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  1. The acting task worked a lot better than it might have. The cup overfloweth task had my wife crippled with laughter during Johnny Vegas' turn.
  2. Yeah, Rio (and Ganke) were great also. And I liked seeing Gloria from the first game in a better situation. They've built a really strong comics world across the piece, actually.
  3. I went back to OG Spider-Man last night on the PS5 Remaster (just to quickly clock the new trophies for a 100x combo and clearing out a base untouched) and I sort of agree that a Peter Parker game would feel a little of a step back. Pete just doesn't have the cool new powers and I missed them. What I would play though, is what I suspect they'll make: a Pete and Miles team-up game where you play a bit as both (and maybe discover Gwen?) I think they'd need to do some work to differentiate Peter in that - at present, he's just Miles without the extra powers and he'd have to bring some
  4. I think that pattern is actually embossed into it on purpose.
  5. My invert preferences are in the process of being entirely overwritten by Fall Guys' failure to have the option at launch. As far back as I can recall, I've inverted the Y axis on FOS and third person games. Certainly as far back as games like Soul Reaver on the PS2, for example. Then Fall Guys comes out, and it doesn't invert. And I get really into it! And now I'm fucked. Caught halfway into rewiring my brain, I can't play anything. I go back to old saves of, say, Spider-Man, and I can't control the camera at all. GAH
  6. I've completed a NG+ run (on the next difficulty up from default.) It's quite a fun time - the extra couple of capabilities and gadget upgrades don't add a huge amount, but the game's short enough that you can whizz through the main story and have a fun time before getting bored.
  7. Yeah, it's needlessly long. I think in short, the default PS5 setup encourages you to set the brightest point too dim and the blackest point too bright. So it's suggested that on the first two screens - go to the same point (to where the icon is just invisible, rather than just visible) And on the third, just go to full dark and ignore the icon altogether. That way, the third screen ensures that Black is black (not dark grey) and the first two ensure you're getting all the brightness your screen is capable of displaying. Whether any of this
  8. It's perhaps worth mentioning that HDTVTest reckon the HGIG calibration screen gets you to set it up wrong:
  9. I think it was news to me that the actual rawlplugs one was one you were involved with. Obvs I knew you were in and around it all.
  10. Can't believe this is how we find out stiff was literally responsible for the famously egregious example that got the entire scam cancelled.
  11. Yeah, I'm not even particularly a Souls person, but I don't see how you could argue the opposite. Practically everyone went and made Souls-likes for a period. You had The Surge, Nioh, Bound by Flame (I think?), Fallen Order, indies like Hollow Knight, Salt and Sanctuary and I'm sure I could go on.
  12. I haven't played the PS4 one on the PS5, but I'd assume it's essentially the same - it was a decent performer and looker on the PS4. You'd get the Pro version on the PS5 effectively, so that would go to faux 4K and have HDR which the base PS4 might not have. With the comments about the 50+ hours, are you unaware that they have now put in a save transfer function? So you wouldn't lose your PS4 effort. But yeah, you could get the PS4 Miles now, have a free upgrade to PS5 Miles when you get one, then decide later if you want to pay the extra £20 for Remaster.
  13. I also don't appear to have 120fps mode on the PS5 with this. Did it not get released yet? There's nowhere obvious to select it, and it's definitely not doing it by default.
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