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  1. Quick question im sure has been asked before. There are a load of games on the 3DS I want to play now so im looking at getting one.

    The 2DS and Pokemon is £99 in Game right now which seems like a good deal. Will I regret buying a 2DS over a 3DS XL? Im not fussed about the 3D but is the battery life much worse on the 2DS?

    I just cant make up my mind if its worth spending £100 extra for the XL and Pokemon compared to the 2DS deal.

  2. Is anybody actually reading Sex Criminals, and if so can they explain why so many sites are crazy about it! I thought the first issue was garbage! Have I been to quick to write it off?

    In terms of on-going series I am enjoying Black Science, Alex & Ada, East of West and Coffin Hill.

    I don't really read any traditional super hero comics, every time I look at Marvel and DC's superhero output I'm staggered! Can't help but feel its all a little cynical but people must be enjoying them.

    Also I'm in agreement with K, DMZ is a fantastic series. It does a great job of looking at social and political issues without falling into the trap of preaching at its reader. They understood that subtlety can be better than turning your message into a sledgehammer.

  3. Oh man that looks good! Jealous!

    In terms of nudging the strictness is adjustable on the machines so that really depends on how they were setup at that place.

    I would say the iOS versions of the tables are much worse than the console versions. I've been playing the PS4 tables and they make the iOS ones look appaling. I know they are no replacement for the real thing but then again it doesnt seem like developers were lining up to make Pinball games so we are where we are. Until I win the lottery at least


  4. Whilst Pinball Arcade isn't perfect it's still be far the best pinball recreation. Zen Pinball is terrible in both physics and shoddy table designs.

    I am happy to see real pinball machines turning in up in more pubs, there are 3 pubs in York with them and there are 2 in HMV. Shame I'll never be able to afford a real Monster Bash table!

  5. I've been really impressed with the direction as a whole. Same guy has done every episode so far. Might have to research him, see what else he's done.

    Its directed by Cary Fukunaga who according to Stephen King is currently working on an adaptation of IT! He cant possibly do a worse job than the original movie did, and if True Detective is anything to go by it could end up being amazing.
  6. Imp I'm hideously excited about all things NR! And Rev you're right FFG have/are doing an amazing job with their designs visually and gameplay wise.

    I'm still secretly hoping they do a deal with Wizards/White Wolf to resurrect Vampire the Eternal Struggle in the same way as Netrunner.

  7. This is the official FFG video that Ersatz mentioned.

    After watching that I'd recommend watching some actual games on the Team Covenant Channel


    They do a really good job with their graphics overlays which will help you track cards that are being played etc.

    My new player tip would be to never underestimate the importance of economy making sure you don't run short of credits.

    Have people been keeping up to date with the data packs? I've got to say the last one "True Colors" had some amazing cards in it particularly Keyhole and Punitive Counterstrike.

    Currently using a Reina Caissa deck with Keyhole that has a heavy focus on taxing the corps ICE rez with Xanadu's and Rook's. Overall i don't think the Caissa's will stick around too long as they are too easy for the corp to get rid of, but Keyhole is an absolute killer. I imagine it will only get better as people think up more imaginative ways to use it.

  8. I've just published my review for The Banner Saga


    I really, thoroughly enjoyed it. I've seen others say they found the combat difficult but I felt it was rather stripped back compared to similar games, I didnt have to retry a battle until around 11 hours into it. The whole thing kind of has a Jeanne D'Arc/Tactics Ogre feel to it (feels like a Yasumi Matsuno game)

    Oh man high praise indeed! Can't wait to get home and try it, stupid work!!

  9. i think im going to trade in my Ps4 copy of this, I've had enough of the crashes, disconnects and constant failed attempts at joining servers.

    A great game when it works just a shame thats only about 10% of the time!

  10. Had my first worrying experience 2 nights back. Turned on the PS4 and it shut itself down striaght away when I booted it up again it went into safe mode to check the HD, then it got stuck with the

    blinking blue light so I had to remove the power cable. Its been fine since so fingers crossed it was just a one off.

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