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  1. It is a bit annoying that Amazon in America offer Xbox All Access but it looks like Amazon UK aren't. I really wanted to get the AA deal but can't say I'm enthusiastic about getting it from Smyth's and Game is an absolute no. I got a launch PS4 Pro from Game which had a hardware fault and it was a complete nightmare getting them to replace it. Had to piss about calling head office to get the people in the store to do anything, I'm not risking that again with the new consoles.
  2. Yep, before lock down I'd regularly go to Bristol for work and LHG was a frequent haunt. You'd be going some to find a more impressive brew pub space.
  3. Made it to Act 2 and I think I'm done doing any of the side missions. Repetition is kicking in and despite loving the combat I think I'll just rattle through story missions otherwise I'll end up dropping it altogether.
  4. RadgyAdgy


    The white bits are just chaff from middle of the beans, most is removed after roasting but you always get a little remaining. You can also get more depending on the type of bean. Play around with the grind settings little by little making sure to use the same amount of coffee and water at as close to the same temperature as possible. There isn't a perfect answer for the right grind because it'll come down to your own taste.
  5. RadgyAdgy


    Yeah i got mine on time but I've had it quite a long time now. Fantastic bit of kit you're in for a treat.
  6. RadgyAdgy


    The £90 Wilfa is great for aeropress and v60. I only replaced mine for a Niche Zero grinder when i started making espresso at home. Stupid amount of money to spend on a grinder but I justify it by remembering the crazy amount I was spending in coffee shops before getting to the office each morning.
  7. On the topic of Neuromancer I recently found out the BBC did a radio version of the book: It's been an age since I read the book but the radio play is a decent recreation from what I can remember.
  8. Trembling Madness in York are now doing national delivery if you fancy more craft stuff http://www.tremblingmadness.co.uk/store/c1/Featured_Products.html Beers from the really popular breweries (Deya, Polly's, Burnt Mill, Northern Monk, Lervig) sell out pretty quickly but they're getting restocks frequently.
  9. I got a big order Saturday night from House of Trembling Madness who've started delivering around York and the outlying villages. Craft wise I ordered some Deya, Cloudwater, Burnt Mill, Polly's and Saint Mars beers as well as a few Bavarian lagers. Might have gone a bit overboard with my order to be honest but I am really missing the pubs which seems weird/sad to say given it's not even been that long yet.
  10. RadgyAdgy


    The last bag I had from them they don't have now but it was a lovely natural Burundi. San Fermin is their "house" filter coffee which they always stock and is an absolute bargain with the discount. I very rarely buy washed coffees now as I favor the earthier slightly fermented taste of natural processed coffee. You won't go wrong with anything they sell to be honest.
  11. RadgyAdgy


    The Wilfa is a great grinder for any type of filter coffee it's what I used before getting a Niche grinder. As Harry said, consistency of grind is one of the most important factors in good coffee, the Wilfa is a bit more money but well worth it. If anyone needs to buy some beans Origin are offering 20% off at the moment (their coffee is superb). https://www.origincoffee.co.uk/ - COFFEE20
  12. Both of the young fullbacks have been excellent as well, some really great prospects here.
  13. I'm loving this as well my top score so far is 70 million. I've still not got the hang of nudging efficiently my reflexes aren't there yet.
  14. RadgyAdgy


    Isn't 80°C way too low? I'd have thought at that temperature you'll be ending up with quite acidic under extracted coffee. Most things I've read / watched seem to say you want your water around the 90-93. I imagine it probably varies though depending on the varietal of coffee and the processing method of the beans but i tend to stick to 90 for pourovers and aeropress.
  15. Margin Call + The Big Short + 99 Homes. A triple bill of the 2007 financial crisis from different perspectives with the bonus of all 3 being good movies. Apocalypto + Mad Max (2015). I've always felt these two owe a great amount to each other in terms of pacing and the frenetic nature of their structure. Gibson borrowed from Miller who did the same for the reboot.
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