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  1. I watched all six episodes in a row yesterday, and really enjoyed them. But then, I'm a sucker for murder mysteries and horror films. In retrospect, the pacing probably was a bit off (if I'd been watching the first few episodes a week at a time, I might have given up), and some key scenes seemed to be missing e.g. and One thing that bugged me was that everyone in the show was saying that the killer is a Wakefield copycat when the murders don't seem all that much like the original murders (hanging fully-intact bodies all together in a tree)? Anyway, some speculation: I'm getting slightly worried that this might not be a 'who dunnit' show after all, and that the killer isn't going to be any of the characters in the show but someone who's only revealed in the last few episodes. If that's the case then the killer is most likely , I'd say. Hopefully not, though, because that's be quite disappointing. My original guess for the killer was So, my new guess for the killer, if it is one of the characters, is There are too many dead parents in this show for that not to be relevant as well. My guess is that we'll see Trish's mum or Henry and JDs parents at some point (probably )
  2. It's 'Plague Lovers', not Plagued. I've only listened to it a couple of times, and none of the tracks jumped out at me, but I quite like it overall. The production seems a little warm, though. Holy Bible was much more bleak, even on the 10th anniversary edition.
  3. I finally caught up on this just in time for the finale. Overall, I quite enjoyed the series and I'll watch the next one. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more of an arc, or interesting twists (the only one I can remember catching me off-guard was in the finale). But Walter was always amusing and all the episodes were enjoyable enough, even though none of them really stood out for me (looking back, they're all starting to blur into one, as the same kind of thing happens a lot in them). I think the episodes could have done with being 40min instead of 50 - a lot of them felt a little flabby to me. One thing that has been annoying me all series, though, is that some characters are contantly referred to by their full names. To start with it was John Scott. No-one ever calls him John (or Scott), even when his name's been mentioned once in a conversation. Not even Olivia, who'd been his FBI partner and had had a relationship with him. And not even in sentances like 'when I was in John Scott's mind' - what, as opposed to the other John's mind you were in, Olivia? And then along comes David Robert Jones. Really, does he need his middle name mentioned all the time? Broyles is a particular offender for this one.
  4. There were two copies of Mario Kart in Surbiton post office earlier today - but I got one of them. (I was quite pleased with that - first place I looked and a cover I wanted )
  5. Does anyone know if this is any different to the one that was up before Christmas?
  6. Aika died for me when I wasn't paying enough attention in a skirmish. She said 'I wonder if I'll become a ghost' or something. I had to reload my last save because I wasn't going to let her die that pointlessly, and I haven't used Aika or Vyse in a battle since I also had the gay lancer die (he said something about fancying Largo, IIRC) and Nancy the engineer (can't remember what she said) at the end of one of the story levels and I accepted it, because I was just happy to get through it. I was a bit disappointed that their graves didn't appear in the War Cemetery afterwards, though. I think the only point of that menu option is to talk to the old man. Seeing the computer moving just to pick up your soldiers bodies is horrible, by the way. I now go out of my way to do the same back, out of revenge (and because it turns out that it gives you more experience)
  7. Best NDS Game Apollo Justice Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Dragon Quest 4 Best PC Game Audiosurf Best PS3 Game Valkyria Chronicles PixelJunk Eden Pain Best Xbox 360 Game GTA IV Best Wii Game Mario Kart Wii Boom Blox Zack and Wiki Best Indie Game PixelJunk Eden Audiosurf Linger in Shadows Best Technical Achievement GTA IV Uncharted Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Hall of Shame Home LittleBigPlanet Wii Most Wanted Game Of 2009 Peggle Nights Ipod version (No idea if they're making it, but they should) Flower to be honest Tales of Symphonia 2 (I know it's not supposed to be that great, but I loved the first one) Best Overall Game of the Year Valkyria Chronicles Mario Kart Wii GTA IV
  8. I think you may be judging the game a little too soon. The second part of the desert mission (which I think is chapter 7) was the first time I felt the difficultly really ramped up and I had to restart the level multiple times and really consider what I was doing. As for the story, it's overly wordy and doesn't have much subtlety, but I like the way it doesn't shy away from death and stuff. I actually got properly chocked up over the events at the end of chapter 11, which I don't think I've ever done over a game before (a bit embarrasing, to be honest) I have to agree that the AI is pretty dumb, though, and generally relies on having larger numbers, stronger armour and more powerful guns to pose a challenge. There've definitely been occasions even recently in the game (I'm on chapter 12 now) where the computer could have obliterated me but seemed to hold back. But at the same time, I kind of feel that the computer being dumb is an unfortunate necessity of the way they've set up the game. You're supposed to be a small group of soldiers facing overwhelming odds and winning. Facing even odds and having a tactical battle wouldn't be as exciting to me, and I'd probably get fed up with being punished for small mistakes. I've never played and SRPG before, because they've never really appealled to me. I only bought Valkyria Chronicles because of the Skies of Arcadia link, and I'm loving it - it's probably my favourite game of the year. My guess is that Sega have basically made a mainstream SRPG, which may feel dumbed down to hardcore fans of the genre, but can be enjoyed by people who don't usually play those games.
  9. It'll be the 'igger' part. I never thought of that! Makes sense now.
  10. Ok, I finally made a level. It's called 'Ball Pool' and my user name is biggestbob*. There's not a whole lot to it, to be honest, and it only took me a few hours to make. I have to say, making levels in LBP is more enjoyable than playing them. Well, as long as you're messing around and making it up as you go along -when I was actually trying to do something specific, it was really fiddly and slow going and far too easy to mess up. It was also quite fun to publish the level and see random people playing it. Ok, just one person, but they hearted me But, in the end, the fun to be had from making levels wasn't enough to make me keep the game, and I traded it in for Tomb Raider this morning. So, if you have any comments post them here rather than in the game because I won't be able to read them. Overall, I've been quite negative on the game, but I'm still tempted to pick up a cheap second-hand copy next year. For a tenner, say, LBP would be an enjoyable little toy set, it just doesn't stand up as a £40 product. Anyway, if I leave it a few months hopefully there'll be some really good levels to play as well. (* for some reason biggerbob was banned by Sony's filters, but biggest wasn't)
  11. I went to play your level the other day, typed 'demonic sea' into the search and ended up with loads of results that seemed to have very little to do with anything. The top result was a 'get 6 hidden trophies' level I finally found your level right around the other side of the planet after a couple of minutes flicking through every result. So, anyway, the level itself is cool - I really like the way it looks. It's just a shame you can't do anything about the controls. I thought I was doing pretty well (got to the end of the boat trip only losing one life), but I couldn't get past the rope bridge. Whoever decided at MM that Sackboy shouldn't be able to jump when he's a millimetre off the ground due to a moving platform deserves to be shot. I'm not sure why I'm still torturing myself by playing this game, as I just get frustrated every time I put it on. I'm determined not to get rid of it until I've at least tried creating a level, but I can't be arsed to go through all the tutorials. So for the moment, I'm just playing random levels online and being really impressed by the amount of work people have put in, but rarely getting to the end of them due to the combination of shit controls and instant death round every corner
  12. How the fuck did this game get an Edge 10? I was really looking forward to it, but I've been playing it 5 hours or so over the past few days and it just seems broken to me. I'm not enjoying it much at all. Since the servers have been down, this has mostly been offline single-player. I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but the whole concept of having three levels of depth doesn't work at all. I keep walking around things I want to push, jumping where I don't want to and getting stuck in scenery. The last level I tried was the first one of the Wedding levels, which was incredibly frustrating. The second half of the level is appalling. First I kept getting crushed by moving platforms due to one small bit of my sackboy being under them (not helped by slippery controls). Then I keep falling between little gaps in platforms to instant death (again not helped by slippery controls). And then I have to do jumps across platforms on springs, where the designers have decided that using proper physics is more important than fun - Jump at the wrong time and you don't go anywhere, and probably destroy the momentum of the spring as well. Well, unless you're pressing a direction at the time of jumping, in which case you're probably falling to instant death again. Surely someone should have spent time making the basic elements of the game enjoyable, rather than messing about with allowing you to move your arms with the sticks or EyeToy gimmicks? The servers were up for a bit last night so I thought I'd give that a go to see if maybe the reason the game is supposed to be so great is the community levels, rather than the annoying stuff that shipped with it. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. I tried a few of the supposedly best levels it offered up to me and they were at best uninspired. I only bothered playing one of them until the end, due to the frustrating controls. Then for no reason it decided to make me play with another person. This sounded interesting, but unfortunately when the level loaded I didn't appear to be able to press any buttons (not even to open the menu to quit) and later my character spazzed about a bit. I'm guessing that's the lag people have been talking about. After a few minutes of this I ended up with a white screen and I couldn't even get to the XMB, so I guess it crashed. Maybe the problem is that I haven't tried creating anything yet. But if that's as frustrating and broken as the rest of the game then I'm taking it back. Perhaps I'll buy it again in a few months when/if they've fixed it, but it'd have to be pretty cheap given my current level of enthusiasm. And this was one of the games I bought a PS3 for
  13. That's not quite true. I downloaded the pirate and one of the women because I had some money left after buying the Amusement Park: The pirate is a midget and I think he's lighter than the main character, which has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The woman I have trouble sliding along the ground - presumably because her overinflated tits/arse get in the way. Not major differences, but not just re-skinned models that I was expecting. However, I agree the trophies are a bit cheeky since there's no reason why they have to be done with the characters specified as far as I can see.
  14. Alas, no. They recorded a fourth album and scrapped it. Then after they split up, the label released it anyway as part of a rarities package, beacause fans were demanding it, against the band members wishes. I've never heard it, so it could be good, I suppose - I just remember reading an interview with one of the guys from Mansun saying 'don't buy it' basically, which I thought was funny. Six is great though.
  15. 19 apparently: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/berkshire/7578975.stm Anyway, my festival review: I actually didn't think it was too bad for twats this year. Maybe that's because my friends got early entry tickets and got us a really good camping spot near to the arena (so I didn't have to walk past many twats to get there ) but somehow pretty quiet (I actually got two good night's sleep). Also, I went home Sunday night - after last year when some kids started a fire about a metre away from my tent and then threw gas canisters on it, I thought missing a few bands early on and not drinking was a small price to pay. That said, it'll probably be my last Reading, though, as my patience for twats gets lower every year, so even though objectively they weren't as bad, the ones that were there pissed me off more. Thursday Since my tent was already up , I arrived late and it took ages to get in . After that, we got pretty pissed in the day then went to the club at the Rivermead centre. I went for the first time last year and it was great, but this year they decided to put on some experimental electronica with guitars that didn't really suit the mood at all. And they played for ages - by the time they finished we couldn't be arsed any more and went back to the campsite. Friday Somehow I managed to see a tonne of bands this day, including pretty much everything I wanted to see. It helped that I didn't bother trying to meet up with friends for most of it and just did my own thing. They only want to watch the big bands on the main stage anyway I started off with Future of the Left, who were ok. Not as good as McClusky, though. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly seemed to suffer from sound problems - or maybe I was just too far away for the quiet music . Taking Back Sunday were good, though. After a break, I came back to the arena and caught the end of Serj Tankian. I think the sound problems must have been sorted by then, and he was really entertaining. Biffy Clyro were also great (and somehow had more of a light show than any other band that day on the main stage). I popped to the Festival Republic stage and saw Ida Maria, who I was expecting to be a one-trick pony, but put on an impressive set - she needn't have even played 'I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked' to have put on a good show. After that I saw a bit of The Enemy, who were ok, I guess (I'm not that much of a fan). Goldfinger were good, but should probably quit it pretty soon. They played what the crowd wanted to hear, and I enjoyed their set, but they looked a bit past it to be honest. Thankfully, there wasn't any militant-vegetarian preaching. I caught the end of the Fratellis - but annoyingly they had played Chelsea Dagger earlier in the set, which was all I really wanted to see. QOTSA didn't do much for me, but I popped my head into the Wombats, who did even less (even though I like their record), so went back to QOTSA. For RATM I think the arena was the fullest I've ever seen it, depite it being larger this year. The way they came on stage was pretty cool, but to be honest I'm not their biggest fan and soon it all started sounding the same, so I went for a wander. Babyshambles must have a lot of hardcore fans as the NME stage was still pretty full, but the Lock Up stage was the emptiest it was all weekend. Less Than Jake were fun, though, so I stayed their until the end of their set and returned the the main stage just in time to see Killing in the Name Of. Result. Saturday Kids in Glass Houses to start, who really ought to have been on later in the day, I think. They were good, but I wasn't quite ready to be that upbeat. Afterwards I went over to Jeffrey Lewis, who was disappointing - the sound was a bit murky and it all seemed a little half-arsed, which was a shame as I was looking forward to seeing him. I left half way through to see the end of British Sea Power. I've seen them before in a small venue and they've got great energy, but they seemed a little lost on the main stage. They've certainly got a good back catalogue to choose from, though - every song they played, the intro brought a big smile to my face. I came back to the arena later to see Flogging Molly. I'm not a big fan, but I thought they'd be fun. Unfortunately, all of the twats in the campsite must have thought the same thing, since half way through the first song loads of people charged in, barging people out of the way. The Lock Up stage is too small already, IMO, and I couldn't be arsed being crammed in and hit by people who thought they deserved to be at the front despite not even turning up on time, so I just left and saw the Raconteurs on the main stage, who were actually really enjoyable. I ventured back to the Lock Up for Thrice, and it was a bit quiter thankfully. I was worried that they might just play their God-bothering new stuff, but they seemed to know their audience and there was a fair bit of old stuff and heavy stuff, and overall it was as good a set as I could have hoped for. Alkaline Trio were next and probably the highlight of the weekend for me - I'm a big fan of their records, but I'd never managed to see them live before. They didn't disappoint - lots of good tunes and a good selection of old and new stuff. I didn't notice that they were playing slow if they were, but I was getting pretty pissed at this point. The Killers were pretty dull, but I wasn't really expecting them to be anything else. We were always planning to see the Manics anyway, so we went off there as soon as they were on, and they put on an excellent show. I wasn't expecting to hear anything from the Holy Bible but then they started off with Faster and also played Walking Abortion later on. And it's easy to forget how many great songs they have. Much better than the Killers. Sunday I didn't see so many bands today, partially due to packing up to leave on the Sunday night and also because I was feeling a bit tired so mainly hung around the main stage. The first thing we saw on getting to the arena was a huge crowd around the Introducing stage for the FF'ers, so we stayed so see what was going on. Apparently, someone had started a rumour that it was a Foo Fighters secret gig and half the campsite had believed it. The FF'ers came on to a bottling for not being the Foos, and then no-one left in case it was a trick or they'd got the times wrong or something. It was pretty funny. The main stage was a mess. Nothing was on time and there seemed to be much longer gaps between the bands than usual. Mindless Self Indulgence were on when we got there and were entertaining, but a bit childish. I was slightly embarrased to be enjoying them. Feeder were also enjoyable, but then they always are. Even the new songs that I didn't know were good. Tenacious D were fantastic - genuinely funny. The train song had me in tears of laughter. The costumes were great, too. Finally, Metallica. We managed about 45 minutes, and then decided to leave. In that time they only played one song I knew (Sanitarium) and all the rest sounded identical (and long) and weren't really that enjoyable if you didn't know them. I'm embarrased to have left - even more so than skipping out on Rage, because I'm sure it'd have been a great set if I was a fan, and I probably would have enjoyed the end when they got around to songs I knew as well, but at that point getting home to a shower and bed was too tempting Anyway, that's it - sorry for the essay. I didn't start off planning to write that much...
  16. I'm a bit of a Telltale Games fanboy, so it's pretty much inevitable that I like Strong Bad. It works really well with Wii controls (especially with the shortcut buttons) and it's much more relaxing to play in front of the TV than sitting at a PC. I played the PC demo before buying the Wii game, and I was a bit shocked by the drop in graphics quality to start with. The textures are very low resolution on the Wii game. It's not too much of a problem since most of them are flat colours, but at times it looks really bad (particularly the trailer for the next game with the close-up of the flag). I also found a pretty bad crash bug - if you load up the game after you've completed it and go to the track and talk to Coach Z, the whole console freezes up, doesn't recognise your remote any more and you have to turn it off completely to get it to do anything again The game itself took me about 3 hours to complete, but there's plenty of side stuff to do, which makes a change from Sam n Max, so I'll probably go back and play it for another hour or so trying to find everything. The puzzles are quite simple, but I guess that's because it's the first episode. I didn't know anything about Homestar Runner before this game, but I found it pretty funny anyway. Compared to Sam n Max, there are a good number of locations and characters in the game. I guess this is because the graphics are simpler, as are the conversation trees. Along with the side quests, it made the game feel quite open and fleshed out, something the SnM games lacked. I guess the test will be to see how many of the locations/characters/jokes and side-quests are re-used in the next episode, though. I'm definitely interested in playing more episodes, but unfortunately I've run out of space on my Wii now, so I guess I'll have to wait until Nintendo come up with a storage solution.
  17. Well, to be fair, the album proper is only the first 10 tracks. Everything after that is special edition bonus stuff. But I'd agree that it goes downhill a bit at the end - Being brutal, I'd say that there's nothing particularly stand-out after track 5. I guess it's not unusual for Weezer to front-load the good tracks on their albums, though. From memory, only Pinkerton has a second half that really stands up to the first. But anyway... this is all a bit negative. I love Weezer really, and I'm listening to this album loads.
  18. In his defence, Michael McIntyre is a really funny guy. I've seen loads of stand ups live and I might even go as far as to say he's the funniest one I've seen. He's even been on HIGNFY before and been pretty good, so I don't know what went wrong on Friday. He was dire - it was embarrasing how flat his jokes were falling and how he didn't even seem to notice.
  19. I thought I should post something about Episode 5 since I've said something about all the other episodes. It's the final episode of season 2 and has been out for a month already (on the same day as Mario Kart - hence the delay in me getting round to it). Anyway, it's called 'What's New, Beelzebub?' and it continues straight after episode 4, with Sam n Max in hell. Needless to say, they quickly find their way back to their street and all the locations we're sick of, but it does have a nice final-episode everything-coming-together feel to it. It's also quite a long episode, but that may be due to the difficulty level of the puzzles being ramped up towards the end of the season meaning I got stuck more often. There's an attempt to make new locations seem fresh (similar to episode 4's time travelling) by having dream sequences. Personally, I hate dream sequences, so didn't like this part of the game that much. Pretty much all of the characters in the episode (except Satan himself) are ones brought back from other episodes. Unfortunately, this includes the Soda Poppers getting lots of screen time (knowing dialogue about how much people hate them doesn't make it ok to keep bringing them back) as well as Santa and his elves, which feels a bit odd when playing in April. It's not a bad episode, though - there's some pretty funny lines, some interesting puzzles and the way it ties everything together in the end is good. It can only really be reccomended to people who've played the rest of the series, but at least it doesn't completely cock it up or anything.
  20. Going back to episode 69 - did I fall asleep in the bit where they got in contact with Mr Biffo and he (from what I gather) told them to piss off or something? I've skipped through it again and can't find it, but it's mentioned at the end of the episode and in episode 70 :S
  21. I played through the whole of the original Sam n Max on PC without realising it had a save function. I just kept restarting from the beginning each time
  22. Well, I played the training thing and a good bit of the first case, and I see the 'can't lose' point now. I still don't think 'can't lose' is the problem, though (you can't lose in Monkey Island or Sam n Max, and that's never been a problem - in fact, it stops you having to frustratingly replay bits or quick save every step). The problem is that it's very linear in places (especially conversations) with only one thing available to click on. More 'can't choose' rather than 'can't lose' (sorry) The game is a lot slower than I expected. Everything that would be covered in a few seconds of montage in the show is gone into in great detail - but in a strange way I'm enjoying that. It's quite relaxing to play, and it's nice putting the case together piece by piece, rather than in huge leaps of logic like in the Phoenix Wright games. I wish there was a 'pointer speed' option, as it moves a little too slowly for my liking, but that's nothing serious. I imagine it'd be much worse playing with a pad. There's quite a bit of frame-dropping on the Wii, which is pretty bad considering it's basically just panning across static scenes, but the graphics themselves don't look too bad (I expected worse). The character models are hideous, though. Overall, it could do with a bit more action or humour, and it's certainly not going to be to everyone's taste, but from what I've seen I quite like it. I'll probably play it through to the end, a few hours every night. RRP is £19.99
  23. I'd normally avoid TV licensed games, but I've always had a soft spot for CSI and I wanted another point-and-click game for the Wii after Zack and Wiki, so I bought this yesterday. It helped that it was cheap, and also that I read that it was made my the same guys who did the new Sam n Max games on PC, which I've really enjoyed. I've only seen one review of it - NGamer gave it 40% last month, which doesn't sound promising. But their main complaint was that you couldn't die (well, lose), which last time I checked was a good thing in a point-and-click game. Anyway, I'm going to give it a go now. Impressions soon.
  24. Does anyone have a list of the retro tracks that are going to be in the game? I can't find one anywhere. It seems a bit strange that it's been reviewed but this information hasn't got out. Does this mean you can have AI characters in multiplayer? And that they get points on the leaderboard too? Because if not, then that's just playing four one-off races in succession, not playing a GP.
  25. Apparently, my friend who bought tickets for this year at the end of last year's festival has got an email saying there's no orange car park this year - just green and white
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