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  1. Another ok week of Anime for me. Bleach was good as usual, earning its IMDB 9.5 and is making me want for some of the later fights in this arc, but I've got a feeling that the current season episodes maybe finishing sooner than we think. Gundam Witch was the usual emo with a few decent set pieces, and what I took to be a good little nod towards Gundam Wing. I really loved Episode 6 (Two behind so far) of Akiba Maid, it's just such a great series that I would never have tried if it wasn't for the mention here. I've also started watching another Isekai series called "Drifters" about "Heroes" & "Villains" from history being brought to the usual fantasy world. It's pretty good so far, but I wonder If I've either seen it before or maybe read the Manga or LN.
  2. Pitch Perfect "Bumper In Berlin" S1 3/5 A spin-off featuring both Bumper (Adam DeVine) & one of the members of Das Sound Machine. There's some chemistry between Heidi & Bumper, which after a google seems to be because they were in "Modern Family" together. Pretty simple plot, and If you like Adam DeVine & his character from the movies, you'll get on with this. Honestly, I like DeVine so that was always going to be a pull when it came to the show (And there are a few Workaholics references as well as some of his own personal touches) but there were a few points when it seemed to drag. I'm glad I watched it and will be watching S2 when it releases.
  3. I think it's one of those things where it depends on when you watched it vs the hype. I started with Stardust, watching the fan subs when it first came out (2015?) and it was so over the top and unique compared to the other stuff at the time. After that, I read the Manga and far preferred it with all the Music references intact and with things less drawn out. That whole fight thing is a Shōnen trope, it's in all the Shōnen stuff I watch from Dragonball to Naruto, but I get what you mean. Cheers, for taking the time out to say what you didn't like about it.
  4. Gamera vs. Barugon (2/5) One of the better ones considering it's age (1966). Black Adam (1/5) Christ, even the (non) surprise spoiler could save this movie. Poker Face (1/5) Couple of familiar faces in this Crowe & Rza, but god was it a load of rubbish. I'm pretty sure either I dozed off because it was late or there's a big chunk of story missing.
  5. I've never heard of either before but it looks at sounds ok. "It is August 12th. After the remote control to his boarding house’s only air conditioning unit is inadvertently destroyed by spilled cola, “I” devises a plan to return to yesterday in a time machine to recover the remote before it breaks. However, his prankster friend Ozu cannot resist playing with past events, even if it means bringing the universe to the brink of destruction. Now “I” finds himself racing through time to avoid disaster."
  6. People liked Cyberpunk, I got bored after the first one. Is Cowboy Bebop still on Netflix? If yes then that is worth a watch. Vinland Saga is on Netflix now as well as Prime, there's another recommendation. Disney+ has the old and new Bleach but you'd be a bit lost to start the new Bleach without watching the old. And the old hasn't aged well. Which Jojo did you watch btw? Just because I've never met anyone who didn't like it and was curious which you started with.
  7. That was something else. The scene was great in the Manga and the video games, but that was next level. The animation has been great throughout, but they raised the bar for that fight, reminds me of when they did the same for Madara vs The Alliance Shinobi in Naruto. Kaka Jumanokushi Daisojin looked fantastic and was really well animated and even if you read the Manga you can't help but be impressed with how it looked. But, Didn't take them long for the "just the tip" memes.
  8. I'm two behind atm with catching up with other stuff. Is it
  9. You'll have to link me the version you're watching. Anyone else caught up with Episode 6 that was some epic stuff! I can't believe I was going to leave this series on the back burner and watch it when it was complete. I was a little surprised (Well maybe not it's Gundam after all) by It will be nice to leave all that High School stuff behind.
  10. There's a little bit of chatter over in the dedicated Anime thread.
  11. Marvel SNAP Creator Shares His Three Favourite - and NASTY - Decks https://www.cbr.com/marvel-snap-best-decks-ben-brode/
  12. It was never a patch on Trigun though. Although I did read somewhere that the game was a retooling of a never released Trigun game. Not sure how true (or if i remember it right) that story was.
  13. Moon Girl on a Sinister's Clone location does wonders for Devil Dino.
  14. I enjoyed that! If you can find the film too, you're in for a treat. Didn't Oasis do the opening for it? noblesse oblige
  15. Smile (1/5) It Follows does it better, imo. Barbarian (3/5) Has the honour of making me jump once throughout, which is a feat. It's full of nonsense, but does entertain. Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm (4/5) Still no 1 in the hood.
  16. I like how the intro has the blurred out faces, and one by one the intro removes the blur as we are introduced to the characters. And as far as translations go, I was really impressed with the subs in Episode Three explaining the Cheburashka reference. You can't beat touches like that. That's all Five Episodes (So Far) done! Thanks again for the recommendation, really enjoying it.
  17. Vinland Saga (Show) Blade Of The Immortal (Show, Epilepsy Warning) Banana Fish(Show) Evangelion 1-4 (Film) Initial D (Film) That's all I can think of before I get infront of my Xbox.
  18. What country are you in?
  19. I saw the other day that he had stopped working due to having ALS, but can't seem to find anything about his passing anywhere. Shocked, no comic news sites are covering it.
  20. I may give it a shot when I've finished Shield Hero and caught up with Bleach. I've had a search, and it seems a pretty bizarre premise. So long as it's not full of cringe like Chainsaw Man, It will be ok. EDIT: I've just started Episode 1, and I'm not even 1 minute into it, and I'm already thinking WTF have I just witnessed! Great Stuff! LOL EDIT 2: Finished Episode 1 and this is great, not what I was expecting at all! Cheers for the recommendation @Professor Puzzles Oinky Doink
  21. They've been up for a while. Bleach TYBW is 16.30pm each week just a few hours after the original broadcast and is up-to-date Disney + paid serious money for the rights. Not sure about BRS as it didn't interest me personally. What does interest me is why the Disney app has such terrible coloured subs when it comes to the OG bleach? So much better on my mobile with the black boxes, but it's a ball ache for me to stream to my TV via the phone.
  22. Quick-Tip If you play a Shang-Chi deck, try not to have Shang as your avatar! Three out of Five matches (Non-Bot) have had this, since i've been playing this evening.
  23. So the image in the database is wrong then. Let me pull the post. Cheers BM.
  24. In your hand, he's 2. When you place him, (on reveal) he's 4. The location then makes him 8. Odin makes him 16, and then it plays out like you said? To me (If I understand the mechanics right) you've got it right in your second part using the above logic.
  25. His effect is double on reveal, so he lands at 4? Am I reading that on the card right?
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