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  1. Is it? I don't really care what consoles look like, so I'm not bothered one way or another, but what's cool about it? It just looks like a subwoofer.
  2. This mismatch about updates is surely mostly about frequency of use. My PS4 downloads all its game updates overnight, I think it even takes firmware update automatically most of the time. But mine's in use a fair bit, and set up to do so. I am not sure you can reasonably highlight issues with patches etc at one "side" or the other.
  3. My wife's friend was in the Tesla one, so that was quite fun.
  4. All I know is, I bought this for my 73 year old mum for Christmas, and she's now at the point where she's seriously considering the various timed challenges in it, having already driven my Dad to a Honk-related nervous breakdown. The goose would approve.
  5. I think "not true" is overstating it for what are edge cases, but OK. If I earn £20k and want to pay £30k into my pension, I'll only get tax relief on the first £20k. But it's a little off-piste.
  6. I certainly think a scheme like that should be structured such that you can't claim relief if you're not paying tax. It's true of, for example, pension contributions.
  7. The group I went with really enjoyed it. It's not anything more than you'd expect, and suffers from all the Ritchie-isms you'd expect. But it's a good Ritchie film, not a bad one.
  8. Overcooked is very stressful. Up to you if that's fun, I guess! Me and the wife like it, but I can only do a couple of rounds at a time.
  9. Towerfall is a huge hit here, as is Nidhogg.
  10. Uncle Mike

    NFL 2019!

    Sad to see the Titans go out, but they really didn't put up enough of a successful fight to warrant going through. As great as the Chiefs are at finishing these big games, surely they can't get away with these crappy starts at the Superbowl? I'd love for a 49ers / Chiefs game in Miami.
  11. Consoles aren't sold at a loss or at cost. They are probably sold at a lower margin than, say, PC components - precisely because the company is hoping to make that margin instead on the software/services side that the component company can't - but not at a loss. At least, not as standard. I'm sure there's some that have, or have temporarily, but it's not an industry standard. I think it's odd that at the end of what is presumably one of the most successful console generations ever, we'd be asking if they're now redundant. Although I do recall the same was being asked of this gen before it got going. I think the answer's still no, but that doesn't mean PC gamers are insane. You have some choices. You want generally cheaper software, more control over how it runs, where you buy it from, how you play it etc? Get a PC. You'll pay more, and have to think more, about the hardware, but you're probably even or saving over the long run. Also, if you need a beefy PC for anything else, you're making a clear saving. You want an easier life and less upfront cost? And titles for which the development is being subsidised by a platform holder (and can therefore be of higher production values)? Get a console. But understand you're signing up to a whole pile of subscription services, locked-down storefronts and so on. But you'll be able to take it home, plug it into a TV and not think. I think the death of console is overstated again.
  12. This is two separate things conflated, isn't it? It's quite common for countries to give tax reliefs for industries they want to encourage, and I'm not sure there's much bad or surprising that a big developer takes a large share of a tax relief designed for that industry. See every TV show filming in Canada, or indeed I think they have their own tax rebate thing for games developers. Then there's the separate issue, I suspect, that multinationals have gotten very good at moving their profits around. I assume Rockstar aren't paying any UK Corporation Tax because Take Two are recording it all somewhere else? You could certainly argue that a UK tax relief should probably be structured differently to prevent that sort of sharp practice.
  13. Oh sure, I want them to be honest. I guess I don't see why there's this critical consensus that Jojo is confused, or not mean enough about Nazis or whatever it is, even from people that enjoy his previous works.
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