and gore. Dr Loomis is by far the best casting in the film, you can feel his frustration. Great music though. Halloween 2 (Sometime after the first one) 3/5 I went into this expecting to be disappointed, but I enjoyed this more than the first, mainly because they've fleshed the story out a bit more. One of the kills in particular did make me cringe which is always good, but this is off set by some real LOL moments, I did like the fact it runs straight off the back of the first.
  3. Fucking hell i've given up after seeing the kid in London listening to Nirvana while the other kids are rapping to Kendrick Lamar. I don't think anything is going to help this show go anywhere from this moment. Way too many "bruvs" It's also bringing out this kind of clown:- It's a 7/10 which makes me think something decent maybe coming it's just going to be a slog to get there.
  4. I saw the trailer for this and thought it would fill the gap that War Of The Worlds left, but, I've just done the first episode, and it's very dull. I couldn't care about any of the characters and even laughed out loud at one part I think they wanted to be shocking. I really like Sam Neil and his character seems really boring. I'm onto the second and if it doesn't pick up I'll ditch it.
  5. First episode done, and it was "meh" not fussed about that particular relationship and the whole "one year later" thing didn't leave a lot of questions for me. Everyone just settled down. And I suppose for those that don't know seeing those rings would be a bit of a mystery, but it did nothing for me. One episode down and two more this evening to go.
  6. Maybe bung a list of players tags / systems on the first page for those of us who brought it to team up get a few games. Admittedly I gave up on it as the AI was fucking rubbish for teammates on the later levels but would be up for playing again with real players.
  7. Cheers, I think there's a couple I didn't get super cheap when they were with Humble Bundle.
  8. For those of us trying to get some answers from last weeks Hulk 50 this is a nice little breakdown which made things easier for me! https://www.cbr.com/immortal-hulk-ending-issue-50-explained/ I didn't even notice things like the Sterns / Banner link.
  9. I need to decompress this. There was lots I really liked and a lot of things I didn't like. But it's easy to see why this is ranking above Eight over at IMDB regardless of if you're a fan of the source material there's a decent movie there.
  10. That's her done for me too. A clip of Ammo into her for her Shield Off then two close range Shotgun blasts took care of her. Almost feels like they've given her a Nerf or she scales in difficulty depending on the size of your party. Done now so just the locked character and the fishing left for me to do.
  11. Yeah sorry I had to dash. I had work in four hours. We'll have another shot this week if you want?
  12. @Pistol fancy a stab at the Cube Bitch this evening? I'll have no mic but up for the challenge regardless!
  13. Ok, so that flows a lot better in one sitting. So how does the end effect the Hulk books now? Are we getting a follow on or a reboot? Got a few questions for @Mr. Gerbik if you would be so kind?
  14. I found it really dull and a slog to read through. I think i'll need to read it again in a full sitting see if it get on better with it. I know what you mean, some great art there but all i think about is the guy is a cunt.
  15. I'm up for trying to take down the Cube Ass one night if we fancy arranging a MUK team-up!
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