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  1. The Sly Cooper games (2 onwards) feature a lot of mechanics that turned up later in Assassins Creed (for better or worse). Pickpocketing, instant kills if you sneak up behind someone, tailing and eavesdropping missions, sneaking around on rooftops (and along cables between them), smoke bombs. All in an open world with lots of collectibles. Sly Cooper 3 even had you sailing a pirate ship.
  2. I've been really enjoying playing '0h h1' recently. It's a puzzle game that's a cross between picross and sudoku. I like how a few simple rules can make a challenging puzzle, and that the boards are randomly generated so they can't run out. I've been playing it on Android where it's free. I believe it's on iOS too. And you can also play it here: http://0hh1.com/
  3. biggerbob


    I'm pleased to report that the performance issues are sorted now (for me at least). I'm still playing it regularly (Blitz/Hardcore only)
  4. biggerbob


    I played it today with the patch on PS4 and the framerate was still frequently really bad. It might be better than it was before, but it's still noticeably poor. I didn't get any game breaking bugs, but I did hit an invisible wall at one point that clearly wasn't meant to be there - I had to do a detour around to get to the same place. Oh, and two of my photos were corrupt in the end credits. Is there any way to see them apart from in the credits on PS4?
  5. I just finished watching this after a recommendation in the Making a Murderer thread and it's absolutely amazing. If you haven't watched it yet, you should definitely get hold of it. I literally jumped out of my chair watching the final episode.
  6. 01 - Desaparecidos - Payola 02 - Coheed & Cambria - The Color Before The Sun 03 - The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Harmlessness 04 - You, Me, and Everyone We Know - Dogged EP 05 - Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? 06 - Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase 07 - State Champs - Around The World And Back 08 - The Front Bottoms - Back On Top 09 - Ducktails - St. Catherine 10 - Man Overboard - Heavy Love
  7. It seems that episode 6 can play out quite differently depending on your choices, then. My episode 6:
  8. Doh! I just went to buy Virtue's Last Reward only to discover that I already owned it through PS+. I'm not sure why I didn't download it before - maybe it wasn't compatible with PSTV before and now is? What's going on with Virtue's Last Reward: Complete Collection for the special offer price of £10? "This collection contains Virtue’s Last Reward, plus 12 different avatar images featuring different characters from the game" ... the avatars sell separately for 20p each
  9. State Champs are great and a good fit for a Tony Hawk game. Cloud Nothings are also good, but a bit of an odd choice. Intentionally-muffled lo-fi indie rock. I suppose it gives the soundtrack a bit of variety.
  10. Yeah, don't get too excited about Lara Croft ToO. I played through GoL in co-op with a friend and loved it so we both rushed to get the sequel (with season pass) and didn't get on with it at all. We got to the end because we'd paid for it, but not with much enthusiasm. Compare that with GoL that left us wanting more and replaying bits. It might be better if you never played the original, I suppose. Part of the problem is that it doesn't do much more than that game (less in some respects because the levels and puzzles never get as complicated/interesting)
  11. What's up with the intro music changing slightly each week? I thought I was going mad the first few episodes but it definitely is happening. This week's was quite different.
  12. I've been avoiding replying to this until the end of the series because technically it was a spoiler for all the rest of the episodes
  13. How have we got to page 4 with no-one mentioning Alice: Madness Returns? But the real answer is probably Valkyria Chronicles
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