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  1. I love fried eggs. I tend to make them with a bit of butter in the pan and a lid on so they steam a little on top. Leaves them with cooked whites and yolks nice and runny, I don't bother adding any water. I pretty much always sprinkle fried eggs with Urfa pepper as well.
  2. This has been rubbish so far. There has been nothing that makes me think I should upgrade from my Series S. Microsoft might have spent shit loads but they’ve got nothing that compares to a proper Sony Exclusive in terms of quality of production.
  3. This is so true! I remember that really pissing me off big time when I was a kid.
  4. RadgyAdgy


    I’ve been pretty much sticking to James Gourmet for my coffee orders recently due to the price increases at a lot of roasters. James Hoffmann mentioned them being early pioneers of speciality coffee in one of his videos and I’ve certainly been impressed with what I’ve had. They always have reasonably priced options (£5.50-£8 range) alongside their more expensive coffees.
  5. I don’t buy any Cloudwater beer after their shite brewdog supermarket cash in attempt. There’s way too many great breweries around to support one that tried such a cynical release.
  6. RadgyAdgy


    https://www.amazon.co.uk/BOXES-Filtropa-Filter-Papers-White/dp/B06Y649D5C/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=M2SYMY6YDEV&keywords=filtropa&qid=1643971129&sprefix=filtr%2Caps%2C209&sr=8-1 I get the Filtropa ones from Amazon.
  7. RadgyAdgy


    Yep, they are mega cringey which put me off at first but they absolutely know what they're doing in terms of selecting and roasting. In terms of recommendations it's hard to say as they don't tend to keep the same coffees around for very long. The best coffee I've ever tasted was one of theirs which was a natural from Papua New Guinea, so if you ever see that pop up again buy buy buy. Also, if you sign up to their e-mails they fairly frequently have discount / free postage days. I've definitely noticed prices going up across multiple roasteries which I guess is to be expected in the current economic climate. Also noticed some places are shifting to 200g bags rather than 250g.
  8. RadgyAdgy


    Might depend how much you drink / want to pay but for me Dark Arts have consistently been the best roastery I've purchased from over the last 3 years.
  9. Saw it earlier at the IMAX. Absolutely loved it, thought it was epic from start to finish. It's long but i didn't feel like there was any slow or pondering parts, I found it totally engrossing.
  10. I think it comes down to where you live. Here in York we aren't blessed with tons of amazing burger options so a Five Guys burger is pretty darn good. I really enjoy the burger and think its decent value but I don't spend any extra on fries or shakes because frankly I can't eat that much. I guess if you live in London Five Guys makes less sense given the number of amazing burger places.
  11. I noticed the other day that M&S are selling a beer from Polly's Brew Co who are one of the best craft breweries in the country imo. Gave it a try and wasn't disappointed, super hazy and tropical, a million times better than those Cloudwater (brewed at Brewdog) beers that have appeared in Tesco. On that topic I do find it weird that a great brewery like Cloudwater have put their name on some pretty generic beers that they've outsourced to Brewdog.
  12. Yep enemy and NPC AI/Behaviour is like something from 15 years ago. Most of the cities inhabitants are like living statues, it's really odd and ruins the city as a place to experience and explore. The way police teleport in around you in seconds is fucking irritating as well. I'm interested to see how much of a fix the AI will get or if that's just the way it is.
  13. Must admit that irritated me yesterday, absolutely no idea why they've set up the download / install process like that. They could have at least had the initial download contain the whole story mode and then have the multiplayer/DLC stuff as an additional download you kick off afterwards.
  14. My hugely insightful Day 1 impressions of the Series S: It's tiny! Coming from the PS4 Pro I was amazed how small this thing is when I picked it up. The Xbox UI is a bit messier than the PS4 one that I'm used to. I'm finding the way it lays things out it a bit weird, it's tile overload on the main screen. I also don't like that it has sponsored ads on the main screen. Gamepass Ultimate is unbelievable value! Having not owned an Xbox since the 360 there is a crazy amount of stuff on GPU that I want to play. Started off by installing Gears 5 and Horizon 4. I know they're not "next gen" games but they look and run amazing. Gears in particular has some fantastic looking effects in it and the performance is silky smooth. All in all I'm really happy so far especially as selling my PS4 Pro at Game has virtually covered the whole cost of the S. Oh the other thing I forgot to mention. The S is so quiet coming from the PS4 Pro! I played a couple hours of Gears and the console was virtually silent the whole time.
  15. A positive story about Game for once. Having just got a Series S I decided to sell my PS4 Pro because I'm still planning to get a PS5 as well later next year. Checked CEX who were offering £150 cash for them. I thought I could get more by flogging it on Gumtree when I noticed that Game in York had their phone number listed on their Twitter. Decided to give them a call and ask, not expecting much I was surprised to find out they were offering £220 cash for Pros. Took it in expecting someone in store to tell me the price I'd been given over the phone was wrong but in the end it was all good and £220 was correct. Took them 20 minutes to test it was working and they didn't give me any of the usual game elite / pre-orders nonsense. Staff were all good and the whole process was painless thankfully.
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