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  1. themanyhs

    The Witness

    Near end game stuff again:
  2. themanyhs

    The Witness

    On that near endgame spoiler
  3. Further to my earlier post (and hope I'm not spamming by posting here again) am proud/excited/nervous to announce the game I'm working on (currently PC windows only) is now on kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/405964313/kynseed-a-whimsical-sandbox-rpg-adventure Launch was yesterday and have had great support so far with some press just starting to appear. Any feedback really welcome and if you like it would be grateful for any support you can give in spreading the word to those who might be interested... Thanks!
  4. Watched that talk recently too and have watched some of his other youtube vids about the language in the past. Excited about it but also a bit hesistant as although it does sound faster in raw compile speed, it sounds a whole new level of complicated being able to manipulate the code while compiling (so now you need to debug the compiling of your game?!). From the questions near the end it won't be that optimised for topend 3d graphics for a while (so while it's based on the witness code it wouldn't be able to run the witness well) but if it can lead to less head-scratching code than C++ doe
  5. Sorry, not got a good answer for you monobrow as I haven't heard of or used Monkey (and mostly just wanted to post to vent about something, but will get to that...). I've had a brief play with Unity (found it very fiddly to get code done but has lots to play with out there already) and Gamemaker (much simpler on the code and v2 seems better featured if perhaps a bit unstable cos of newness) and used to work on a UE4 game (very system intensive but pretty results... actual coding with this is far harder than other choices but the blueprints (visual scripting language) can get you by for a lot
  6. Hi, long time lurker to this thread (and to the forum of late...) Thought I'd make a post mentioning the game I'm coding on, now that it is actually public up on itchio in prototype form (and as of 5th May on kickstarter!): https://pixelcount-studios.itch.io/kynseed It's a 2d sandbox rpg type thing... the prototype covers 7 days of a season currently. Here's a screenshot of it (albeit this area isn't accessible in the prototype as yet!) At the moment we're gauging interest, so would really appreciate any feedback! Cheers!
  7. Evolve it into a monster. The monster is quite tanky as a leader if you need it. Otherwise, feed it enough xp to max and then feed it to something else for 1.5 million xp (careful which you choose to do this to as a lot of the beginning creatures will max out much earlier, see puzzledragonx.com for details of which ones require a lot of xp or there's the PADguide if you have an ios device that will list all monsters, how to evolve and what the max level and xp to get there).
  8. I believe the majority of evolving materials come from normal dungeons (the rarer ones are in the much harder ones) and the daily dungeons in the week. Some of which are pretty stacked against players depending on what you have available... quite an evil system but I am still rather addicted to it now.
  9. Top 8 Capcom cup up for now ( I think the official channel has it too but obviously spoils the finalists....). http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=209RV-mRw5E (note the freeze frame for this might constitute a spoiler so copy/paste the link without the space between com and / ! )
  10. I got an order in when the gamer pack first was up for preorder (14th nov) that's just been dispatched so I guess they have had one new load in and this will be for their next lot? So I don't think it's a ballsup (provided mine shows up tomorrow!)...
  11. Evo This years was amazing. I love how much psychological warfare goes into these matches. A friend of mine went this year so very eager to hear from him how it was Cannot wait for next years one, think I might even go myself if things work out.
  12. Probably but yeah like you say, Kaz and Tokido are cheap as hell and I like it cos they do it with style! (I'd say Mago too, more especially as Sagat), just Rufem in particular over there seem a lot more cautious for some reason from what I've seen. I didn't spot Louffy or Sanford looking over the sf4 brackets which is a shame if true, both are great to watch :\
  13. Fair does JLM, I am a bit harsh on US players as I just don't find them as fun to watch or as precise in what they do (see number of dropped combos), Justin used to be top US player but now it seems like there are several that can give him a challenge (but right now luck is with him and he seems to have got over the slump from evo 2010). It's not that Rufus is unstoppable but like you say Japan perhaps lacks top Rufus players (or ones that are willing to do the cheap stuff to win) and in a 2 out of 3 setup Rufus' margin for error seems like one of the biggest there is, as ex-messiah messups a
  14. Though it makes me feel ill I think Justin might win AE this year. Not cos he's the best player, not even close, but Rufus is back to having the best dive kick pressure with safe chances for ultra off pretty much anything (especially that goddamn 3 bar version Justin used at CEO) and no other character really dominates as much now. I suspect as per the last few years the top 32 will be excellent viewing though! (which I think means no sleep friday evening?)
  15. Auction house seems pretty messed up as of yesterday... Had items that I won that couldn't be moved to stash. Then logon this morning to see all transactions gone, no sign of what I won or the 5 items i had on the AH (including a l62 legendary). Le sigh...
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