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  1. Rewatched both Raid films over the weekend. It doesn’t need remaking.
  2. Favourite 5: Super Metroid Bloodborne Ocarina of Time Mushihmesama Halo 2
  3. Lovely stuff, thanks @moosegrinder
  4. … and she was Chun-Li in the Street Fighter movie too!
  5. On a social media break, apparently. https://www.planetf1.com/news/lewis-hamilton-silence-social-media-break/
  6. We got one of these. The Darth Vader collection for a tenner was well worth it.
  7. Posted in the albums thread. 2021 end of year list. 01 - Architects - 'For Those That Wish To Exist' 02 - Between the Buried & Me - 'Colours 2' 03 - Twelve Foot Ninja - 'Vengeance' 04 - Ice Nine Kills - 'Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2' 05 - Brand of Sacrifice - 'Lifeblood' 06 - We Butter the Bread With Butter - 'Das Album' 07 - Spiritbox - 'Eternal Blue' 08 - Slaughter to Prevail - 'Kostolom' 09 - VOLA - 'Witness' 10 - Hacktivist - 'Hyperdialect' Honorary mentions Archspire - 'Bleed The Future' Convictions - 'I Won't Survive' Silent Planet - 'Iridescent' Darko US - 'Darko' Lorna Shore - '...And I Return To Nothingness' (EP) Sion - ‘Sion’ Browning - ‘End of Existence’ Eskimo Callboy - ‘We Got the Moves’ (Single) Eskimo Callboy - ‘Pump It’ (Single) WBTBWB vs Eskimo Callboy - ‘Hypa Hypa’ (Single)
  8. I think the only thing that stuck with me from this movie was Ultimately, the weak RATM cover at the end summed up my feelings for this movie.
  9. Done a second viewing of this with the family. Such a great Spiderman film.
  10. I did wonder if the FIA news that broke yesterday was a compromise with Mercedes for dropping the appeal without admitting that they messed up.
  11. This is top five Marvel for me, loved it and going to see it again next week. Surprisingly, the 9am showing I went to was absolutely packed.
  12. Some of the races can be a procession. Styrian/Austrian and Monaco GP stick out in particular. But then you get a race like Interlagos where Lewis recovers 25 places over the sprint and race itself to win comfortably.
  13. I don't think you're convincing those types of people off that hill to be honest, whether it be for Lewis or Max. This has been one of the very few places where the conversation isn't toxic to be honest and can be debated with reason and maturity.
  14. My very limited understanding is that the regs may benefit the cars that prefer a low rake concept? Is that right? Something that hurt Merc this season?
  15. Max was fully deserving of the WDC as was Lewis. But I'd rather they'd have come together to be honest and not let the race director influence the outcome by giving Max the Mario Kart equivalent of a blue shell and making the race a 1v1 over 1 lap. Really was the equivalent of next goal wins when the other side are 10-0 up and the losing side bring on a host of World Class players. Max was second best yesterday. He knew it, Red Bull knew it. Thanking Latifi was classless from Horner to be honest considering the lad is likely to get an absolute kicking online now. It made me think, probably not a smart observation, but what would stop that happening in the future? For example, a Championship rival deliberately having their other driver trashing the car or for it to develop a 'problem' in order to force a SC to close up the gap? Do the FIA investigate car issues at all or do they take it at face value?
  16. Yeah, woke up feeling annoyed by how it all transpired for the sake of entertainment. Even the drivers were confused reading an article on motorsport this morning. Certainly Ricciardo thought it would've been fair for Max to have to navigate through the back markers on that one lap, instead of Masi artificially creating that one lap to win it all. Lewis and his dad showed incredible humility in congratulating Max and Jos I thought. Would that have gone the other way? I don't know, consider Max stropped off the podium the week previous.
  17. Have free pit stops always been a thing under yellow/red flags?
  18. Max deserved it over the season just as much as Lewis, but he got lucky today.
  19. Were Mercedes sand bagging their race pace in FP?
  20. This season has been utterly enthralling viewing. It's the first time I've sat through an entire F1 season and looked forward to race weekends, more so than the footie truth be told. It was sporadic viewing for me in the past when the likes of Alesi, Villneuve, Senna, Hill, Barrichello, Mansell, Button et al were racing. But I imagine for many, like myself, the Netflix show really shone a light on the sport and I was taken by the engineering side of it and that synergy between man and machine. I probably never really appreciated just how difficult it was to be honest, but over the last year, it's been something I've really gotten into and look forward to watching. It could do without the pantomime politics, but I guess that's part and parcel of the sport, eh? I like to see the Brits do well and hope Lewis wins today, but Max would be fully deserving of it if he wins too. Just hope we get a clean race today and the best man wins.
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