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  1. I had the same experience rushing to get to the boss, but I lost a battle on the way and the hour penalty sent me past 6am. It turns out when you come back the next day you can just walk into that area, which kind of spoils the tension a bit In fact, I think Hope would have teleported me back to exactly where I 'died', but I decided to go off and do some other stuff first to level up.For all it's faults, I'm really enjoying Lightning Returns. I put far too many hours into it last weekend. It's a complete contrast to XIII, which I found a slog until the end bit. I don't really get the battle system, though. I think I must be doing something wrong because I keep hearing people praise it. I feel I should be playing it having three distinct roles that I switch between as appropriate in the battle, but the ATB bars don't seem to be long enough for that. What happens most of the time for me is that I'm cycling through to whichever costume has some bar left, and so I'm having to make each one an all-rounder (one physical attack, one guard and two magics).
  2. It's out on PS3. I played through it last week and enjoyed it, but I didn't post about it because I didn't think I had much to add to what people have said already. It's about the same level of quality as season 1, but maybe the choices are a little less interesting/worth discussing. For what it's worth: Oh, and I saved Christa and accepted Nick's apology. Why would you not? Final thing: Clem said in my game that she had a friend who lost his arm once, which may be a bug because my Lee died with limbs intact. Or she may just be taking about another friend The PS3 version seemed quite stuttery. I know people complained about it last season, but I didn't really notice it, so this time it must be really bad.
  3. Am I being really dumb or did the Earth being invaded by Zygons story not get resolved? The Doctors made them sit down and talk, but then there was the thing with the inhaler implying that the two scarf women had worked out which ones they were and then everything just moved on to Gallifrey.
  4. It seems a bit broken by PS+ and people trying out their 'free' games for 5 min. My friend has the Kingdoms of Amalur platinum (TT score 527) and the Dragon's Dogma platinum (TT 442) sitting above his Demon's Souls platinum (TT 390), which surely can't be right.
  5. Does anyone know if Gary Whitta (who wrote episode 4) is involved with season 2?
  6. I've been replaying this for trophies, and I think it's better the second time through. Unlike Heavy Rain where playing it again showed that your choices actually made little difference, with Beyond I'm finding there are different ways things can play out that I didn't realise were possible. A lot of the branching pathways in the game come from failing to do things or from things that don't appear to be choices, rather than the branches being laid out explicitly. When it comes to replaying, it helps that the game can basically play itself, while I do something else (I'm playing it right now). It'll choose conversation options for you and leaving the controller alone in QTEs never results in a failure state (in fact, it skips you through some sequences quicker). And some of the earlier sequences are a lot more meaningful when you know why they're happening. I wonder whether the game would be better if the sequences were more in order (maybe with just a couple of flash forwards at the start).
  7. I think the answer is no. You need (at least) twice the amount of space the download takes because it doesn't delete the download file until the install is complete. MGS Rising is an 18GB download IIRC, so will require 36GB of free space to install.From what I can find on Google, a completely empty 40GB PS3 has 31GB of usable space because of system files. So you will not have enough space even if you delete everything (assuming the numbers are correct).
  8. I had this with F1 Race Stars earlier in the year. For some reason my PS3 thought it was a full game trial so I could only play it for an hour. After an hour it expired and kicked me out of the game, but when I went back in it worked out it wasn't a full game trial and let me carry on playing fine.
  9. I enjoyed Heavy Rain and I was looking forward to this, but I didn't get on with it at all. I needed more plot and more illusion that I was making a choice (even if I'm not really). In particular, Ryan: It looks really nice, though. One scene starts with a close up of kid Jodie looking at a TV that confused me because I thought it'd gone live action for a moment.
  10. I really enjoyed this, in some ways more than The Walking Dead. It looks really nice (it reminded me of PixelJunk Eden in a strange way) and the story is more interesting than just zombies again. I was in the minority on a couple of the choices: I was playing on PS3 and didn't notice any bad slowdown.
  11. I'm up to level 181 on Candy Crush Saga without paying or having items gifted by friends, and I have friends who are further along without paying anything (as far as I know). Some of the levels are annoying (you basically just have to get lucky or pay money) but most of them seem fine, and it passes the time while I'm listening to podcasts. I think the limited lives thing works well in stopping it getting too frustrating because it forces you to take a break, but maybe I'm just not that competitive so I don't mind if I'm stuck on a level for ages seeing other people move on ahead of me. I don't think level 29 is that bad. I just went back and did it first time (only 2 stars, though). There's a lot worse coming (and your first complete pay wall or spam your friends at 35).
  12. This is a bit weird: Bright Eyes - Digital Ash and Wide Awake Two albums by the same artist, released on the same day on the same label (basically a double album), that I bought in the same Amazon order. Digital Ash has been added to my Cloud Player, but Wide Awake hasn't. I'm not moaning (I'm probably not going to use it anyway), I just thought it was strange.
  13. I noticed yesterday that there are no Games in Kingston now. Down from 3 not so long ago.
  14. I pre-ordered Xillia yesterday. I don't know a whole lot about it other than it's a Tales game, though. I think all of the first run of Graces f were 'special' edition (maybe all of them ever?) and Xillia seems to be the same way (with different levels of special). The stuff with Graces was borderline worthless, though (DVD of YouTube Q&As, CD of WAV files for the soundtrack and a tiny art book). I really enjoyed Graces - I put over 70 hours into it doing side quests and stuff, but it is very generic. If you didn't enjoy Symphonia (which I think is pretty highly regarded as Tales game go), I'd give it a miss. I've got higher hopes for Xillia, given it's a proper PS3 game, not a Wii port.
  15. Another 30 day trial code: GMMN-DLNF-6687 (They're the replacement for a cover disc with this month's OPM if anyone's wondering where they're all coming from)
  16. 01 - Mixtapes - Even on the Worst Nights 02 - Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman: Ascension 03 - Apologies, I Have None - London 04 - Matt Skiba and the Sekrets - Babylon 05 - Lana Del Rey - Born to Die It seems most of the music I've enjoyed this year was me being late to the party on 2011 stuff, so that's all I can come up with, and probably only the top two really deserve to be there. I wasn't going to bother at all, but I felt that someone should mention the Mixtapes album because it's so good - just simple boy/girl punk stuff but every track is perfect. I'm annoyed that I didn't know about the new Billy Talent album until reading this thread, because that'd probably be right up there.
  17. I'm on ps3 as [deleted - not playing this any more]. I've added everyone on this page. I'm not sure I'll be much competition, though. I've mainly just been smashing billboards so far
  18. New series starts tomorrow (Sunday) 10pm E4.
  19. Is no one else playing this? I played through it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It kept surprising me to the end with interesting gameplay mechanics. It also frequently looks gorgeous. Very much in the same vein as Journey or Flower.
  20. Yeah, it didn't make any sense to me. I started to wonder whether I read the question wrong, so I went through the survey again quickly and here's the exact wording: I suppose it says 'expect' not 'want'.
  21. I got sent a link to a Sony survey about PS+ today. It was mostly pretty dull, but one question worried me: It was talking about adding PS Vita games to PS+ and said which of these options for splitting out the Instant Game Collection would you prefer: - 5 PS3 games and 5 Vita games - 10 PS3 games and 6 Vita games - 10 PS3 games and 10 Vita games, but lower quality games The question is a bit of a mess, but I didn't like the implication that we would be getting Vita games instead of PS3 games, rather than as well as.
  22. BTTF is much more of a traditional point and click adventure game and not a patch on this. Personally, I thought BTTF was the worst of the Telltale games I'd played - too easy and a bit dull, but I know people who enjoyed it who don't usually play point and click games, so maybe it's more of a game for newcomers to the genre. Episode 2 Episode 3 - what I did And I was playing on PS3 and I didn't have any bugs, so I must have got lucky there.
  23. Start the Party is enjoyable as a multiplayer mini game thing and it shows off some of the things the Move can do that other motion controllers can't. There's not a whole lot to it, though, so I wouldn't pay more than a tenner for it. I also had a lot of fun pissing around with the demo of Beat Sketcher with friends. It's basically Paint with a video of you as the background. Strangely, the demo seems to do everything - I can't imagine why you would buy the full version.
  24. I've enjoyed both episodes so far. I thought the story was better in the second one, but I was a bit disappointed by how the choices played out. Maybe it was the ones I chose, but they didn't seem to have as much affect as in the first episode.
  25. The button's gone but it looks like you can still get to it by adding &t=8 to the end of your URL (you don't even have to remove any other &t=s in the URL, it looks like it just takes the last one)
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