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  1. Why have you got the light switch hidden and tucked up behind the TV? Bizarre.
  2. You regain everything you previously had, but obvs don't get to claim the stuff that was on during your lapsed period.
  3. I wasn't trying to say there was a faction called "black people" but I can't be the only person that found the Rikers faction a little troubling.
  4. Sign all the way out and back in again. I find it quite common to be sort of half signed in and useless.
  5. The first game had a faction that was pretty much just "black people" which was concerning.
  6. I'll be sad if there's no Everybody's Golf PS5.
  7. I hope they shake some of the MAGA racism out of it first.
  8. I've only seen Bringing Out The Dead once, and I was utterly immersed in it from the off. I don't remember anything at all about it other than his manic face behind the wheel. I don't ever want to watch it again, for fear my fever dream memory of it doesn't withstand a second scrutiny.
  9. Hitman with extra steps and some powers and you have to assassinate every named character in one perfect run eventually. And only one level, so you can presumably assume it's not straightforwards and that the level is big. Maybe some of the big NPCs stay dead permanently, I don't know. Or a shortcut stays perma-open once triggered, Souls-style. Again, I don't know. (I don't think so on either of those.) All we've seen is stylish montage trailers, so it's hard to decipher.
  10. I think it's more like a shooting version of The Outer Wilds and Hitman and whatever that Arkane Thief-ish game is called (although I haven't played OW, so this comparison might not hold.) There's a world with a set of named NPCs, some with abilities, that you need to assassinate. When you die, you go back to the start and try again. But you work your way through the loop multiple times to understand the clockwork of the level and reduce the difficulty of the task (for example, to get two or three of them in the same place, or lure one out of their heavily-guarded fortress.) And th
  11. Yes. Or, if you still have the PS4 when a PS5 turns up, it'll copy everything over your network. Or you can download them to USB and copy them across if you don't keep Plus going.
  12. 5-1 is a lovely cosy stroll in the park, as annoying as it is, if you don't like poisoned swamps.
  13. I bet it's grateful for that in your house.
  14. Such a shame for a game that deserved better than it got. There was a decent game at the core, and sometimes you could experience that good game as perhaps it could have been, but it couldn't square the chimera of single player story RPG and long-running service game at all, and didn't have the clarity of design/vision to carry it through.
  15. It's the much-anticipated sequel to the original Shadow Drop.
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