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  1. How do i find Argentinian credit please? I'm all a bit lost with the Xbox Now site.
  2. Another couple of really hard to see moments in these last couple of episodes, which isn't great. The plot seems to be moving along at a better pace now, it's not perfect, but it's made me feel better about staying with it so far. I feel that the whole deal with the Aliens and how the change shape and consume mass etc was lifted from a book or a video game but I can't quite place it right now. Two episodes left of this season already.
  3. Yep. They signed a deal where they'll eventually publish some stuff with him too. Not fussed by SC didn't think much to the book, but I will watch Superior when they get to it just to see that Monkey take the piss out of Billy Batson.
  4. I'm pretty sure I've read recently it's been cancelled already which is what stopped me from watching it. However your recommendation and the trailer below makes me thing I'll give it a try regardless.
  5. Leaks show you'll get a skin and a loading screen if you do attend it like they give away umbrellas for things.
  6. I've just done the first couple of episodes and it's pretty dire still. I got a chuckle from Champ's "Wu-Tang" and Fisto wanting to fist things, but the Joker is getting really annoying and doing the whole the "power is in me" part to give us Tarz-Man don't give me much hope. Harley-lyn is really whiny as hell, and it's obvious that there's a redemption story coming up for her! And just when Tarz-Man was getting good and I thought we were going to see some Pre-Ternia we get treated to the whole daddy / family issues. Did i tune into Prince Adam's Family Values. I remember part one being pretty shit but not as bad as this, why they split it i have no idea. Even reading above that Hordak is going to appear I don't think this is going to be nothing but background noise why i'm doing something else. But I do like the new Beastman though...
  7. Yep that amuses me greatly. I'm still at over 260 on my main account and 80 something on my second one, and still I'm playing because my nephews and friends are.
  8. It's simple enough and is aimed at kids there's some connection to the game, but I imagine the kid will only really care about the free skins and stuff you get with the book. The recent one shot they did was a bit deeper as it rooted in with the storyline behind the current season of the game. Depends on the kids age I reckon, if they are playing Fortnite they should be able to read the graphic just fine as it's the same level of violence.
  9. I managed to do it the first day by hitting the 35 kills needed. It was just what i needed to get me back into playing it as i was done with everything else. I think reading it that the fifth day, it's essentially a catch-up day to get any of the others you've missed.
  10. I’m glad Halo is out to give me something to do while I wait to see what Chapter 3 brings with it. Starting to feel very fatigued with Fortnite at the moment so could do with the break and change of scenario.
  11. And that’s me done everything for this season. Took me weeks to find that final fish! Roll on Chapter 3 in December.
  12. Well that was the shitist Alien reveal ever! This seems to have picked up the pace a little bit. Everyone is right about the Dr Lady though.
  13. The Parapod A Very British Ghost Hunt! 3/5 A little documentary film about a guy who believes in the paranormal and his friend who is a sceptic. They go around the UK to some of the most haunted places trying to get the sceptic to change his views. Quite a nice little watch with some surprisingly funny moments, and a couple of wtf moments thrown in there too.
  14. I installed it this morning and I quite like it, something to give me a break from Pokémon Go as my walking game. My main issue is how bad the servers are currently constant disconnects don't help the game even in it infant phase. Something I noticed early on is that they've just reskinned loads of the Pokémon Go assets, even down to the local gyms now being the local flowers !? I look forward to growing some funny coloured Pikmin that will find and wear some Super Mario Bros hats!
  15. I can't be the only one who was hoping for Monty to fall off the cliff. Some more going on now but it's still a slow burn. I also noticed when I started it that it's listed as "season one" God only knows how they'll milk that for another.
  16. Which series? Dial H For Hero has had a couple of good series over the years.
  17. I'd go with Next wave, but Warren Ellis shouldn't get any royalties. Ms Marvel (Khan) is pretty good, as was Moon Girl. I enjoyed the Onslaught saga, Civil War (The first one), Secret Invasion & Secret Wars. Both Waid & Werringo's Fantastic Four and Millar's Fantastic Four were great reads, "Doom's Master" was a great arc. Smiths then Bendis then Waids Daredevil runs are all good reads and well recommended from me. I know someone here will recommend The Immortal Hulk
  18. But you hate Monty right? There was enough in three to make me watch at least another one. It's not hard to see why it's only hitting 5s over at IMDB and seems to have copied it's pacing from the recent War Of The Worlds although WOTW got the intrigue and pacing right backed by some decent characters.
  19. What do you fancy reading? X-Men? Avengers? F4? You watched much Marvel tv or movies?
  20. Awesome! Thank you I don't know why that won't come up when I do a browser search.
  21. It picks up a tiny bit for episode three but then just stops. I just wish it had some likeable characters. I assume Sam is going to be back at some point for the "holy man" perspective. And I hope something really horrible happens to Monty the evil little cunt. Wajo
  22. I thought it was one of the Christmas or Slumber Party movies did it first, my apologies that's a bit of a problem watching things years later on it can become a bit of a blur. Carpenter's music is just ace in lots of his films, I really like the music for The Fog. Annoyingly I can't seem to get Halloween 3 to come up on Netflix so maybe have to rent it over at Prime.
  23. Anyway... Back on track lol Halloween (1970 something) 2/5 I'd convinced myself I'd seen this before, but upon watching it on Netflix I don't remember any of it, but it makes me wonder if it just isn't a memorable film. A simple slasher fest with some real slow kills and gore. Dr Loomis is by far the best casting in the film, you can feel his frustration. Great music though. Halloween 2 (Sometime after the first one) 3/5 I went into this expecting to be disappointed, but I enjoyed this more than the first, mainly because they've fleshed the story out a bit more. One of the kills in particular did make me cringe which is always good, but this is off set by some real LOL moments, I did like the fact it runs straight off the back of the first.
  24. Fucking hell i've given up after seeing the kid in London listening to Nirvana while the other kids are rapping to Kendrick Lamar. I don't think anything is going to help this show go anywhere from this moment. Way too many "bruvs" It's also bringing out this kind of clown:- It's a 7/10 which makes me think something decent maybe coming it's just going to be a slog to get there.
  25. I saw the trailer for this and thought it would fill the gap that War Of The Worlds left, but, I've just done the first episode, and it's very dull. I couldn't care about any of the characters and even laughed out loud at one part I think they wanted to be shocking. I really like Sam Neil and his character seems really boring. I'm onto the second and if it doesn't pick up I'll ditch it.
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