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  1. I had the exact same issue with the 2.0 headset microphone. Now, I'm not saying that you made the same stupid mistake that I did but... make sure you have them on the right way round. It's really easy to put them on backwards without realising (the buttons are perfectly usable either way round).


    I'll double check tonight, its possible I might have had them on back to front :doh:

  2. Apologies to Alkasteve. I kind of forgot there was somebody playing with me while I wandered off to see what I could shoot.

    Ordered the Sony 2.0 headphones for this. Can't come soon enough. Absolutely loving it.

    I've got the 2.0 headphones and they sound amazing however I discovered tonight the inbuilt mic is utterly useless! Does anyone know if I can use the mic that came bundled with the PS4 to talk into at the same time as using the 2.0 headphones just for the audio output?
  3. Being a huge Netrunner fan Im looking forward to this as well. I've watched a few play throughs and it looks like it'll have a surprising amount of strategic depth. Hand management/card draw seems like it'll be even more important in this than it already is in the majority of card games. Also liking the risk/reward element with the shield mechanic.

    In terms of core sets I'll see how it goes. I avoided getting 2/3 of them in NR by making do until sufficient additional packs had been released reducing the core cards importance. I've no doubt the core set will have some very good cards as singles only but I can never bring myself to buy more than 1, even with NR which I've been playing religiously since it came out.

  4. I'm loving titanfall, it's so frenetic my jaw is a a gasp most of the time playing it.

    The big thing I've noticed about the One in general compared to the PS4 is how quiet it is. The PS4 is as loud after a couple of minutes as the One is after 2 hours of play, my PS4 is massively louder after it's been on a while.

    I'll add some of you as friends on XBL later.

  5. Despite being a PS4 owner I've also just ordered one from Asda. I knew I was going to get both at some point anyway, this is just a bit sooner than expected.

    Quick question, has USB media playback been added yet?

  6. Other people might have bits and bobs, but each "class" bit only has 1 vendor in the city - and you've found the Witchcraft one.

    IIRC they get new stock as you level up though...

    Doh!!! When I first met her one of my party objected to letting her live so we ended up killing her! Foolishly I hadnt saved in ages and couldnt be bothered reloading, didnt know at the time how important the Witchcraft skills would end up being!!!

  7. I've played 20 hours so far, just finished the Black Cove and a load of the little side quests. Thus far the hardest battle I've had was with

    Evelyn - Took me a few attempts to get past that fight becuase I kept letting my party get too bunched up and easy to hit with poison/explosive damage.

    Does anyone know where I can buy Witchcraft skills from other than the woman in the Inn?

    Also Glass Cannon is awesome for ranged characters! I gave Jahan it when he hit level 7, he's a total beast now.

    On the agenda tonight is the Burial Mounds and the Church quests. Stupid work getting in the way of Divinity time!

  8. Anyone else looking forward to Wasteland 2? I realised in the Pillars of Eternity thread I'd totally forgotten that we'll have the "proper" release Wasteland 2 to play at the end of August as well.

    Its been such an awesome period for RPGs recently, loved both Shadowruns and loving Divinity with many more on the horizon!

  9. Only had a quick couple of goes at that first battle and got it handed to much both times! I'm glad it seems like its going be tough be boring if we just breezed through it.

  10. I like playing Rouge the most so Van Cleef is tempting. Most of my decks tend not to use cards over 5 or 6 mana, thats why I love Leeroy and Hogger especially with Rouges shadowstep and stealth.

    Guess I should really wait for the expansions to hit as well and see what new cards are coming.

  11. So annoying, got another legendary yesterday but it was Leeroy who I already have!!!!

    Oh well at least im only 100 dust away from being able to craft a legendary. Who would people go for? So far I've got Leeroy, Cairne, Hogger, Alexstraza, Nat and Gruul.

  12. anyone tried this on a MBP-Retina (2014)? Interested in how it performs before I purchase.... thanks

    Should be fine, my 2012 iMac runs it smoothly at 1080p just have to keep the shadows set to basic. Unlike a lot of devs they have done a good job with the mac version.

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