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  1. If you think you're going to want to play Gwent (and there are quests where you enter tournaments) then get into the habit of playing all the vendors and barstaff at it to win their cards. Save often.
  2. No-one's posted in the PS5 thread since Sunday, and when they were it was about price inflation and whether the UK Government is going to buy one for you. As has happened a few times before in this thread, if you're being concern trolled, you're doing it to yourselves. Just like when no-one trolled this thread during the PS5 reveal.
  3. My favourite bits are the clips of The Rock pretending to just have finished one of those challenges.
  4. I think the headline is doing a lot of stretching. There's no suggestion Sunak has an opinion on it at all.
  5. If it's vouchers for impacted sectors somehow, no way you're getting to spend it on a PlayStation.
  6. Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but the Chris Morris movie The Day Shall Come is up on Prime.
  7. The more I see of in things, the more I think he's actually probably a really good actor and should be in more stuff for sure.
  8. Eddings writing the same book repeatedly was something I'd figured out as a kid, but I only learned last week that he was convicted of some pretty serious crimes:
  9. I clocked it after he met Jackie Daytona, not during their first encounter. And then there's the obvious reference to it.
  10. I don't know Time to Beat as a source? Is that someone with predetermined knowledge ploughing through only the essential quests in order to see the final story cutscene? I'd be surprised if many people beat UC4 in 15 hours on their first go, for example.
  11. You can take the lid off the Pro without any tools and without any warranty implications. And that lets you clean the fan.
  12. In my defence, I use Android, so I may be misinformed.
  13. The Man With Two Brains is one of my favourite films of all time. Feeling sad for Mel Brooks right now.
  14. It's not the X/S branding where I think any confusion (as yet unproven) slips in, it's the generation label. Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> Xbox One -> Xbox Series is a confusing sequence, and I think an unsteady foundation on which to build a name off. Not that I think it'll present anyone with a real issue. This is the new one, this is the old one. Each comes in a cheap and expensive variant.
  15. @SeanR Whilst I'm sad to hear that, perhaps don't take out your boredom concern trolling.
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