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  1. Sniper Elite 4 (top tier game you probably own via PS Plus) supposedly just got a PS5 update. I think it's a back-compatibility one rather than a full upgrade, but it's 4k/60 etc.
  2. Yes, the video I was watching of this yesterday reminded me a lot of Hob, and also in the way that I assume sooner or later I'd get lost in a sprawl of map layouts I couldn't quite remember. But it does look great.
  3. Pretty sure there's a shortcut (not that short) to be found past the left hand side of the iron maiden crossbow thing.
  4. No, but I don't think the PS4 controller had any software to speak of. The PS5 presumably has some of the haptics and resistance stuff inside the controller.
  5. No, you don't have access to it yet. I think it unlocks from Biome 4 (not there yet myself either due to the B3 difficulty and having need distracted by Destiny again.)
  6. With a 10% digital discount for PS Plus people. So £53.99 for them (or whatever the disc ends up from the cheaper people.) It's a much more reasonably-priced game than the Sony first party stuff.
  7. The way every single thing the player character said seemed to have to a have FUCK in it felt very forced and MATURE.
  8. It would seem so. They seem to have stopped quoting the Sterling price on the blog for some reason
  9. You could try tapping up your clanmates, I might suggest. We're doing the higher Nightfalls and such pretty often. Maybe even the raid!
  10. You can totally see the £15.99 PS4 upgrade now as a pre-order. It's only the additional £9.99 PS5 upgrade that's not visible for reasons.
  11. The games are all discounted now, probably not been updated into the PS Plus section yet.
  12. If you go onto the PS5 and read the fine print carefully, the the UK price for the PS5 upgrade, on top of the £15.99 above for the Director's Cut content, is £9.00. So it's £25 extra for everything on the PS5, as opposed to £16 if you're happy with PS4 BC. Still shitty, but a little cheaper.
  13. I used to dislike it when I bought a CD at launch from an artist I liked and then a year later they brought out a special edition with extra tracks (often a whole full length CD not available separately) that I'd then either have to double purchase or miss out on. That felt like a kick in the teeth. I don't feel like that about games at all. The later expansions are always available to buy on their own, you don't miss out, everything's there for all. Someone making more content for the game you liked seems like a good thing, if you want it. I think there's more questions about all the pre-order editions and inducements (many of which seem to work to take challenge out of the game) and the tat therein, or the launch DLC/season pass special editions (often stuff that simply wasn't good enough to make the main game) than there is the stuff that comes out significantly later.
  14. It does indeed seem like the base to Director's Cut upgrade is "only" £15.99 at the moment, so it looks like they've not done a 1:1 USD to GBP conversion, oddly. I don't know why they haven't quoted the UK or EU prices. Fucking Sony confusion. And yes, the PS5 upgrade item is nowhere to be seen. Jesus they need to sort out their storefront (and backend, from the sounds of it.)
  15. If it were £20 and I got the PS5 upgrade thrown in, I might have been tempted to play a little more. But that extra tenner seems grasping.
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