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  1. That Red Bull floor is very detailed compared to the Merc.
  2. Was actually thinking this might be the highlight.
  3. You can feel the driver cringe.
  4. Bleeders

    The Man Utd Thread

    The yellow card for Bruno was utterly ridiculous.
  5. Really is anyone’s qualy for the front and second rows (apart from Max obvs).
  6. Heavy lock up from Checo there and into the gravel. Out in Q1.
  7. Did you guys end up staying for the post-credit scene? I paid twice to see this. Was meant to go on Friday, but an ill missus and work conspired against me, so I ended up seeing it on Sunday instead and loved it.
  8. Bleeders

    The Man Utd Thread

    Based on nothing but a nagging feeling that they might prefer to retain ownership with minority investment coming in, but I’m still not entirely convinced the Glazers will sell up and fuck off until it actually happens.
  9. Max clearly seeing how long it can take him to get to the front tomorrow.
  10. Bleeders

    The Man Utd Thread

    I agree. As long as this doesn’t derail our season, I’m taking this dreadful performance in isolation. They were worth the win, no doubt, but at times it looked like a game of FIFA with literally every shot they had going in. Onwards.
  11. Yeah, it’s not looking good for Mercedes at the moment. Lewis was quite downbeat in his interview. On the plus side, at least the engine seems competitive. AM appear to have a good car on their hands.
  12. It’s looking interesting. Still some sandbagging going on with Toto even admitting they haven’t turned the engine up yet, but if it’s this close tomorrow in Qualification, that would be lovely.
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