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  1. I don't think the joke part you're objecting to was especially male-centred or about videogames.
  2. Now, according to the PS App notification that just pinged on my phone.
  3. This week's was the weakest so far (how can I be so brave, to say something so controversial?) but I still enjoyed it. I did spend the first half of the episode yelling "you're a fucking lawyer though!" when Jen didn't seem to have the first clue on how to solve her problem herself. I like its breezy inconsequential tone. The last thing it needs is a big dramatic punch-up. I do agree that I don't understand if there's going to be some kind of arc. Perhaps it's just a story of the week show. I like those!
  4. It is a shitty way to go about it. Even if the tracking tech is too different (debatable) they could still let you run the old games if you kept the camera, Moves etc. It's hard to know, because modern Sony seems incapable of doing comms good, even when the story is good (see: BC from PS4 to PS5, which is basically fine but had ages of uncertainty, and is quite undermined by the needless gouging for next-gen upgrades.) Like, it may be that a lot of titles get ported at no or little cost. But the obvious conclusion at this point is that they won't, and it does dampen any enthusiasm I might have.
  5. Nobody really thought it would be BC, did they? All I've seen for pages is assumptions that the tracking tech is too different. What I think you do need to do if you're making that statement is provide some clarity if anything is going to be ported, or if you're making efforts to make games more easily portable. Like, people will still be playing Beat Saber or whatever. Are we supposed to throw all that in the bin? I'm certainly not keeping hold of two gens of VR hat.
  6. Having said that, you'll be waiting a fair amount of time to play God Of War on PS Plus, too. Stupid point.
  7. Snowflake's definitely a retread for a lot of it. It's still good, but I don't think it's top-tier Lee content. I remember enjoying Tornado a lot when I saw it a few years back.
  8. It's not been announced, but MS own it, right? Is there any reason not to assume it'll be on Game Pass the second the exclusivity arrangement expires? They're probably not allowed to market it until then either.
  9. You'll be waiting a fair amount of time to play Starfield on PlayStation Plus, or God of War in Game Pass. Deathloop and that Japanese ghost shooter seem like they'll probably be relative exceptions due to studio acquisitions? Even the mid-tier/indie stuff has a fair few titles where it seems like maybe they've signed to be exclusive to that subs plan? I don't think we're seeing Death's Door or Tunic in PS Plus whatever-the-tier is called, despite presumably the dev/publisher being into subs models.
  10. Just incredible. Although reddit tells me it comes from the same developer as this: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SpecificTediousKawala-mobile.mp4 So perhaps they've restrained themselves a little.
  11. I'd be really interested to know if (and how easily) you can set up a private online multiplayer game, if anyone buys it. I currently play PS4 Everybody's Golf with my Dad most weekends, but they're turning the servers off at the end of the month, and most of the replacement options are too complex (we got PGA 2K21 as part of PS Plus) or too simple (Golf With Your Friends is just minigolf, so doesn't have the same breadth.) EG was a proper delight.
  12. This really saved me trying to squeeze my own disdain for someone's watch-reading skills into a minimum of words.
  13. The big mistakes here are a: caring about the looks of your AV equipment and b: having a load of AV equipment.
  14. Amiga will never die. Being used here as an illustration of what a floppy disk is: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/sep/01/japan-digital-minister-declares-war-on-floppy-discs
  15. The refreshed King's Fall does indeed look glorious! And we got it beaten this afternoon, so that was nice. Took a little while to deal with the twists (and my semi-remembered methods from the old one got in the way a couple of times.) Still remembered the route through the maze first time though. Nice.
  16. The Lightfall expansion, the new season, possibly a new subclass all get revealed today. Leaks seem pretty easy to find https://www.twitch.tv/bungie 5pm BST today.
  17. 10k votes, some of which will be bots etc is such a small number it might as well be 0.
  18. The differing back stories is exactly the point anyway, isn't it? I don't think it's at all out of line with the existing setups.
  19. I don't have kids, so it's hard to say. There's no gore, very little (from memory) bad language, one bit of teenage sex (unexplicit) and some light attempted cottaging.
  20. Anyway, having just finished it, I think you're probably right about it feeling very anachronistic. They're listening to 90s, dressed like 90s, but using 2010s technology. I also suspect you're right that it's a bit naff! But I've enjoyed it nonetheless. It does give up some momentum in the second half, too.
  21. I didn't think we really needed to see the speakers. But also, we're old enough now that late 90s is making a proper retro comeback.
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