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  1. Does HBO imply a move to Sky over here? I was enjoying Season 1 on All4.
  2. Like moosey, I'm sure people can find things to quibble about, but it's only Uncharted 4 that feels truly out of place.
  3. I am assuming, although with no details given on this, who actually knows, that you'd be able to use the PS4 to put all your games on an external drive, then if that into the PS5.
  4. I thought actually Sony denied they'd had problems.
  5. Yeah, they haven't quoted the UK price or if the PS4 price is different, but the PS5 prices were: So it's 20 Euros cheaper if you don't want the Remaster. Still a lot mind.
  6. There's no way they didn't know all those games were cross-gen months ago. Just for example.
  7. Yes, and it'll depend on which you buy. The disc will upgrade the disc version and the digital the digital.
  8. I thought that was a pretty fair article. Lots of whiplash this morning based entirely on their own previous messaging.
  9. @Eighthours - not that I'm in any way arguing you can't make you own pricing decisions as you want, but it's not a £20 uplift. On PS Store, Avengers standard edition is £60, Madden is £60, PGA Tour £60. And those seem to be the same on the Xbox store to my eyes. There's a variety of price points on there from £40 to £60 it seems to me.
  10. It's comparing two slightly different prices though, because the US price is before sales tax and in the EU, the price quoted includes the VAT.
  11. The £70 a game sure does do a great job of making Game Pass look like an even better deal. And the surprise cross-gen announcements do deflate the games a little - which might be slight irrational, but still.
  12. Couldn't you just have looked up?
  13. They had "Holiday 2020" on the specific trailer for sure, which was vague. But that was presumably to keep the launch date held back to the end of the reel. Once it was announced as Nov 19th, what did you think "Holiday 2020" meant?
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