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  1. We got hooked on the sturgeon/stringfish situation also. Won't make that mistake again. What's it for? Nothing. It's a game that wants you to go slow and enjoy it. We've got months of quarantine. Slow down.
  2. Once you have a money tree, can you dig it up, replant it where you'd like and it'll still work?
  3. I got my stringfish in the top level pond. After like 20 baits. And just tonight I got my only sturgeon in the river mouth after I don't know how many baits. At least 40.
  4. I assume they're on his notepad, just after where he's crossed out 13.2TF.
  5. Them making them is not the same as them forcing you to buy them. If the PS5 is BC, but then they make a next-gen version of TLOU2, that's not forcing you.
  6. I think the best hope you've got for a big launch title is a Guerilla game, right? Given how long ago Horizon Zero Dawn was, and their tendency to provide launch titles. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 - Sylens' revenge. The other big 1st parties presumably all put a big title out too recently? Maybe a Spider-man game that's not hugely upgraded from the current one from Insomniac?
  7. You get the new villagers from the islands you visit with your Nook Miles tickets, if you've been doing that. Just talk to the people you see on them repeatedly until they decide to come live with you. Then Tom Nook asks you to pick a plot for them, and create a bunch of furniture for them. Then they move in (one per day) spend a day moving in, and when you've got all three Resident Services closes the next day for upgrades (which is where we got to this morning.)
  8. Getting three new villagers moved in and settled.
  9. I managed the string fish last night also. Just a Sturgeon to go, I think.
  10. I can't get a Sturgeon or a stringfish at all. Shit loads of Emperor butterflies though.
  11. I get all 8 pretty much every time unless I get distracted by a bug coming out. Using the two hole corner technique and a shovel.
  12. Yes, but that should make a difference to quality, even if that's only slight. I assume they're not re-encoding everything, so presume that they're just going to drop the top ABR profile for each viewing profile (does anyone know if they've said what they're doing?) For 4K, that might mean dropping to 1440p. For HD that might mean dropping from 1080p to 720p, but they might have more than one bitrate at 1080p. Not sure. It's been a long time since I looked at Netflix encoding.
  13. Our islands possibly dropped in variety (although we have had cherries, coconuts and peaches, so not completely the same) once we'd invited the three people to trigger that activity line of new residents. But are people expecting a huge range? I'd sort of assumed they were just a farming resource when you run short of basic materials, than anything else.
  14. It might go a bit differently this time, I think. Nintendo and MS seem to have gathered a huge amount of goodwill amongst devs as well as gamers, and I think you might find (as devs are gamers too) that you see a lot of that indie tier going MS/Nintendo-exclusive (even if just by default of where they focus resources) if Sony fumble the ball at all.
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