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  1. I really like the DualSense (apart from the terrible name of it.) After I was caning Astrobot I was a little worried that, if every game used it as much and as showily as that did, it might be a little RSI-inducing. But actually, it's the more delicate usages that I think carry it off. It feels great in a variety of games - WRC9 is obviously very in-your-face, but the little extras in Miles Morales or the next-gen update of Metro Exodus or Demon's Souls etc. I really like the PS5 as a console to play games on. It's something of a shame that Sony - between the high prices for PS5 1st party titles, the sense that you're being milked for cross-gen and next-gen updates, and the obvious Game Pass competitor - seem to be trying to make it a less attractive place to buy games. Because I want to play games on the PS5.
  2. I don't know if anyone noticed, but Sony are giving PS Plus subscribers 3 PSVR games in November to celebrate 5 years of PSVR. No news on what they are yet. Also - is it out of stock everywhere? A work colleague of mine is trying to get one for his son's Christmas present and can't find one anywhere (neither can I.)
  3. Yes, I'm not entirely sure how Destiny managed to make every other game copy that element of the game.
  4. The tracking can go a little wonky, but on the whole the Move tracking has been really solid for me, providing you're in the sweet spot for distance.
  5. I thought for a second this part about the Forsaken Exotic pack meant I'd be able to buy 1K Voices from the Kiosk. Disappointed!
  6. I don't know how joyless it is. Every preview and review of it I've seen makes it pretty clear that it's just 3rd person story-led action adventure by numbers, except the numbers are pretty and cute.
  7. And getting that guide in coherent written form is harder than ever, given the preponderance of terrible YouTubers stinking up the results. Hey guys, it's me with my twenty minute video on where the doohickey is hidden, but first here's a shoutout to Squarespace and then a 10 minute Crucible montage.
  8. There's the seasonal Legendary (non-Exotic) Rocket Launcher, attached to getting to Rank 16 with any of Zavala, Shaxx or Drifter. I'm not sure there's anything else we've had made available.
  9. It's had ads for the entirety of its existence, more or less, and nothing on that front has changed. It does seem odd that you'd react to the news that there's now an entirely-optional premium tier (that leaves your pre-existing ad-supported reading unaltered) by installing an ad blocker that then removes your access to the site. It seems like you haven't quite understood the situation. The old setup was always "consume ads or fuck off" as you put it, except now there's a way to avoid the ads. I've got Privacy Badger installed on Chrome (thanks to @TehStu recommending it somewhere) and that continues to let me access EG with no issues.
  10. It's a station that allows the odd useful idiot like JOB to launder its reputation from mainly being a vehicle for the Ferraris and so on.
  11. I'm finding this season's story a bit of a wash, in contrast to recent pages. Like, we know from the title of next season that this plan to make Savathûn a goodie goes wrong. Even if we didn't, it's an obviously bad plan and Queen Mara should feel bad for inventing it. Crow is, at least, getting a good storyline. But that fucking fable of the birds, jesus. And the bit about "shores" of an oak tree.
  12. Yeah, it has as positive a reputation as it does much more on its charm and presentation than it does for its gameplay, I think. But there are fun times in there also.
  13. You appear to be very annoyed that the EG reviewer essentially has the same opinion as you on this, and then wrote it down using slightly different words.
  14. Dolby Vision's a bit better at bright bits.
  15. It's a dramatic tone change. They're going for an Office vibe in season 1, where everyone's rolling their eyes at the camera about the unlikeable people. Season 2 onwards, they warm it up, and you start liking everyone. It's quite the tune-up, and massively necessary.
  16. If we promise to get "Didn't like The Last Jedi" etched on a local park bench in your memory when you die, do you think you might be able to give it a rest for a while? I'll stump up for an RDR2 one too if you like.
  17. Once it's a PS5 game, it'll need to run from the internal (or expanded) SSD. External won't cut it.
  18. I flew to Cyprus last year or so, and I recognised where we were flying over at some point directly from the AC Odyssey map. That's obviously not quite the same point you were making, but I also didn't think it suffered from a lack of sense of place.
  19. Pretty sure there are already games where people make a living playing them and selling the results of their grinding to others. My crypto-obsessed friend thinks they're a revelation.
  20. They've definitely said you'll visit the realms that were previously not included. I can't recall whether that's instead or as well as the ones we've already been to.
  21. They can, and no doubt loads will. Really though, the crux of it was just that. If you have the scale/ability/nous to want to handle your own payments, you shouldn't be forced to have to use Apple anyway. The rest of it, in my view was all fluff.
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