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  1. Grainger were definitely cheaper than Game and you didn’t have to spend 10 minutes telling them you didn’t want any extra shite they were selling (£1 disc insurance FFS). It’s a shame the one in York has already closed, presumably because of the outrageous rents and business rates are in the city.  

  2. I went in the York store the other day and had them trying to sell me on the new games room thingy and the "beast" computers you can use. That was after they'd tried selling me the Game Elite membership, pre-orders with deposits and £1 disc insurance. It must really be shit working there having to give people the same sales patter over and over again. 


    Also noticed that Grainger across the street now have a sign saying they'll buy luxury watches off people, I'd love to know how many people have gone in there to sell a Rolex!!

  3. 9 hours ago, Takizawa said:


    I read that this morning, surprised Uncle Vess or Anna Henrietta didn't make it in.


    When you think back over the game and the DLC, there are so many good characters it's hard to narrow down a list.


    Reading that article has brought the memories streaming back, what an amazing game this was! Dijkstra would have got a vote from me for memorable character.


    Glad Olgierd made it high up the list, I think Hearts of Stone was amazing and his story was great. 

  4. On 17/12/2016 at 19:39, VN1X said:

    The airplane taking off during a game launch got me. :lol:


    Is it seriously that bad for everyone?





    Mine was exactly like that which is why i sent it back for a refund. After 15 minutes of Titanfall 2 it sounded like a vacuum cleaner.

  5. 7 hours ago, BubbleFish said:

    My Pro is genuinely silent (or as good as) I've played it for hours with 2D and VR games and noticed no increase in noise whatsoever. To clarify that's at 1080 though. 


    I just tried TF2 again for an hour and the fans went crazy still, it's got plenty of ventilation space so i don't think thats the issue. I'm tempted to send it back to Amazon for a replacement.  

  6. Do the fans really kick up quite high when playing the Titanfall 2 campaign for everyone else? I've been pretty surprised how loud they get after a 10 minutes of playing. 

  7. I enjoyed large parts of this and some of the side missions were really interesting, but overall it just felt unfinished. 


    The ending was a total let down and in general the 2nd half of the game felt really rushed in terms of fleshing out the story and the villains. Bit of an odd one really. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Gotters said:


    Played the FIFA demo last night and felt quite floaty after playing this, so stumped up for the digital version on PS4 


    Floaty is exactly how i described the FIFA demo as well, theres no sense of weight or impact to the animations. There is also some shocking goalkeeper AI in the demo.  


    I'll be going for PES this year i think. Is the option file easy to install on the PS4? Do you just copy it across and it updates everything or do you still have to go into the editor team by team and update them? 

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