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  1. Got my copy on Saturday and I'm selling it to CEX today. It's a hugely frustrating game, I can accept it wanting to be old school in its design but it's really rough around the edges.

    The AI isn't just dumb much of the time it's borderline broken. You can "sneak" up to guards right in front of their faces and they don't even react.

    What's more disappointing is that the gun play just isn't very satisfying. The quality of the animation is really poor meaning there's no feeling of impact or inertia. It really reminds me of the gun play in Doom 3 which IMO is not a good thing.

    I really couldn't recommend people pay full price for this.

  2. Agreed. The scenes between those two are always great, I think the girl that plays Sally has been fantastic over the last few seasons. Can definitely see her moving on to bigger things.

  3. Just won 7 games in the Arena as you guessed it a Hunter!! My only losses were at the hands of other hunters!

    Pulled a Leeroy Jenkins from my pack and also got a pleasant surprise when I was awarded an Old Murk Eye legendary for collecting a copy of every other Murloc card, I didn't realise that was something that happened.

    Got to say I'm liking Leeroy, especially as a Rouge where he can be combo'd with Shadowstep for a massive hit. Leeroy seems like one of the best Legends to me simply because he'll fit in any deck and is a great finisher.

  4. So after going months with no legendaries this week i've pulled a Nat Pagle and an Alexstrasza! Although it must be said even with no legends I've been on a really good run recently with my shaman and warlock decks which I'll post later when I'm at home.

    I did like a game i had last night when someone played Deathwing against me so I followed up with Faceless Manipulator and Big Game Hunter, I can only imagine how pissed off the guy was!

  5. I'm getting really hacked off with this, I've been playing since early beta but am yet to draw a single fecking Legendary!

    See all these decks using tons of them and it pisses me off completely.

  6. I tried the buffalo bites and they were pretty nice. My mate had the piri piri ones and said they were vile, not because they were too hot but because the sauce tasted too bitter.

  7. We tried Journey down the Anduin and found it brutal.

    We barely got past the first part of the quest but didn't last long after that. We played 2 dual sphere decks using just the core set cards but we got some terrible encounter deck draws that hammered us.

    Didn't help that we only drew one Gandalf out of the four we had. Also using Denethor seemed a bit of a waste, his ability sounds good but actually didn't help very often as so many of the encounter cards are so difficult. Next time I'll be replacing him with Berevor I think.

  8. Thats a tough one to answer. I would recommend getting the deluxe expansion Creation and Control which is all Shaper and HB but has a lot of cards that will splash into various builds. In the next couple of months the 2nd deluxe is coming out as well which is focused on Criminals and Jinteki.

    In terms of the smaller data pack expansions, ones that stand out to me would be:

    Future Proof - Allows you too build some awesome NBN decks because of Midseason Replacements and Project Beale. Also contains Mr Li which is a very handy card draw option and Faerie which is a brilliant Ice breaker.

    Humanities Shadow - Kati Jones! Pretty much essential economy card in most runner decks, Gabe maybe being an exception.

    Opening Moves - Jackson Howard! Pretty much a staple in most Corp decks for better card draw and reshuffling of economy cards/traps back into R&D. Celebrity Gift and Himitso Bako are also very good additions for Jinteki decks.

    The unfortunate answer is most of the packs contain very good cards, so it can be hard to decide where to start. I'd look on Card Game DB like Revlob said and decide which factions you both prefer and prioritise that way.

  9. Yeah I had read about playing two handed when soloing it, also read there is an offical easy mode ruleset which I might have to check out.

    Good point about the starting threat levels, looking at some of the heroes it seems you can end up starting with a huge threat! Going to stick with the starting deck recommendations for the first couple of games before we start mixing spheres.

  10. I get what you mean but it's a win win either way really as long as it keeps the corps bank empty.

    Excited about the next deluxe expansion, loving the look of a lot of the Jinteki stuff some serious mind games will be getting played. I really love decks that allow for some unpredictable play and bluffing, Jinteki are perfect for it.

  11. Not played it yet but I just got a cheapish copy of The Lord of the Rings core set card game off ebay, the fantasy flight one.

    Looking forward to playing a co-op game as I've been playing so much Netrunner recently. It looks like a nice little game and the cards have some excellent artwork which is a big deal for me. Anyone else played it? Got any newbie tips?

  12. You simply pass that piece of ICE as Blackguard states "if able", the corp doesnt need to trash it or anything.

    Think i'll give the combo a try in a Reina deck including Rooks and Xanadu.

    I really need to get round to setting up OCTGN so I can playtest my decks quicker.

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